Selection and accessories of water purifiers

From the perspective of the water purification industry for many years, I will introduce the choice of the water purifier and the pipeline. Families for water supply in areas with low water quality or urban municipal municipalities in the south. The reverse osmosis machine is suitable for rural areas where the rural water quality is relatively poor in northern rural areas. This is just a rough difference between the north and south. How can I choose whether my home is used with a super filter or a reverse osmosis machine. You can refer to the following aspects. First of all, the simplest thing is to observe whether the drinking water has a color or the odor boiling the water kettle will have such substances (water -alkali tea rust).供水由于管路老化或高层二次供水用户)可以选择超滤机(超滤膜过滤精度在0.01微米水中的有益矿物质和微量元素通过,并有效过滤细菌胶体泥沙铁锈的大颗粒物质), It can meet the safety of water supply of water and water supply in municipal water supply, the advantages and disadvantages of ultrafiltration machines, and advantages: no power or pressure to reduce high pressure leakage disadvantages without waste water without wastewater to reduce water resources. Disadvantages: It can only be used in the installation of the tap water pipeline, and it cannot effectively filter the calcium magnesium ions in the water (the scale produced when boiling water). The reverse osmosis machine is suitable for families with poor drinking water in rural areas, because the reverse osmosis machine can effectively filter calcium and magnesium ions and bacteria in water (RO reverse ionic membrane pore diameter to 0.0001 microns, and water molecules under a certain pressure. You can pass the RO membrane, and the inorganic salt heavy metal ions in the source water cannot pass the RO film and other impurities such as the bacterial virus of the virus). The water filtered by the RO membrane can be used to drink it directly (but it is not recommended to drink cold water for the stomach and the stomach is not good), which is comparison. The ideal terminal drinking water purified. The advantages and disadvantages of reverse osmosis machine. Advantages: The filtering accuracy is high in water directly, and it can be used in two machines to take into account the water outlet method. Disadvantages: Power supply is required (comes with power supply to DC 24V), the RO membrane needs to regulate the risk of interface leakage, the amount of solenoid valve is more troublesome, and the amount of waste water is a waste of water. How to choose a suitable water purifier suitable for your own home, according to your own water pollution degree and the purity of water, do not listen to the sales introduction blindly. By the way, 50G 75G 100G 200G 400G 600G in the inverse osmosis machine sales are the RO film unit hours filtering unit (a gallon US metering unit 1 gallon ~ 3.785 liter) For example, 50 gallon RO membranes, that is, 24 hours of water production is 50 gallon, 50 gallon is a gallon. ~ 189 liters change is about 2 gallons per hour to about 7.8 liters per hour. Under normal circumstances, it is satisfied with the Sankou home. Some people say that the RO film is large. Why not choose more? The larger front filter element is not only affordable, but also a waste of water. The home uses reverse osmosis water purifiers to recommend using 50 gallons to 100 gallon RO films. Finally, I recommend some brands with good anti -penetration machine accessories in the industry. Friends who want to do DIY water purifiers can refer to it. The RO film can choose the top of the RO film industry in the United States. , Domestic Recommended Times Wharton Huitong RO film and Korean RO film World Korean

The quality of the Dongli RO film in Japan is good. The booster pump recommends Delta and Bai Fan Deng Yuan Johnson. The electromagnetic magnetic valve selects the stability of the manufacturer of Wenzhou Ocean (electromagnetic valve sorting 1 water inlet solenoid valve 2 flushing wastewater combination solenoid valve 3 high -voltage switch), the circuit board Taobao selected, ultrafilt machine filter element arranges 1PP cotton 2 granules carbon 3 compressed granules carbon carbon carbon 4 Ultrafilled membrane 5 rear activated carbon. The reverse osmosis machine filter element is arranged 1PP cotton 2 granular charcoal 3 compressed granular charcoal (dual -out of water can replace the second level to compress the granular charcoal third and put the superfilled film to double water) 4 booster pump 5 reverse osmosis RO film 6 after 6 Living activated charcoal.

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