The complete works of Shakespeare drama stories (letter set up and down)

The complete works of Shakespeare drama stories (up and down 2 volumes all two books and two episodes) 16 Rare hardcover only printed 2,000 sets.Each story is equipped with a guide to read a historical background and source.Appendix is the original text written by the British and American scholars to the editor of this book and matched the translation, the famous Shakespeare’s fourteenth poem translated by the famous Shake Tu Sheng, with the original text, Zheng Shou’s “Shakespeare History Exploration”, “Shakespeare’s family genealogy genealogy””Table”, “England Monarch Year Table”; famous drama writer Suzhou writer Zhu Shu’s drama “Shakespeare”, and finally listed the various monographs and materials of Shaxue for the “Reference Documents Catalog”.

莎士比亚戏剧故事全集(函套装 上下卷)

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