Wedding foreign trade website sharing

Wedding dresses have always been just needed products abroad. 90%of the world’s wedding dresses are produced in China. Most of the famous brands in foreign countries are found in China. There are currently many foreign trade websites in the domestic wedding dress. Many are Japan. There are many or even thousands of orders, and many of them are more than a dozen orders, dozens of orders, but no exception can be more moisturized.

This article shares several foreign trade websites for wedding dresses.



This website can come in from Google naturally search for about 100,000 visitors every month, that is, 3,000 visitors per day. Note that this is just a natural search traffic from Google, which does not include social traffic.

Social drainage: YouTube platform, Instagram platform, Facebook platform, and Pinterest platforms have done it, but visually only Pinterest is relatively successful. For out of the question, it is found that rarely website YouTube is done well. Why?

The actual estimated flow of about 5K every day, the daily order should be 100-200 orders. People are enough.

This website is neither using Shopify nor built with WordPress, but using Mangeto to build. It is very good to use Mangento to build a more complicated website for Mangento to build a Mangento.

Payment information on the website: The current way of payment supported by the website is PayPal, Credit Card, Sezzle.


The transportation method is currently adopted different shipping costs based on the different categories of clothes, which ranges from $ 15 to $ 225.

Advertising part: There is no running Google advertisement or FB advertisement on this website, but the traffic from SEO and social is sufficient.

PS: In fact, 90%of the world’s wedding dresses are produced in China, especially in Guangzhou and Suzhou. Another thing to understand is that more than 80%of the world’s wedding brands are processed in China. Signing an agreement, these wedding dresses will not be sold in China. The development of the wedding industry abroad is very mature. Wedding export production is generally processed or provided by foreign companies to provide picture processing. The risk is small and the profit is thick. And the wedding industry in the domestic market starts late, and its development is immature. Many people in China have not enough understanding of wedding dresses. Therefore, the consumption of wedding dresses is also very different from foreign countries.

The money made by the big head has been made by foreigners. In fact, any domestic industry chain is very complete and powerful, but it is not strong to build the brand, especially in the face of foreign consumers.


This website searches from Google every month can drain about 18,000 natural visitors (of course, this is detected by tool UberSuggest, it may be more or less, because I have tested it with my own website), except for brand words, except for brand words In addition, he did not get other relatively large keyword rankings.

Social drainage, Facebook fans more than 10,000, more than 9K INS fans, and Pinterest’s effects are still good. Social network is expected to bring about 1k-3K daily.

The product is mainly wedding dresses, party dresses, etc., the customer unit price is around 150 US dollars.

The payment method also connects to credit cards and PayPal. It is said that if you have the ability, it is best to have a credit card payment channel. 2Checkout or Stripe can be done.

Advertising part: No Google Advertising, and no FB advertisements.

In the end, the overseas chain is currently my operation method:


1. Find the administrator of the relevant website to apply for a link to each other

2. Spend money to do some heavy external links

However, many veterans will get PBN external links, saying that simple points are to buy multiple domain names by themselves, then set up multiple websites, and then use these websites to make external links for the target website. Chain service.

For example, the wedding website mentioned above:, I analyzed it and pushed it with PBN external links: many wedding dresses related websites made DOFOLLOW external links.


At the same time, there are N multiple free blogs to do the external link. This effect is still a bit, but then, it is recommended that you do not deliberately buy the external chain or do the PBN external chain, because Google is clearly prohibited from this prohibition. Out of behavior.

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