“Prose” almond with blood

[Prose] Almonds with blood

Author: Qiao Shanren

Zhongfu is the most impatient day in the year of Zhou Yuan. The villages and fields are crazy fever, like the burning charcoal causing fire so that people can’t approach. The sun spit countless fire tongues, licked thousands of things, and the heat waves in the air made people sweaty and could not breathe. I knew hiding under the strong shade, and shouted with my throat, “Hot, hot!”

There was no trace of clouds in the clear sky. There was no flying bird in the blue sky. The sunlight burned the ground in the afternoon and burned the leaves on the side of the road. A ray of hot wind drifting occasionally, like it was scraped from the furnace, hot and hot. The spacious heat waves volatilized for two or three feet of volatilized cement streets, which looked far away like a pool of clear water sparkling in the sun. There is no figure in the huge streets, and the stray dogs flowing in the village on weekdays are gone. The fine sweats slammed down from the white two.

The mother’s melancholy eyes stared at the busy ants on the ground, sitting straight from time to time, and inadvertently looked at the unmanned street entrance, making a long sigh. I asked, “Sigh again?” The mother said quietly, “Is it short?”

被我清理后的窗台上,变戏法似地又摆满了白里透红的水蜜桃,浅黄色的汁水洇湿了雪白的瓷砖台面,惹得苍蝇、蚊子和细小如针尖的飞虫来来回回The ground was busy, and people were all itchy.

“No one can pick it up and pick it back?” I said to my mother depressed, “I throw it in front, you picked it behind, and caused the flies and mosquitoes to cause a house.”

「散文」 滴血的杏仁

“I thought, you should be here, and she loves to eat peaches.” My mother said to me, but her eyes stared at the direction of the door, as if my aunt was walking into the door with a smile.

The aunt did not come, but the cousin walked into the door with tears with tears in her ninety -year -old aunt.

「散文」 滴血的杏仁

The eighty -five -year -old mother asked what happened in surprise. The aunt said that her eyes (eye disease) was harmful, and her tears couldn’t dry. The mother even believed in this kind of good faith, and the child looked like he was happy, and kept saying that, and his aunt reluctantly cope with it, but his eyes were full of tears.

The joy of the reunion for a long time is full of my mother’s wrinkles, like a blooming chrysanthemum. When I said, I mentioned my aunt, and said, “Diligence (aunt) went to Baoji to pick up her grandson in March, and now the dolls are all about the summer vacation and I don’t know how to come back.” The cousin explained: “The doll is still I want to make up the lesson … “The mother was even more resentful.” People who are almost eighty are eighteen, and they can pick up the baby all the time all day! Apricot yellow on February and March, she didn’t come, I gave her apricot After being dried up, the almonds smashed most of the bags; now the peach is familiar again, and she is harmed by insects all day long. She doesn’t come back yet? “

「散文」 滴血的杏仁

The aunt’s face was pale, and her mother kept talking, and she seemed to spit out all the grievances of her belly. “Without a little conscience, I forgot our sisters as soon as I entered the city!”

「散文」 滴血的杏仁

Usually at home, my mother never says these words to us. Facing my older sister today, she complained like a child, hoping that when she was a child, she could be relieved by grievances, and at the same time she projected the love of Yin Yin’s love for dear girls.

「散文」 滴血的杏仁

In fact, when the aunt died for almost a hundred days, he knew the bad news. When the aunt died, the aunt was hospitalized in the hospital. The family did not dare to tell her the elderly, and worried that the aunt in the illness could not accept this cruel fact. It wasn’t until some time ago that an old lady accidentally lost her way, and the aunt knew that the aunt who had no illness or disaster had died suddenly. The family managed to persuade the sad aunt, but she insisted on going to the aunt, went to the uncle’s family to visit the lonely uncle, and then came to my family to visit her mother -her second sister.

The mother said that she took out most of her hard -hitting purse almonds and said shyly, “Well, when people are old, they are so stupid. When I smash almonds, I can break my hands. Do you say I am stupid? “Auntie took a look at it, and it really had a drop of red blood stained with a few almonds. The bag containing almonds was also stained with a few pieces of blood. “I washed it a few times, but I couldn’t wash it. It was a pity to throw it away.” The mother was still stunned, and the aunt’s eye circles were already red. “Your family is close to diligence. Skills she returns to her someday.” The mother wanted to hand over the almond to the aunt, but the aunt pushed away, don’t choke up and say, “I want to go to the toilet.”

「散文」 滴血的杏仁

The mother hugged the almond and looked at the auntie with doubtful eyes.

When the mother was 38 years old, she suffered from diseases such as arteriosclerosis and cerebral thrombosis. Most of them were accompanied by medicine. From 2008 to 2014, after my eldest sister and the second sister died one after another, we had never dared to tell my mother the bad news, coaxing the eldest sister to go to Hong Kong to cure the disease. I changed my mother to coax my mother, and finally guessed by my mother. A cry almost took away her mother, and her mother who lost her daughter lost her soul, and often went to her aunt’s house to become a harbor that she was scattered.

On March 28th of the lunar calendar every year, it is a temple fair in the aunt’s village. At this time, the parents are invited to her house at this time at this time. Said to follow the meeting, in fact, some of their sisters have taken this opportunity to reunite happily once, and they have become their agreed reunion day. When I was about to come to the ancient club this year, my aunt still invited her parents to go to the meeting early. The mother had a long fingers looking forward to this day. After the aunt returned home, she was washed and cleaned three days in advance. She also sent a large pot of noodles before going to bed at night. She was preparing to steam the steamed buns to make noodles the next morning and treat my sisters well. No one expected that the aunt who was busy until the middle of the night did not wake up again, at the age of seventy -seven!

There is an apricot tree and a walnut tree in the backyard of my family. There is a sweet persimmon tree in front of the door. Whenever these fruits are mature, the mother must leave some aunt. people. When we go home, our mother often takes out various fruits of fruits from the cabinet or refrigerator, and then smiles at us with a smile. In fact, a lot of things have changed a little, but we have to pretend to be very useful. Where is the “delicious food” left by our mother, it is clearly chewing the strong mother’s love! At this time, my mother felt like the happiest person in the world.

How many times I return from get off work, I will see my mother standing at the village entrance like a sculpture, holding a pergola, and looking at the end of the highway. The breeze blew her white hair and messy her heart, and then sighed, sighed, and shed tears that disappointed again and again. She never hoped that the most familiar figures could only sit in front of the doorstep, with the last hope, waiting obsessively, looking at it stupidly. In the end, she could only meet them in the dream.

Looking at the almonds that were not taken away by my aunt, my eyes were wet again. I do n’t know how the older mother bent down, and the hammer and hammer slammed the cinemark of the small and small apricot nucleus. The blood stained with her fingers, and she was red, but her mother still smashed it down …

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