“Junior League” becomes a collision of fate, it has nothing to do with personality


How did the adolescence of teenagers spend? If the perspective is simply placed on ordinary people, it is not difficult to find that there are always people who gather together because of various fate. As performed in the animation “Youth League”, the four teenagers grew up together, which can also be regarded as fate. They walked through kindergarten and other time.

Friendship can be regarded as the longest emotions in addition to affection and love. So what is the key to gaining friendship? The answer is simple: fate.


It is ridiculous. For a person, there is also time and place to develop friendship. At a young age, staying on campus every day, then students who are studying around may develop into friends. After entering the society, colleagues around them may develop into friends. It is not difficult to find out what is a friend? Most people who have fate with you and you can stay together for a long time.


Between friends, fate is really important.

Adolescent friendship

Adolescent people are always annoying

Sometimes fate can determine everything. Just like in “Youth League”, there are different personalities, and even in each personality, there are young people who don’t like places. They will not hide their harsh side in their adolescence. So you can see a variety of awkward character.

But the teenagers in the animation met each other when they were most ignorant and became friends. What is a friend? Friendship is difficult to make clear things, because in human genes, there is almost a piece of information printed -dependence on emotion. And friendship is also a kind of dependence.

Most people long for friendship, but they are eager to have a person who can depend on emotions. Happiness can share, sadness can talk. The same is true of adolescence of teenagers, and they made their emotions face their partners without reservation. And these partners are fully accepted.


You should see if you can accept the place where the other party hates

Why accept it? Why can some people be able to make friends even if they are annoying? Because friendship is difficult to make clear things, most of the communication between people starts from interests, but some people have further developed emotions. And friendship is often a half -thing to participate in emotions and interests. The greater the proportion of emotions, the more pure friendship; otherwise, friendship is easy to destroy.


However, when people and people are exchanging interests, there will always be some contradictions and conflicts, which also leads to some poor personality ones. At this time, the quality of emotions played a role in a bond. If the fate and bond are deep enough, the less likely this friendship will collapse.

So what exactly is to maintain a friendship? Is the helpless emotional dependence, or the complexity of interests, or both.


All emotions can start with goodwill, but is it separated at the end? This mainly depends on whether the two parties who maintain emotions target each other’s feelings. Can they accept the most annoying place for each other? Can you still accompany each other after the conflict of interest?

There will always be some contradictions between people


I hate the disagreement behind

Behind the sincere and beautiful feelings, there are also hypocritical hostility. Interpersonal communication is really complicated because people think. Facts have proved that people and people live in different environments have different thinking and thinking. These differences lead to hostile relationships between people.

The hostile relationship in emotions is very terrible, because when a friendship is developing in a good direction, you suddenly find that this friendship seems to be as beautiful as you think, and some of the faults that the other party once made, in your eyes, all of them are all of them. Gradually expanded. In fact, sometimes, when you really spend that period of time, you will find that the so -called fault is not important. Even the other party may be just a joke.

At that time, you wouldn’t think so at that time. The different thinking between people and the backward information of the information, the incomprehension of the personality, etc., will have annoying emotions. What is the so -called hate? It is disagreed. It does not agree with each other’s behavior, and even severely degrades the personality of the other party.

Emotional accumulation after fate

In fact, most people have no chance to choose a truly beautiful friendship. What is a really beautiful friendship? It is a spiritual resonance, not to find a person to chat when you are empty. Many people need to have a person in their lives that can be chatted.

But is it really interesting to talk about life trivia? Looking back at us, what are the people talking about? Parents are short to celebrities gossip. Are these things really discuss value? Most of them are not, and even talk about these impacts on our lives at all, this is even some useless remarks.

Isn’t it the saddestly that can only be maintained with useless things to maintain? From this point, the importance of fate can also be reflected on the side. What is fate? Meet the right person in the right time. For example, when a person is most ignorant, he meets people who are similar to their own family and the same view, because such people will not have too much ideological differences and conflicts with themselves.

The encounter of fate extends a shelf life of emotion.


The relationship between people is really a fate

“Youth League” is not a simple show of ordinary high school students, because the state of the protagonists in the animation can be considered very rare in real life. What is more real life? It is the state of non -disputes behind friendship, inferiority and split integration in adolescence.

The most rare part of the simple emotional state is that there is no black history. Even if they have quarreled with each other, they have shown their imperfect side, but after the time passes, the two parties will still not feel embarrassed when they meet again; and in the face of the problems and contradictions, the problems and contradictions are in the face of conflicts and contradictions. The two sides can always think and dialogue from a kind -hearted perspective.

Regarding the good words of human emotions, I really have to talk about it all day and night. But what are the behind these beautiful keywords? It is an emotional desert. Not everyone can grow into a person who is true, good, and beautiful, and most people may not need a person who is true, kind and beautiful. The most realistic place for life is not that everyone fights for interests, but that everyone will defend their own interests and can do their own things.

People who are true and good are the protagonists. Everyone likes the protagonist, but does not like the protagonist around them. From this point of view, perhaps every emotional towards a bad point is the final ending that will happen.

Author: ArticleManager