Which crystal wall lamp is a good crystal wall lamp offer

Crystal wall lamp is a crystal jewelry added to the wall lamp. The aesthetic decoration will be stronger. At present, many people will use crystal wall lamps in the interior decoration. In addition to caring for the brand, it will also be particularly concerned about the price. What is the quotation of the crystal wall lamp?

1. Which of the crystal wall lamp is good

1. Sanxiong Aurora

Guangdong Sanxiong Aurora Lighting Co., Ltd., built in 1991, is committed to developing and promoting high -quality green energy -saving lighting products, and providing customers with comprehensive enterprises with comprehensive lighting solutions and services. It has been committed to research and development, production, and promotion of high -quality green energy -saving lighting products to provide customers with comprehensive lighting solutions and professional services. At present, it is also a relatively competitive brand.

2. Odo

Odo (Shanghai) Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., one -stop solution to the intelligent platform for home decoration, integrates various types of lighting fixtures, porch small ceiling lamps and other products. Lighting Tao brand company. Orto’s four consecutive years has exceeded 280%, and the annual sales of over 400 million. “Ordo” is a name that starts with the history of China’s e -commerce development almost at the same time as China ’s e -commerce. It has won the honor of the first brand of Internet lighting for many years, and has always led the development direction of the lighting industry.

3. Australian lamps

水晶壁灯哪家好 水晶壁灯报价

Australian Lighting is a brand of Australian Lighting Electric Restrictions Company. The company is located in the ancient town of China Lighting, the ancient town of China. After more than ten years of development, it is strictly required to produce national standards. The network, with excellent product quality, excellent after -sales service, and reasonable price positioning, is more popular with consumers.

4. Honglian Honglian

Honglian-Honglian is a brand of Honglian Lighting Co., Ltd.. The company was founded in 1969 and is a large backbone enterprise in the Chinese lighting industry. One of the companies, its company’s strength can be imagined. After many years of hardening, the Red Lianhong-Honglian Lantern Lantern has become the leading brand of domestic engineering lighting fixtures, and is unanimously recognized and trusted by people from all walks of life. Many families are currently using red liquid lighting, and it can also get a good response.

2. Crystal wall lamp quotation

It is understood that in the current national market, the crystal wall lamps of European -style brands are quite favored by domestic consumers, but many consumers reflect the expensive spectrum of European brand crystal wall lamps. about. And it is difficult to take care of it. Although the Crystal Wall Lights of the European brand are more luxurious, it is not accepted by a consumer. And some domestic crystal lamp brands, such as Huayi, Ao Duo, Baohui, etc. are also loved by domestic consumers. The corresponding crystal wall lamp wholesale price table is about 500 ~ 2000 yuan, which is relatively close to the European brand price.

Which of the crystal wall lamp is good? The characteristics of the crystal wall lamps of different brands are different from the function. When buying crystal wall lamps, you can look at the specific price of the market. The quotation of the crystal wall lamp is as above. If you don’t know what the specific price of the crystal wall lamp is, it is recommended that you look at the final price of different brands.

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