Yun-Seven copper coins

Typhoon day, the window was raining, and the woman held her hands helplessly. It was so windy and unstable when she went out. bored to death. The man looked at the woman seriously, murmured casually, rest assured, the typhoon could not blow you away, you are so porcelain. Women are angry, and a cushion flys over. The man grinned his teeth and dared not laugh again. After a while, the woman said with her elbow, hey, hey, I used to listen to your story before, you can say a lot at that time. If you can’t go out today, you might as well talk about one. Seeing that the man was about to speak, and quickly said that he should not listen to the ghost stories, weird people, do not listen to those elevators, old houses, and in the cave. Tell a good story.

The man also put down his mobile phone, thought about it, laughed, well, you went to a red brocade box in the drawer on the right of the desk in the room.

The woman evoked curiosity, and trotted to the box, but she was a red -bottomed dragon -patterned satin brocade flower box. There was a uncomfortable “transport” word embroidered in one corner. Because of a little years, some strokes had been broken.

The woman repeatedly ended the box in her hand. This is yours. What a baby is, but never listened to you.

The man did not speak, took the box and opened it, carefully moved the silk cloth inside to the coffee table, and the silk cloth was expanded. The woman’s eyes were bright, the red silk cloth, quietly lying on seven exactly the same coins. The whole body is yellow -brown, and it has a slight luster. As soon as the woman said, she was ancient money, is it valuable? The man was stagnant and shook his head. But it’s not too valuable, and now it is only two or three hundred yuan. If you want to listen to the story, I will tell you.

The man poured himself a glass of water and said slowly that in the past few years, I was doing a European town project in a county named Xiangshan. In fact, I was making villas. I stayed for more than a year before and after. The man stopped, hey, when he was young, Xiangshan was beautiful, and he was busy there, but he also met two friends. A pony should be from the contract department, and there is a hug as a construction worker. The pony is from Zhejiang. He loves to tell stories, Xiao Hu, Hu Yan, haha, Hu Xiaozhou, the words are good. He is from Zhangzhou. If you think about it, on the weekend holiday, the deputy director of the boss, the director of the director, all ran away, and the old wing blogs covered with the dusty old wings of the construction site were stringing around. We have all eaten in Xiangshan to eat seafood. What, there were no objects at that time, but there was a richer family in the middle of us. Speaking here, both eyes narrowed. But good days will not last long. There was a typhoon that year, and I would never forget the name of the name.

The man’s vibrato sound was somewhat sorrowful in the hall. Before the typhoon came, it was a weekend, and the typhoon would log in a few days ago. The pony had to go home for two days, but was pulled back by me and Xiao Hu. I went to Dongqian Lake for two days and hurried back on Sunday evening. At that time, the wind and rain were a bit big. Xiao Hu was a little bit drinking that day, and the pony was temporarily the driver. He drove the car while he was raining, and said that he hadn’t encountered such a heavy rain.

Men drank saliva and continued that many places in Xiangshan were on one side and the sea, and on the other side with cliffs. The direction of the sea looked out of the black prison from the car window on the right side of the co -driver, and was boundless. I never knew the fear, I was so scared that the pony stopped, so I and the pony looked at the endless rain in the lights for a while. The wind was not very large and could not stop here. Said, it should be nothing, I slowly open, find a place to stop.

So open again, then, then …

The man’s voice became thin and pointed, and it seemed that he couldn’t say anymore. The road suddenly fell down, the whole car was obliquely on the road, and the pony was panicked. I also knew that it was not good. I got out of the car and just wanted to run back, but Xiao Hu didn’t come out. The pony went to pull the door. I had to go around the car buttocks. I also wanted to help. Xiao Hu hadn’t pulled it out, and the car suddenly dropped a little. I frightened and jumped a big step back. I still stopped watching the car. I wanted to go up to help. As soon as I hugged Xiao Hu’s arm, the car went down.

At that time, I couldn’t care about anything else, hugging Xiao Hu’s arm and dragging back. Xiaohu was dragged out of the car hard, but because the car was obliquely, the pony was poured by the back door.

I dragged Xiaohu for four or five steps, heard the pony call, put down Xiao Hu, and then looked at the pony, lying on the part -side part of the road, the door should keep the back of his back, The car trembled, I was too late to think, and rushed to drag the horse again,

Dragging Xiaoma took a few steps and dragged Xiaohu, but Xiao Hu was blowing by the rain. When he dragged it out, he didn’t know where to scrape it. He tried to get up. Too late to talk to him, the two bumped into the pony and ran away along the road.

The man told the process very carefully. Although the scene wanted to forget the scene, he did not know how many times he had thought about it in his mind in recent years. It was very dark that night. Fortunately, there was a lamp on the road. The people were not far away at all. When they saw the lights, the two of them climbed and climbed to put down the pony on the side of the mountain near a street lamp. The lamp is not very bright, and it is impossible to see what the pony hurts. But people are obviously unconscious, and their back brains have blood and mix with rain. I patted the pony and wanted him to talk,

Xiao Hu remembered to call his mobile phone, but he didn’t touch it. I don’t know if it is dropped in the car or on the road. I set my God, my Nokia was still there. The rain was too heavy, and Xiao Hu had to take off his coat and cover my head. I originally wanted to send a car over there, but after saying a few words, I suddenly thought that the road to the project was broken. I am afraid that it would take several hours. I had to ask the person at the project to report the boss. Dial 110, 120. I talked a few times before I said clearly, but in the end, I did not figure out if anyone came to rescue the typhoon. when will you arrive. He called the boss again and asked him to send a solid car from the project, send a few people, and come over by the road. After calling for help, Xiao Hu and I surrounded the pony, the wind was sandwiched, and the pain was painful, and as soon as the person calmed down, he felt cold, and his heart was desperate. I look at the mobile phone, it is about 10:40 at night. Gritten your teeth, saying to Xiao Hu, I ca n’t wait for it, I remember to go back to two or three miles away is the provincial road. There must be a car over there. Xiao Hu looked at me and didn’t speak, just nodded. I really do n’t know that it ’s so difficult to walk alone. Although I had to take turns carrying a pony, Xiao Hu was on his back and found that his own legs were hurt. He gritted his teeth a few steps, and I took it to my back.

