Who can live such a folding?

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I thought of a picture: climb the ladder to bed, and you have to climb the ladder, in case of trouble …

After 39.66 square meters of one -bedroom decoration, the designer, my little cousin Wang, was very satisfied with her “folding creativity”: “Good -looking, all folds are strictly folded, there is no flaw. “,”

Girl Wang’s “everything can be folded” was fully displayed in my home. The entire wall is a closet, but there is an organ behind each hand. Push a wine rack and bookshelf towards both sides, and the vertical wall is stood up with a invisible bed. When you use it, put it away when not in use. Beautiful is beautiful. The wall seams, ground, and top are tight, and they feel that the house is quite large, but during that time, I dreamed that I was a gecko.

However, strictness is useless. I did n’t take my child strength. I ca n’t suppress this bed. A woman ca n’t fight it at all. The big man sweats every time. I didn’t dare to offend others. If he gamble away, I had no bed to lie.

Girl Wang is a new human, and her brain is all wonderful. At first she had to hang the bed, the desk under the bed, climbing into the bed with a human -shaped ladder, and the area in the air. I thought of a picture: climbing the ladder to bed, and had to climb the ladder, in case of trouble … she said that it would not work, so she would have a invisible bed. I have taken a step back, and I have to know it. Okay, you casually, the invisible bed is invisible bed.

Three more squares are invisible, and their feet are immediately spacious. However, they have to be put away in the morning. If it is not closed, it is no different from the usual bed. For this reason, I often sleep less for half an hour, and the time has passed in folding.

The walls of the balcony and the bedroom were removed and the window door was removed, and the girl Wang designed a folding coffee table. When drinking, drag the table out of the inside, and push it back without drinking. It is a flower stand on it. The precautions are that the clothes on the balcony have to think about it every day, otherwise it will be too incompatible with the coffee table. I stumbled in the rules. For this reason, I bought a dryer to avoid pendants on the balcony. However, the coffee machine has fallen into the ground, and I have never drank coffee once.

There is no sofa in my family, tatami is narrow, and I can sit half of her buttocks, with folding stools hidden. If you want to sit out, you can imagine the picture of adults dragging stools with his buttocks. It is also folding out. As soon as my mind is, the hardware is much faster than the man’s hand.

After the restaurant’s table is folded, the tablets shelves and rice noodles are used for multiple uses. I have to move things around for dinner. I simply packed the tatami and put it on a newspaper as a dining table. Fortunately, I just ate a meal in the evening.

After living in the house for three days, I woke up, folded and folded, and folded myself inside. Are you calling me for folding stuff, or are I enjoying them? Who can live such a toss?

Girl Wang told that the folding hardware must often be maintained with lubricating oil, nor can they open, and the strength should not be too great. So delicate, I slept with them.

Both of us are lazy people. After a month of freshness, folded furniture, dragged out, didn’t want to put it back. When you go out every day, the drawers with socks are open, the shoe racks are expanded, the wardrobe is open, and the invisible bed is flat. The stool is one from the east and west, the same as the other side of the peacock. Occasionally I am not used to it, turn off the drawer, and the sound is not nice -咣. A screw mother fell, and they all felt crumbling. For this reason, I dare not buy more at home, afraid of being broken.

Now, when I see the folding words, I send it. After folding, you thought it was in the area. In fact, the heart was folded, and it kept open and closed every day.

My ideal state is that the furniture is spread out. My home can accommodate all of my necessary furniture, and do not change magic. Girl Wang said that the five internal organs were all available, and it was 180 square meters to install it. It means that now I am not in place, and her clever woman is difficult to cook for rice. Right.

So, from that day, I folded my dream of home and strived to change the house as soon as possible. I also lamented that if it is practical, it will not be creative.

I lived for half a year, the decoration was still there, the house was empty, and the intermediary brought a girl to see the house. At a glance, she saw the folding design of my house, dragging, pushing, pulling, pulling, and hiding the mystery everywhere. It was so interesting that she could exercise without leaving home.

The little girl is very sincere, watching her want to buy, we ask for 400,000 and 360,000 transactions. Girl Wang felt too cheap, saying that her design was worth 100,000. I said there were more than 100,000, worth 1 million, and paid the first payment for the new house. Girl Wang proposed that the big house was designed by her. I was very moved: “I’m sorry, girl, presented hardcover decoration.”

Later, I saw from the circle of friends that the girl who bought a house was married. She said that the folding home is good, just need to play with the handle.

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