How to decorate the meter box? Perfect home rejection of flaws!

Modern people pay great attention to home life, and everyone wants to make their home improvement. However, many people have a very good home improvement, but as soon as they enter the door, they see the meter box exposed beside the porch. Although there is not much space, it does affect the beauty of the home. Become a perfect flaw. “”

In order to fully enhance the artistic grade of our room, how to decorate the meter box is the best? Is there any way to make the meter box and the entire home environment. Next painting. See what good ideas are there?


Frameless meter boxes can choose different push -pull directions, elegant plain clothes, and the entire home is not publicized, allowing you to experience a fashionable and simple design, and enjoy the warmth and sweetness of a home.

Crystal decoration frame brings a tall home beauty. If the postmodern decoration you choose to choose can create an elegant and noble life style for noble life.

The randomly configured electrical decoration paintings are very practical. It can resolve the regret of the meter box in the decoration. The most unique decoration and technology can be used to make the family have no regrets

How to choose decorative painting?

1. Select according to the characteristics of living room decoration

The room of the European -style characteristic room is suitable for oil distribution paintings. Pure European -style characteristics are suitable for western classical oil paintings. Senior residences such as villas can think about choosing some portrait oil paintings; simple European houses can choose some image -style oil paintings, and the characteristics of rural decoration can be equipped with oil paintings that can be equipped with flower genre. Essence


2. The characteristics of modernity are suitable for all the image and decoration paintings of general images, and the avant -garde and fashionable decoration characteristics of post -modern and other avant -garde decoration characteristics are particularly suitable for all modern and general genres.

The best selection of electric meter box decoration paintings in the room can also accidentally use one or two characteristic meters box decoration paintings to decorate, but it can’t be overwhelmed. In addition, if the decoration of the power distribution box is particularly conspicuous and the characteristics are very significant and have a fierce visual impact, then your best to prepare home, private, ornaments according to its characteristics. In addition to the power distribution box, you can also select the meter box decoration to decorate the wall.

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