Uncle after the 80s, the first 5 mm micro -shrinking vase became popular overseas, letting millions of TIKTOK netizens fall in love with Chinese pottery


Recently, the news of the post -80s of Jingdezhen’s pottery artist has become a hot search for overseas news. His micro -ceramic video has received more than 100 million clicks on Tiktok. Seeing how the pottery was made into the fingertips, foreign netizens poured into the comment area, and they also turned into fans and fans, setting off a wave of co -production.

Micro ceramics set off a coexisting boom on TIKTOK


The “point mud” craftsman is Wang Wenhua, from Fuyang, Anhui. Wang Wenhua grew up in a brick kiln factory organized by his grandfather since he was a child. When he grew up, he went to work in a ceramic factory, so he fell in love with ceramics. Around 2010, Wang Wenhua, who was less than 30 years old, resigned and came to Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, and began his “stall” career.

When he first arrived in Jingdezhen, Wang Wenhua rented a few square meters of studios, even sleeping and working, and pulling his own porcelain every day to promote his works on the market. At the beginning, he had no income, and later the business gradually improved.

In 2016, Wang Wenhua’s plain life ushered in a turning point. At that time, there were no miniature ceramic arts in China, but some foreign miniature hands were more developed. Wang Wenhua noticed that the production of miniature ceramics had not yet been involved, so with his own ideas, a mini -pull machine was designed and assembled according to the principle of the pull -up machine.

After a long period of exploration, Wang Wenhua finally made a ceramic vase of the size of his fingers. He immediately showed his mini -gulf machine and micro ceramics on the booth, and registered Douyin in the trend. At that time, he did not understand the shooting skills or edited, but he did not expect that the first video was still hot, and the number of playback reached 1.35 million.

Wang Wenhua and his micro ceramics

Wang Wenhua posted a few more videos, all of which have achieved good results, and decisively focused on making micro ceramics. He gave himself a fashionable net name- “Pharaoh Wei Tao”, and he also followed his friend’s suggestion to start a live broadcast.


At first, his family did not understand why he had to give up the original ceramic orders. Some netizens questioned, “At least the large vase can still be decorated with flower arrangement, but what is the use of such a small pottery?” In different voices, Wang Wenhua is gradually firm. I am good at making ceramic craftsmanship to more people.

After the questioning, the audience was slowly recognizing his craftsmanship. “They are the largest pull -ups in the world, and I do the size of the nail cover.” The post -80s “Pharaoh Poor Platyfato” had also been reported to CCTV reports because of the determination to be the smallest ceramics in the world.

The miniature ceramic tea cup produced by Wang Wenhua

On the short video platforms such as Douyin, Wang Wenhua’s micro ceramics have accumulated more than one billion yuan. Some netizens transmitted his video to the overseas platform. He did not expect to become popular on Tiktok. In just a few months, he broke through Wang Wenhua’s domestic traffic. One of his hottest videos has more than 45 million playback, and the cumulative playback volume has exceeded 120 million.


On the TIKTOK platform, many traditional Chinese crafts are widely welcomed, such as bamboo weaving, snuff bottle, tenon -and -mortise, etc., and Wang Wenhua’s Weigao made overseas netizens feel the fun of Chinese ceramic art.

Wang Wenhua’s micro ceramics obtained ultra -high attention overseas source: tiktok


After learning that his craftsmanship became popular overseas, Wang Wenhua was still very calm. “Only by doing your own duty and doing the craftsmanship can you go long -term. Even if it is not popular for a while, as long as the craftsmanship is good enough, there will be greater opportunities in the morning and evening.”

At the China Jingdezhen International Ceramics Expo last year, Wang Wenhua’s live performance made foreign friends present amazing. A small piece of mud becomes more than a dozen shapes in his fingertips, turns into a bowl, and becomes a vase … In just a few minutes, people can understand the birth of a porcelain.

“The craftsmanship of fingertips is the same as traditional ceramics, but this is a new form that is more convenient for everyone to experience ceramic culture. I hope to stimulate more and more people to experience traditional Chinese culture. In this process Spirit. “The story of” China “(porcelain) is still written at fingertips.

Text/Li Na

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