No matter how much water can get it, you can get it for you. China’s top ten well -known water pump brands

Since the flood in the flood, the flood conditions and disasters in the southern region of my country have been serious, especially since June, the Southwest to the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River have suffered severe floods. A total of 433 rivers have occurred above the floods above the police, of which 109 were super guarantee and 33 super history. This year, there are a lot of floods and precipitation, and the local strength is large; there are many super -police rivers, the Yangtze River and Taihu floods are heavy; there are many geological disasters in the mountains, and it is difficult to transfer risks; Below, the editor has compiled the top ten well -known domestic pump brands in China, hoping to contribute to the south’s flood resistance.

NO: 1

Shanghai Sunshine Pump Industry


Shanghai Sunshine Pump Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park. It is a well -known large -scale diversified enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales, and service in China with a registered capital of 11 million yuan. Leading products include:

Pipeline pump

Stainless steel multi -level pump

Open pump

, Magnetic pump, sewage pump, chemical pump, multi -stage pump, self -suction pump, gear oil pump,

Plunger measuring pump

, Sanitary pump, vacuum pump, diving pump, rotor pump and other categories. The product has obtained various professional certification certificates and customer recognition with its superior performance and excellent quality. The company has a number of pump experts and various middle -level senior engineers. It has continuously developed and manufactured, and has been upgraded to upgrade products every year.

NO: 2

Shenyang Water Pump Factory

Founded in 1932, it is the largest manufacturer in the pump industry in my country. It integrates pumps, sewage treatment equipment, quality transmission equipment, and other manufacturing equipment.


The pump products operated are DG, CHTA, CHTC, CHTZ

Boiler pump

, SH, H type

Cyclic pump


, N, NL, LDTN type

Condensate pump

, Y, AY single two -level and

Single order

Oil pump

, TD, TDR, TDM hydrogenation pump and coking pump, SJA, DSJH, GSJH chemical



, WS, W, QW type

sewage pump

Wait for nearly twenty series, more than 400 products, and more than 700 specifications.

NO: 3

Changsha water pump


Founded in 1951, it was acquired by Xiangtan Electric Group Co., Ltd. was called Xiangdian Changsha Pump Plant. It was a national second -level enterprise. “Fortune 500”, and with Flowserve, Ingersoll-Rand, Ellicott, Japan’s ebara, Hitachi, Kubote, Kubote , British Malays and Dutch pumping companies such as the Dutch pump industry have established and maintained good technical exchanges and cooperative relations.

Main business: large vertical slope pump, vertical vortex pump, vertical condensate pump,

Single dual -sucking cardiac pump

, Axis flow pump,

Diving pump

, Multi -level pump, cantilever pump,


Mud pump

, No blocking pump,

Pipe sewage pump


, Pulling mud pumps, nuclear power pumps, variable frequency control equipment, etc.

NO: 4

Shandong Bo Pump

Founded from the restructuring of the former Bo Shan Shui Pump Factory, it was founded in 1929. It is a national key high -tech enterprise and key backbone enterprises in the pump industry. Shandong Bo pump has obtained the national patent many times; the “Boshan brand” in 2004

Clear water centrifugal pump


The “Product Quality Exemption Certificate” was awarded by the National Quality Inspection and Quarantine Bureau; in 2005, the “Boshan brand” trademark was identified as the “well -known trademark in China”; in November 2005, it was jointly invested by the Japanese Co., Ltd. The foundation laid -up ceremony was held; on January 4, 2006, Shandong Bo Pump was awarded the title of “China Pump Industry Famous City”.

NO: 5


Seawater pump

Founded in 1930, from 1995 to 2005, it was commissioned by the state to undertake 2*600MW, 2*1000MW thermal power unit boiler


The research and development tasks of condensation pumps, and supported by the Ministry of Machinery, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Shanghai Municipal Government, and one of the world’s three major pump manufacturing companies, the German KSB pump industry formed venture companies. Industrial water pump manufacturing technology and management experience, and the first year of market sales of nearly 2 billion yuan, ranking first in the domestic pump industry, providing high -quality products and services for domestic power, metallurgical, municipal, diversion engineering, and chemical industries.

