The reserved standard of the bathtub sewage pipe is standard, and many friends have ignored this problem

Installing a bathtub in the bathroom, although few people have done this now, some friends still like to do this. Although the bathtub occupies space, it is undeniable that if there is a bathtub at home, it will be very comfortable in the later period; The most important thing in the bathtub is to treat the sewage pipe, because so many water, if there is no good launch, it will be very annoying. Many friends should ignore this problem. In fact Standard, like the owner’s house below, handled well.

We saw that the owner’s house first built a foundation in the bathroom before installing the bathtub, and then left a maintenance port on the side to facilitate the launch of the water in the later period. In addition, the owner also adds a new launch. In fact, the new sewage pipe has two functions. One is that some bathtubs will bring two drainage outlets. The purpose is to speed up the drainage speed. Therefore Laying into the water, avoid problems when installing in the later period, and it is much trouble to return to work at that time.


而第二个原因,就是当做暗地漏功能来用的,如果该浴缸只有一个排水,那么这个新增加的下水管也不会浪费掉,只需要稍微改造下就行,这样后期在使用时,即便浴缸There is a problem of water accumulation at the bottom, and there is no need to worry about it, so the bathtub sewage pipe is reserved like this. Many friends only know that it is necessary to leave a water, but in fact this launch is not enough.


Of course, some friends will leave three floor drains on the ground, which is also possible, so when you decorate, you must also consider this problem. The best way is to ask the merchant’s requirements for drainage when buying a bathtub. Then leave one more secret leak, and at the same time, it is to remind that the grassroots at the bathtub must do a separate waterproof to avoid water stagnation problems in the cement layer.

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