Jewelry also has the light of domestic products, and Chinese elements slowly rise

In recent years, domestic products have risen, mainly products such as skin care and beauty. They are often cheap, and some do not even lose their reputation abroad. They are called “

Light of domestic goods


Jewelry jewelry is also no exception. But I think

China’s own jewelry will be more cost -effective

Because precious metal materials are exactly the same, it sells mainly design. The brand premium of the big -name jewelry is serious, it is better to buy domestic jewelry. It happens that Double 11 is coming, you can join the shopping list in advance!

Zodiac Tiger Series

In order to occupy the Chinese market as much as possible, every time you approach the age, foreign big -name jewelry will take care of it and design many jewelry with Chinese zodiac elements.

But the effect is always difficult to say …

for example

Dior zodiac chicken red rope

, Big belly, red circles, and fish tails. Such a design is neither fashion nor Chinese style, and it is madly vomited by netizens.


and also

The zodiac monkey ring from the Spanish brand Carrera Y Carrera


The style of painting is slightly weird, and the people who fear may not be able to look directly at its head.


The zodiac horse necklaces from Hermes are also suffocating.


Next year will be the year of the tiger. China’s jewelry has long been produced by the zodiac tiger’s jewelry.


Come and see China’s design


Bar. (Mainly using gold jewelry as an example)

Taking 3D hard gold as the material to create a three -dimensional and super -super cute little tiger shape. Holding in the arms

Red blessing

, Not only with beautiful morals, but also rich Chinese style elements.

Some jewelry design added “

Round square hole copper coin

“The shape is also the mark of China.


Even the simple red rope jewelry can play a festive one

China red


Some people may say that this is stepping on one hand, and some people will say that Chinese jewelry is not as luxurious as foreign big names.

But our domestic jewelry is truly incorporated into the auspicious elements of Chinese elements and the favorite elements of Chinese people.

Most Chinese netizens feel that foreign designs about the Chinese New Year are not attentive, as if the elements of the zodiac signs are Chinese style jewelry. It can only be said that they focus on making Chinese money instead of Chinese culture.


What’s more than some of the alloy jewelry of the big name,

The real gold and silver for domestic jewelry, the price is much cheaper

So more and more people are beginning to tend to buy jewelry designed by China.

Palace series

As Hanfu slowly entered the public’s field of vision, the supporting jewelry began to become popular. They often have


Classical color scheme, national style style and Chinese elements

Most of the jewelry craftsmanship is beautiful, and even use non -heritage craftsmanship. It is comparable to the collections of the museum.

“Palace Wind”, “Forbidden City Wind”


The Chinese style inlaid jewelery is not as luxurious as foreign countries, but is like painting, using jewelry to depict the classical and elegant temperament of the oriental.

Use non -heritage art-

Filant inlaid process


The jewelry made is exquisite like a artwork. It uses a very fine precious metal wire to draw a little bit along the pattern. The craftsmanship is complex and fine, and the finished and ancient color and ancient color make can stand a lot of appreciation.

Non -heritage craft

Roasted blue

The baked color is durable, bright and unsatisfactory, excessive natural, with the patterns inlaid with flowers inlaid, which shows the classical and distinguished beauty of Chinese classical and distinguished.


In addition to the exquisite craftsmanship and beautiful colors, the pattern of the national style jewelry is also full of Chinese elements. Such as auspicious

As one wishes


The shape,


The shape is full of strong Chinese cultural characteristics.


Pure jade series

Foreign jewelry loves brilliant noble gemstones such as diamonds, emeralds, and rubies. What China loves is more warm and elegant jade. For example, the beauty of Guoyu

Hetian jade

, Wearing a beautiful woman is as gentle as water, ice and jade.

Don’t look at Hetian Yu very elegant and dignified, but there are colorful colors. Each color is picturesque, smoke purple, sugar white, and loquat powder, even the names are antique.


In addition, there are the four famous jade of China and jade jade, which also have a strong national style element.

I really feel that Chinese culture is penetrating into every corner a little bit, and the national style jewelry is becoming more and more refined. This is a style that foreign countries cannot design without deep understanding of Chinese culture.

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