In 2004, the Shanghai Water Pump Factory was approved by the State -owned Assets Management Committee of Shanghai and Shanghai Electric Group for modern enterprise transformation. After the transformation, the company changed its name to Shanghai Water Pump Manufacturing Co., Ltd., which ushered in new development opportunities for enterprises.

NO: 6

Dalian Dajin Pump Industry

The spirit of Document No. 1068 from the State Council’s national economic and trade industry [2000] No. 1068


Acid -resistant pump

The factory restructuring was directly supervised by the Dalian Municipal People’s Government State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

Founded in 1953, it has a rich experience in designing and manufacturing various types of pumps. It is a domestic major production plant in China. Wait for multiple qualification certifications. With the support of the Dalian Municipal Government in 2002, it invested 100 million yuan in the pump industry park with a total area of ​​150,000 square meters in Dalian Double D Port. Dalian Daabing Pump Industry has won honorary titles such as outstanding units of the Ministry of Machinery Industry, Excellent Management of Dalian Outstanding Management Bronze Horse Awards, Liaoning Provincial Heavy Contracts and Credit Units.

Corrosion -resistant pump

Become a brand -name brand in the domestic pump industry. In late December 2004, the United States Moido officially signed a contract with Dalian Dai Nai Pump Co., Ltd.

NO: 7

Shanghai Kaiquan

Founded in 1995, the registered capital was more than 120 million yuan, and the total assets were 2.5 billion yuan. It has 7 enterprises and two industrial parks in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces and cities. In 2002, it successfully passed the new version of the ISO 9001: 2000 certificate. In early 2003, the US RAB multilateral international certification was obtained. Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Industry Group has established long -term strategic cooperative relations with nearly 10 colleges and institutes including Tsinghua University. In 2005, the total sales of Kaiquan reached 1.5 billion yuan; on June 23, 2005, the “Kaiquan” trademark was identified as a well -known trademark in China by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce; , Established nine branches.

NO: 8

Southern pump industry

Founded in 1991, it was identified as a well -known trademark in China by the Trademark Bureau of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on November 29, 2011. It is the earliest research and development and large -scale production of stainless steel stamping welding centrifugal pump companies in the country. It is currently the largest professional manufacturer in the field of stainless steel stamping welding.

The leading products are: CDL, CDLF series stainless steel light type

Multi -level centrifugal pump

; CHL, CHLF, CHLFT series stainless steel light steel light multi -stage centrifugal centrifugal pump; NFWG no negative pressure

Inverter water supply equipment


, DRL constant voltage frequency conversion

Water supply equipment


NO: 9

Chongqing Water Pump Factory

Founded in 1951, in 2002, reorganization was reorganized, which was a wholly state -owned nature. With 10 diaphragm pump patented technology, 3 centrifugal pump patented technology, 1 chemical industry

gear pumps

Patent and 1 environmental protection product patent, with the design and manufacturing qualifications of one, two, and three types of pressure vessels. Products have won many rewards such as national, ministerial, municipal technology progress awards, and high -quality product awards.


NO: 10

Two -wheel group

In the field of centrifugal pump manufacturing, Shandong Two Wheel Group Co., Ltd. is one of the largest producers in China. At the same time, as the first creator of China’s small and medium -sized woodworking machinery, Shandong Two Wheel Group has a number of national patent wooden products. In September 2005, the group’s “SDG, SLDG series high -voltage, secondary high -pressure boiler pump pump” and “LDTN condensed water pump” passed the provincial new product appraisal of Shandong Province; in October, Shandong Shuanguan Group Co., Ltd. “DIN Standard

Single single suction fugitive pump

“Technology innovation projects were included in the second batch of project plans for technological innovation in Shandong Province in 2005; in December, Shandong Two Wheel Group Co., Ltd. became one of Weihai’s first batch of” AA -level national standardized good behavior enterprises “.

Cyclic pump



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