What skin care products are used in pores, ten easy -to -use shrinking pores toner recommendation

If the pores on the face are thick, it will affect the personal beauty very much. After all, the white and smooth and delicate skin will meet people’s aesthetics. So what skin care products are good for pores? Toner is one of the essential items for skin care. It can clean the skin again to restore the pH value of the skin surface and quickly supplement the skin to the skin. Today, Xiaobian brought you a list of pore -shrinking toner, let’s take a look.

Fu Lei Poetry Monuadmine Landwater

The essence of lavender and bamboo can be used as the main raw material, which can achieve a soothing effect for the skin and improve the dryness and roughness of the skin; unique Omega-7 and fatty acids can resist the infringement of free radicals and delay the aging of the skin.

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

Wen Yang Essence Water

Super easy to use toner! The formula table is the same valuable raw materials of the big brand, but the price is very cost -effective. The whitening and hydration of the pores are anti -aging. It is particularly comfortable after use. The skin is white and translucent. Wen Yang’s multi -effect essence is recommended by many beauty magazines. Long -term use of skin will really become very good, focusing on recommendation!

Orenna protein water

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

It has a high position in Europe, and this protein water is also its most well -known product. It incorporates a large amount of vitamin and plant essence, which can supplement the skin from the inside out to the skin, promote self -repair, and avoid skin problems caused by the pollution of the outside world.

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

Fresh water raw flowers rose essence water

Super! Try the toner that is better than international big names, be sure to try this essence toner! It adopts high -quality rose raw liquid of European natural rose plantation, many formulas developed by well -known Japanese laboratories, and many skin caregivers have been recommended! The effect is really amazing, and it has excellent repair effect on skin aging. Now I use this many friends to say that I have a good look, and the pores are much more delicate. I really recommend it!

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

Bei Lingfei dreams of softening water

The new pink toner dew, which combines moisture, calls the skin, and the skin is softened with skin, which brings fresh, moist, and soft touch to the skin. Supplement the water at the bottom of the muscle, wake up and smooth skin. Contains natural plant ingredients, which is an important step for cleaning and toning. It contains special moisturizing factors, and the skin is moist and smooth after use, and it has a good brightening skin color effect.

The key to the skin CPB water milling essence

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

It is also called Qinye skin tight honey, which does not contain alcohol, and is applicable to sensitive skin. Adhering to the use of acne and closed mouth can also be effectively used. It also has the effect of shrinking pores. The price is medium.

The Ordinary 7%fruit acid toner

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

This toner is added with 7%fruit acid. The fruit acid can remove the surface of the skin, the penetration power is strong, and the texture is very refreshing. After a period of time, the acne, closed mouth, and thick pores on the face will improve.

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

Loat the pores clear and clear and convergent water

Adding salicylic acid acne ingredients with trace alcohol, effectively cleaning excess oil and dirt in the pores, eliminating inflammation and skin greasy, removing aging excess horny, and restoring the fine pores and smooth skin.

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

Esthe Dew whitening lotion

The texture is refreshing, not sticky at all, the absorption is particularly good, the moisturizing is very good, and the water of the water is not afraid of making makeup.

毛孔大用什么护肤品 十款好用的收缩毛孔爽肤水推荐

MUJI toner

In addition, there is no efficacy ingredients, so simple toner should not be irritating to the skin. Such a large amount can usually be used in water film. In addition to hydrating and moisturizing, do not expect for the time being.

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