You must learn, these three observations of sketching

Observation ability training

Jiao xue zha ji


——To few tricks to teach you “Eye View Sixth Road”!

Do you see these two pictures, do you feel familiar?

When we begin to sketch, these situations often occur in the screen. The end result is that the painting is finished before we find that the painting is wrong.


At this time, everyone began to worry, and I felt that I really didn’t have a talent. While complaining about how I didn’t pay attention when I first started to write the picture, I was looking for the teacher how to solve it.

But at this time, the painting was almost the same, only to find that the overall composition was small and partial. Among them, the single body painting was large (small). Can you change it?


The teacher can only counsel, suggest that you cut the paper, and the shrinking seems to be a little more appropriate.

When our foundation has not yet understood the structure of a solid character, we do n’t know much about it, but we want to draw our favorite idols, so we have such a Lan Wangji and such a flower.

Most beginners have doubts when they see the effects of themselves when they first come into contact with sketching.


Am I learning to draw this material?

It is absolutely impossible for a rookie like me to draw like a teacher, so let’s give up!


The teacher has learned for many years, and people have learned that I have been so big since I was a child.

Now I tell you, do n’t worry, learning sketches is actually so easy. Mastering the correct learning method is the most critical!

When we get a material we want to draw, no matter how many pens are brushed?


Is this correct?


Let’s look down and tell you the answer slowly.

The shorter the painting time and composition time we may feel in our inside subconscious, and our own painting level can exercise more (I don’t know if everyone has such an idea. When I first started learning to paint, I valued my painting time.)


So at the beginning, we won’t spend too much time on how to analyze the composition and think about how to deal with the effect of the picture. Like the watermelon peel on the feet, slipping to where to slip, just draw when you see it. Where to go.

So such watermelon was drawn.

We do not think about how to draw the objects accurately because of the fast map, but will reduce our learning efficiency infinitely. This is also the reason why many beginners have learned for a long time, and they regret that they have given up their dreams of painting.

Thinking of it here, I can’t help but be distracted, because it is really not that difficult to learn sketching!

If we are good at developing painting habits of observation and thinking, like doing a mathematical problem, analyze the specific steps, divide all parts of the picture, make it in our hearts, and then present the desired effects on the paper surface to present the desired effect on the paper. Will it be much better?

Having said so much, how do you observe? Then look down!

First we cultivate our overall observation consciousness.


Learn to use long straight lines to sum up arcs or irregular short -term

For example, the water droplets above the watermelon are particularly irregular in shape. When we first see it, we will feel difficult to write.


At this time, we might as well summarize its overall shape with a simple long straight line, and then slowly adjust the irregularities of the details.

Use simple geometric body to summarize complex forms


For example, when this vase is decomposed into a circular and trapezoidal shape, it can be more thorough when observing the shape, and the outline can be easily drawn.

Not only is still static, complicated animals and portraits, we can decompose its shape into geometric bodies with different shapes. Divide the structure of the facial features into different geometric blocks, does it look a lot simpler?


Learn to plane objects, and measure it through visual inspection

This means that we first plane the three -dimensional east -west and by finding the accurate ratio of a single object to measure the width and height of the full drawing based on it.


for example–

When we can’t find the exact proportion of an object, we can divide the width ratio of the other two objects in the beet unit.

The proportion of this character can also be used as a reference for the length and width of the nose, and it is based on it to determine the horizontal and vertical ratio of the head.

Do you know how to do it in your heart?

The overall observation facilitates that we will not excessively deviate the objects in the form of the form. Then the local observation will make us more precise and delicate.


First of all, the two pictures take you to know what is positive and negative.


This method is also called

Silhouette observation method

It’s like looking at a house from a distance or high altitude. What we see is only its entire shape. If it looks complicated, it can be refined to see what it looks like inside and outside the shape.

This is to observe the objects with positive and negative shapes, and the shape is positive.

Just like the shape outside the glass glass, we can imagine two side faces. When you look at the objects yourself, you can continue to compare. Do not pay attention to what it is. In contrasts such as length, you can naturally experience the beauty of silhouette observation!

In addition to observing the positive and negative shape between the objects, we can also reduce the vision to the part to study the distance between each point and the point of each point and the point of the object. Degree, finally draw the shape of the gypsum statue.

Use the word “ten” formed by the horizontal axis and vertical axis to determine the angle or tilt of the spoon, gourd, and carrots for measurement.

In addition, in addition to the above observation methods, when the beginner’s study or huge painting creation, Jiugong Fifa will be used to observe the specific shape of each grid in the object, and the entire painting manuscript is divided into multiple paintings into multiple articles into multiple articles. Blocks, but note that each small grid must be square, because the square is the shape that we can accurately grasp, and the rectangular shape also needs to determine the length and width ratio, which has certain uncertainty.


In this way, whether we are forming or portrayal details, we can focus on each grid, which is more convenient for us to find the shape of an object.


After saying so much, I believe that after reading this observation and summary, there will be many perceptions. In fact, the observation method is not based on the announcement. Drawing is not a mechanical behavior. Draw the thoughts and ideas in your head.

I also wish you all a summary of this article, and the later painting habits will be improved.

Observe more ~ ​​Think more ~ ​​Practice more ~

On the spot, you can be the great painting god worshiped!

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