There is almost no advertisement, even the quality is worrying, but why can it sell more and more?

Not long ago, the 25th birthday (October 10) celebration of Hotwind’s hot air has passed. The age of 25 is an age for adults. For the brand of hot wind, it has long been steady and has become an indispensable landscape in each city.


The hot wind from a shoe -sale shop to the goods covering shoes, clothing, bags, accessories, and some fashion daily necessities. The hot wind has grown into a well -known retail chain brand in China in 25 years. Successful transformation, using fast and fashionable products, happy shopping environment, easy -going prices and high -quality services, warming the year and four seasons of each family, also becoming one of the best choices for women in the workplace in the workplace.

Silently working, why not succeed is not the case

Since 1996, Shanghai Ruijin All Road

On the 131st, a single -shoe store was opened, and a group of loyal consumers quickly captured a group of loyal consumers with high cost -effective advantages and services, and settled in Shanghai Hanghui Plaza in 2000 to start the road to the shopping mall.

I remember in 2008, that was the third year I just came to Shanghai. I worked at a clothing company and passed through Zhongshan Park (Shanghai) every day. Occasionally, under the subway bridge across the Dragon Dream of Zhongshan Park, there was a small number of Small shops, I bought hot wind shoes, small shops, many female customers every day, seeing the quality is not bad, I also bought a pair for myself. I did n’t expect to wear it for 5 years. I rarely have shoes to wear. By 5 years.

At that time, for the young women who were new to the workplace, Daphne’s first choice for each woman to buy shoes, which can buy hot wind, it really depends on luck, because hot wind shops are very poor.

At present, the development of hot air has covered more than 160 large and medium -sized cities across the country, and more than 1,000 stores have accumulated. Daphne disappeared almost.


The current hot air, from the development of only single -shoe -shoe -shoe business to now wearing a living store, and the movement of adding new content from the perspective of customers.

For example, starting from 2015, the hot air has launched the children’s series to create children’s clothing, shoes, toys and other products, and opened a children’s district of about 20 square meters in some medium and large stores nationwide in 2016 to meet the needs of family shopping; 2016 in 2016; 2016; 2016 In the year, the hot air reached a cooperation with the “integrated wedding creative platform Vores” to meet consumers’ needs for wedding supplies …

Focusing on brands, domestic brands lack this

Today, with the rise of Douyin, the era of the whole people with goods has arrived.


Various types of brands flocked, bringing abundant results to major manufacturers, so that many domestic businesses regarded channels as brands. In fact, they left channels.

And the hot air is a company that is really a brand.

2019 is the return year of the hot wind. The hot wind aims to be based on brand building and be concerned about users. To this end, the hot air is also constantly exploring, from the perspective of consumers, try more possibilities.

The hot wind has also continuously promoted the development of new image stores: Choose SHOPPING MALL along the subway, and establish a good cooperative relationship with commercial real estate such as Wanda, Bailian, Jizhi Island, Longhu, Da Yuecheng, Kaifu, Cong, and other commercial real estate. Since August 18th, there have been more than 110 latest image stores across the country. The spacious test room, rest area and shopping area, humanized commodity areas, simple and bright lights, iconic fresh hot wind green, giving each consumer comfortable shopping experience.

Together with Alibaba to explore new retail: Hot Wind, as one of Alibaba’s intimate partners, has established a deep cooperative relationship in long -term online and offline marketing. Publish coupons through the brand number, membership code, and Alipay life number to guide offline stores, in -depth cooperation in the full link of smart stores, and the transaction volume of smart stores is at the forefront of clothing.

Open the sales network: Except for Tmall,, Vipshop, and offline stores, for products with insufficient store inventory or incomplete size, support the user WeChat mini program to place an order and distribute it from the recent central warehouse express to home. Improve operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

Develop IP joint models: Sale of Spider -Man, Batman, Superman, Little Yellow, Mickey Minnie, Donald Duck and other series, cater to the preferences of young people, or play playful, or boyfriend MAX, become a must -have for boys and girls shopping. Pickup shop.

The hot wind does not advertise, but it is very popular with consumers

Do you find that the shopping guide does not disturb you when you enter the hot air physical store, but appear when you need it, and when you enter the door of most physical stores, there is a shopping guide followed you. Looking at you, I also insert a few words from time to time. It seems to be watching the exhibition.

There are three windmill silver vehicles to satisfy customers. The golden windmill moves customers. Platinum windmill pays attention to the customer experience. Therefore, it can be seen that the hot wind hopes to infect customers through their own behavior and achieve word of mouth. This will be better than the effect of advertising.

Personally, the popularity of hot air is not only the quality of clothing and shoes, but also the service attitude of the entire clerk. Different from traditional tracking services, where guests can see, so that guests can choose and receive services at any time. Another point is the special service of hot wind. Each store has 7 special services on the top of the cash register of the store. This is indeed rare in many stores.

The quality is worrying, what are the reasons behind

In recent years, the development of hot wind has also brought hidden dangers of quality. Shoes have been opened for 4-5 months. This is related to its business model, and that is OEM.

The development model of the hot wind is “foreign trade chain brand”, but it is essentially “spot procurement”, but its supply chain system is based on so -called suppliers who are good at foreign trade goods.

The core value of the spot procurement model is to obtain profit guarantee through the coverage of endpoints, with the characteristics of high turnover and low prices. In this model, the brand is basically incomparable to the specific technical level of product research and development. The only controllable is the excavation and choice of existing suppliers in the channel. The problem came out again, and the “public nature” of suppliers, especially those wholesale market spot suppliers, led to the serious homogeneity of such spot procurement model brands. The final ending was a cruel price war or a direct gross profit loss of the enterprise.

The number of hot winds increases through the number of stores, and after reaching a certain scale, the development method of the shoe product line has been adopted by the method of OEM. And other issues. Of course, the purchasing model of the hot air also adds the purchase of regular big names such as adidas, which to a certain extent to make up for the lack of the brand’s “low -end” image. The problem is that behind this product development method, can it continue to maintain low -cost operation and expansion, and at the same time obtain sufficient cross -income (cross -income = gross profit margin*turnover)?


Therefore, it can only reduce the quality to ensure a certain profit space, so when the products in our consumers, the quality is a bit disagreeable.


In any case, the hot air conquered the market through quality and low prices, and even educated the public in the second- and third -tier markets of Chinese and third -tier markets that educated fashion. Perhaps the hot wind has always “transformed” the Chinese fashion taste in a unique way.

Of course, today’s hot winds are also facing various pressures, challenges and dilemma, especially in the moment when global fashion integration and consumption are personalized. However, the businessmen’s characteristics of “respecting the market and paying attention to customers” allow them to have the ability to judge under the overall situation in order to stand out from the public consumption.

Author: ArticleManager