2022 The hottest mixing and matching in the spring, must be “suit + jeans”, handsome and fashionable and fashionable

Spring is here, and the weather is getting warmer, especially the girls in the south, and they can’t wait to change to the spring clothes to feel the beauty of the spring. In addition to the beautiful and elegant floral skirt, what are the intoxicating clothes in spring?

Mixing and matching is a unique style that can integrate a variety of elements and show a variety of style. To say that the hottest mixing and matching in the spring of 2022, then it must be “suit + jeans”. The handsome and fashionableness is bursting.

Conventional suit + slim jeans


It seems that wearing it is not so boring. It is slightly calm in the low -key, and it is handsome in elegance. In the early spring season, you want to wear it if you want to work hard. This simple and handsome match is the most suitable. You can change the color system of the clothing according to your own mood, and use the method of matching the color matching or the contrasting color combination to show your unique style.


Black suit and blue jeans exudes the vitality of youth, can better blur the sense of age, and show that it is more youthful and beautiful. Catal cat heels with a pair of pointed heads are exquisite and small. The gray -wrapped black jeans combined with the combination of the combination of the body of the woolen suit showed the retro style, with the nude -colored square -rooted short boots, elegant atmosphere.


Dark suit jacket + blue jeans

The dark -colored suit jacket is more restrained and thin, especially the waist cut, with the design of the shoulder pads, more delicate and fashionable atmosphere. In fact, if this dark suit, if you want to be more fashionable, you don’t have to choose conventional suit fabrics. Proper soft fabrics reduce the skin and bones, and more women’s mildness and softness.

The dark -colored suit jacket includes black and gray and hidden blue. This color is not high, and the saturation is very high, which can be more white and thin. The combination of blue jeans, the fresh color matching is particularly generous, coupled with dad shoes or small white shoes, it is even more youthful.


Mao Wa suit jacket + high -waisted jeans

The fabrics of the suit are different, and the sense of atmosphere brings is different. Mao woolen fabric is thicker and warm, and the texture is more advanced. Compared with the conventional suit jacket, it has a deep and restrained breath. Moreover, the suit of the woolen fabric is also easier to interpret the retro style. As a spring day, it has an atmosphere.

Such a woolen suit jacket, with high -waisted jeans, interpreted the retro -modern fashion style. At the same time, such high -waisted jeans can better optimize the proportion of figure and create a perfect three -seven body. With the pointed high heels, the whole person’s temperament is getting higher.

Slim suits + nine -point jeans

In the early spring season, the weather is getting warmer. More and more people like to wear simple and refreshing. Even the combination of suit jackets and jeans can be more playful and sweet. The slim suit jacket can outline the slender waist more clearly, showing the beauty of women’s confidence.

The Jiu -nine jeans are the most versatile items in the early spring season. The combination of self -slim suits has a slim and slim sense. Whether it is a simple basic model or a fashionable cutting edge, it is even more fashionable. With a pointed high -heeled shoes, femininity is full of femininity.


Port style suit + straight jeans


The Hong Kong style suit with a sense of charm is outstanding, with more loose version and more three -dimensional tailoring. This kind of wind suit is more simple in color matching. The minimalist oat color, or the retro checkered embellishment, can make the Hong Kong style suit more elegant.

The combination of the Hong Kong style suit and straight jeans is more elegant and elegant, especially the unique tailoring of straight jeans, which can better modify the leg shape and stretch the proportion of the legs to more slender. Even with a pair of small white shoes or loafers, it is very foreign.

Checked suit + dark jeans


The colorful plaid suit is more elegant, showing a more delicate and fashionable beauty. This retro and elegant style often has more dull atmosphere. In daily wear, this dark -colored plaid suit is not common, and it is more seen in some older people.

The plaid suit with dark jeans, with a more restrained and handsome style, expresses more elegant and beautiful. This style of matching will be more suitable for tall girls, which is biased towards the European and American style combinations, handsome and easy.

Velvet suit + straight jeans

The velvet fabric is more luxurious, both with retro style and a more elegant charm. The use of velvet fabrics can better improve the gas field. However, velvet fabrics generally have a relatively elegant and restrained style, especially the combination of solid color systems, which is easier to wear a sense of high -level.


Pure -colored velvet suit, combined with straight jeans, has a more straight and straight aesthetics. This kind of dress is particularly simple and atmospheric, and a pair of short boots is even more neat. Combined sports shoes, more casual atmosphere.

Leisure suit + light -colored jeans

The style is more like a casual suit, more romantic atmosphere, the color matching is softer, more in line with the sense of atmosphere of spring. For example, the colors of rice white and smog blue are very spring. With light -colored jeans, the combination of color is more beautiful, and a pair of white pointed short boots is also very foreign.

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