“Rich” is reluctant to spend money on this matter, only “poor people” are happy to be happy.

A few days ago, the customers around asked me: Is there a need to buy 10,000 or 20,000 luxury bags?

I said, it depends on your personal financial ability. If you buy a luxury bag is as simple as spending your 300 yuan, you can buy it, but if you buy a luxury bag, you need to eat instant noodles for half a year. I Suggestion is still the case.

Many “rich people” now have no longer blindly pursuing big brands, and they are unwilling to spend money on this matter. It has temperament and no longer entangle whether it is Chanel or Armani.

On the contrary, many “poor people” believe that only the high -end brand can reflect the value of themselves, and to enjoy it.


Among them, there is no right or wrong, but the personal point of view is different.

Usually, the clothes brand I chose for customers will not be limited to first -line or second -line women’s clothing brands. Instead, they will choose suitable clothes according to the needs of customers. They may not be famous, but they are also generous and stylish.


Even Princess Kate will wear Zara’s civilian clothing. If you don’t know her brand, do you think it is tens of thousands?


Here are a few online shops that are not expensive, good -looking and elegant.

1. Red Nian clothing


Most of its clothes are mainly simple styles and elegant colors.

There will be no colors such as big red and big blue, and it will ensure that women 30 years old are safe and temperamental.


The dress is full of various small bird patterns, exquisite and not too formal.

The lotus leaf villa near the neckline is full of women’s elements, which inadvertently enriches the sense of shape and uniqueness of the whole clothes.

Spring and autumn will look good with windbreaker or directly wear in summer.


This set is more elegant and fresh than just a dress just now.

The yellow -green leaflet is densely embellished on the body skirt, bringing a sense of softness in spring.

The feeling of the top is more plain, but it only uses small pleated, wooden ear, exquisite small buttons to reflect the fineness of women.

The matching of the top and skirt is very English elegant and relaxed, unrestrained, but very atmospheric.

2. A wonderful warlock of Ozhi State

I personally like its clothes very much, and the niche looks a little different. The whole will not be too exaggerated, but always reflect the sense of fashion through small details or small elements.

For example, a large amount of gray bean green suit is added in the figure above, which is completely different from the dullness of black suits and the tradition of beige suit.

Basically, it will look good with a white shirt.

The white lace skirt is one of the items that many girls like to try in spring and summer. The white without dust will always leave people clean, holy, and unique. It is also suitable for women around 30 years old.

With a thicker texture lace, he sews on a white dress, and the sleeves are treated for lace, and the skin is looming.


The small details show a soft and beautiful temperament.

3. Sunfan Valley

The design of her clothes is more preferred to the public, and some small details are added on the basis of versatile.

For example, choosing chiffon fabrics with fungus collar, this kind of clothes will not have too many styles.

Just use fungus to enhance exquisite and elegant. It will look good with a skirt, jeans, and wearing camisole.

Half -body skirt is a combined pencil skirt often used in workplace women.

The non -tight design can modify the flesh of the hips and abdomen and make the figure look more perfect.

The wide waist seal is pink, adding a sense of career and a sense of sharpness, and it will not appear girly heart because of the light pink.

Many yellow and black skin girls are very distressed when they wear clothes. Others wear versatile white, but they look dark.


The gorgeous red and blue did not dare to try, afraid of making mistakes.


The very popular Morandi tone in recent years has brought spring to the yellow and black bishes.

They are basically equivalent to haze. The public is well known, such as smog blue. On the basis of each color, a lot of gray tones are added. blacken.

Women under the age of 35 are wearing such tops, and they try to match light -colored skirts or pants as much as possible, refreshing and white.


It ’s not expensive and affordable. It can save more money and buy more worthwhile things. This kind of smart woman who bought affordable clothes is also too smart.

Author: ArticleManager