Rain in time! Breathable gloves for cheap and easy to use in summer?

The hot summer is here. If such a sun is still unstoppable, you can’t stop your enthusiasm for cycling. Whether you want to ride or have to ride or a Buddhist knight, many knights have thought of how to make the knights in the summer of high temperature in summer You can “slightly” comfortable cycling. Today we are going to introduce the most hot -selling grid gloves on Webike, so that you can feel Xiao Guo in the summer.


Komine gk-215


There are a lot of breathable grids and protective gear on the back of the hand, and the palms are used with more abrasion -resistant materials, protective gear, and slippery glue. It is a very cost -effective glove.

Henlybegins HBG-016


Getting started carbon fiber curettes, Japanese motorcycle accessories, the first brand of Japanese motorcycle accessories, Daytona’s Cavaliers’ products brand. The domestic popularity is not very high, but the editor believes that the cost -effective brand is higher than Komine, and it is worth trying.

Daytona hbg-029

Goatkin punching gloves, the most cost -effective goatskin gloves, the goats are mainly because the leather is softer than cowhide, and it is more suitable for the use of throttle. Essence


Kushitani K-5334


This is a glove that sells empty as long as it is put on the shelves …. So when everyone sees this article, it should have been sold, mainly because the number of production of Mount Fuji every quarter is limited, and they are unwilling to increase production capacity … so they like Mount Fuji Mount Car Mount Fuji. Friends can start paying attention to their new spring and summer/ autumn and winter products in March and September, and buy them with hand knives.

Goldwin leather+grid glove


This brand is famous for skiing in China. In fact, they also have riding products. The evaluation of this brand is Wumi low -key, suitable for car owners who like low -key and restrained.


Xiaobian himself belongs to a very good constitution, so in the summer Yixing will prepare grid gloves (riding street cars), and punching leather gloves (for VESPA installation B) I can ride … I will insist on this because I have seen my classmates who did n’t wear gloves in the mountains when I was in college. It was inconvenient to do anything after 2-3 weeks caused by scratching. It is recommended that everyone must have risks no matter how riding a bike. At least gloves are necessary, and riding is not fast than riding.

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