Just step by step, that night, I felt that the rain would continue until forever, without stopping. After walking for a long time, my chest was stuffy, and my breath was uniform. I was tired. I let go of the person, and sit down along the stone regardless of the road, and only go to the phone to see the phone for more than half an hour. It is estimated that I haven’t gone far.

Suddenly Xiaohu patted me and yelled, there was a car, there was a car over there.

It was a fifty bell. It is estimated that the people in the car were also scared. Two pour men on the road in the night opened their teeth and danced their claws. Seeing that the car stopped, Xiao Hu couldn’t care about her back and leg pain, and the door of the driver was rushing to cry. When I saw that the car window didn’t drive, I knew that it was in vain, so I stood in front of the car, behind my fingers, and the road was broken. Inside was a man and a woman. The male driver finally understood the accident and opened the window with a heavy rain. But to take us to the hospital, both of them shook their heads. They replenished the small supermarkets in the town. The behind the car was full and there was no place. After a long time, I touched the wallet and took out the cash inside, and it was a hundred or dozen. Xiao Hu’s body was smooth, and the wallet was gone. The two of them simply counted, the life -saving is important, and Xiao Hu went out to touch the wallet on the pony. There was a few hundred. Anyway, he took out the cash and the wet stiffness was given to the driver. Later Both of the father -in -law, knowing that the typhoon is coming, and quickly enter some supermarket goods. Unexpectedly, the road was broken. The two thought that the old people and children in the family wanted to go back to the road. It ’s good to say that promised people to compensate for it in the future. We moved the goods behind the car for two or three pieces. Finally, settled the pony in the latter box. Xiaohu and I climbed into the car, closed the door, and swayed all the way to the hospital.

At that time, it was already midnight. I was looking for an emergency department, looking for a doctor, doing the formalities, and there was no cash on my body. The cost problem called the boss again. Finally, I asked an acquaintance. I found a leader in the hospital on the phone. After the car was pulled in, Xiao Hu and I sat on the ground in the emergency lobby. I didn’t want to say in a word. I sat in the lobby for a few hours until the people in the later project came over.

The man stroked the seven copper coins inside the satin and sighed deeply. The father of the pony in the afternoon the next afternoon, regardless of the typhoon weather, he drove over from Lizhou himself. Xiao Hu and I have been sick for several days. Xiao Ma’s father came to see me, I burned hard, and I didn’t remember what his father said. But I have such a box on the bedside. Later, I asked Xiaohu specifically, he didn’t play this game.

I didn’t see the last look in the pony in the hospital. I couldn’t get up. My parents in my family came to take care of me. In fact, I don’t understand why the pony hasn’t saved it.

Women have been listening to men quietly, but at this time they are a bit weird. Is that pony from Lizhou? What is the name? The man said slowly that his name is Ma Zhongyu.

The woman covered her mouth in surprise and did not let herself cry out. The man stared at the woman deeply and continued gently. I did n’t know how many times I had heard the goddess in his mind. His girl particularly loved to listen to his stories, but after the college entrance examination Being able to study in Wenzhou, girls go to Shanghai, and are still studying after graduation. You are studying in university and graduate school.

The man picked up the three copper coins in the satin, throwing it gently, rolling slowly on the coffee table, and the last two Chinese characters facing upwards, a full character facing down. After the man shook his head, after the pony left, Xiao Hu became more likely to speak, I didn’t know what happened, especially, love to tell stories. I especially love to tell stories. The man paused. Xiao Hu first left Xiangshan. Before he left, he said to me, “Lao Tuo), I worry you, I feel panicked myself, I think you are more and more like Mato (brother), talking The expression looks like. He first went to Shenzhen and then went to Haikou. Now I have brought the team.

The man picked up three copper coins on the coffee table and threw it out, two full text and one Chinese.

I soon wanted to know what I was going to do. I desperately read the book. I used to read it half a hanging. That year was really strange. The books I read were printed in my head. Later, he also went to Shanghai to study graduate students. Then know you and tell you story. Then we got married and opened this foreign trade company.

The man threw the copper coins again, and the three Chinese characters faced.

The only thing I didn’t think about was this copper coin. The man smiled bitterly. I started to think it was a souvenir left by the pony’s father to me, but I didn’t have the opportunity to ask whether it was the relics of the pony or the gift of the pony. I took this coin and asked a lot of people. This thing is not worth it. It seems that the only use is to use it to fight.

The man did not speak, and threw three money three times, namely the three Chinese characters, one of the Chinese characters facing up, and the three full characters facing up.

The man stopped and watched a woman who didn’t know what to say, shook his head, I was me, not a pony. This copper coin is a bit weird. For so many years, no matter how I throw it, and use a few to throw it, it is such a look repeatedly. I have been asking for consultation. Lei Huofeng. But it is the hexagram of the upper side.

The typhoon outside the window still sounded, but the rain was small. The men and women in the hall did not speak anymore. Looking at the three copper coins thrown on the coffee table, they were still full of characters. If the two see the other four copper coins in silk, although they will be so strange, they only think it is a coincidence. They occupy a square, and they are in the silk in the silk. Also quietly, all four are full of characters.

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