Built -in extension rod magnetic mobile phone clip DJI OM 5 mobile phone gimbal evaluation

The light of domestic products is new. The updated product is the mobile phone gimbal of the OSMO Mobile series, named DJI OM 5. DJI mobile phone gimbal has been upgraded from OM 3, and folding storage makes users more convenient to bring out; OM 4 has upgraded the magnetic mobile phone clip, allowing users to remove the mobile phone without frequent installation; OM 5 new built -in built -in extension The rod design, the volume and weight are reduced by 30%, retaining the magnetic mobile phone clip, and the new shooting guidance function and other feature upgrades are added. Then, we bring you a detailed test and experience sharing of DJI OM 5.

DJI OM 5 mobile phone gimbal

In terms of price, the price of DJI OM 5 is 999 yuan, which is currently the most expensive mobile phone product in DJI. There is noble truth, everyone understands after reading the evaluation. This time, there is a new accessories that come from: the optical magnetic suction mobile phone clip. We will introduce this new accessory for everyone. Its price is 299 yuan.

Core parameter information of DJI OM 5:

Product weight: Yundai 290g

Magnetic mobile phone clip: 34G

Product size: Expand: 264.5 × 111.1 × 92.3 mm Fold: 174.7 × 74.6 × 37 mm

Extend rod length: 215mm

Endurance time: 6.4 hours (the reference value of the test under the condition of the balance)

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Adaptation app: djimimo

Added accessories: filling light magnetic suction mobile phone holder (299 yuan purchased separately)

Djiom 5 mobile phone gimbal packaging

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

DJIOM 5 mobile phone gimbal item list

Djiom 5 mobile phone gimbal packaging all items

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Let’s look at what DJI OM 5 has been upgraded

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

From the appearance, DJI OM 5 gave two color schemes this time. In the past, there were only one color scheme. The two colors this time are Athens ash and Yun Twilight, respectively.

1. Decreased volume by 30%

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

DJI OM 5’s folding state

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

DJI OM 5’s unfolding status

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

DJI OM 5’s metal folding port

DJI OM 5 uses a new folding structure design. The folding port on the bracket is replaced with metal material, which is more durable. This folding position has also changed significantly compared to OM 4, so its folding effect is better, reducing a lot of volume, and more convenient for users’ storage and carrying.

Comparison of storage status of djiom 5 (left) and OM 4 (right)

Comparison of DJIOM 5 (left) and OM 4 (right)

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

DJIOM 5 (left) and OM 4 (right) triplet comparison

The effect of DJIOM 5 connects tripod

Compared with the previous generation of DJIOM 4, the overall volume of the DJIOM 5 mobile phone gimbal decreases by one -third, and the weight is reduced by a quarter (DJIOM 5 gimbal weighs 290g and DJIOM 4 gimbal weight is 390g). After folding DJIOM 50 %, only the palm size, so bringing out the door can save more space and save more effort. For the three tripods, the three tripods are the same specifications as the previous generation.

2. Magnetic fast disassembly mobile phone clip

DJIOM 5 still uses a magnetic mobile phone clip design

DJIOM 5 still uses a magnetic mobile phone clip design. This design is indeed very convenient, and this time the mobile phone clip is an upgraded product, which can be compatible with larger mobile phones, such as Apple iPhone 12PROMAX oversized cups. What are the advantages of a magnetic mobile phone? During daily shooting, if you encounter a mobile phone, you can directly unplug the phone from the gimbal. You do n’t need to install and remove the mobile phone clip operation.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

In the DJIOM 4 test, we have demonstrated for everyone that the absorption of this magnetic design is large enough. Even when using an oversized mobile phone such as iPhone 12promax, it will not cause the mobile phone to drop the mobile phone.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

3. Make up light magnetic suction mobile phone holder (purchased separately at 299 yuan)

DJIOM 5’s supplementary optical magnetic suction mobile phone (switch on the back)

Djiom 5’s tonic magnetic suction mobile phone clip

In addition to the randomly attached magnetic mobile phone clip this time, DJI also launched a small accessory (purchased alone at 299 yuan), which is a light magnetic suction mobile phone clip. The usage method is exactly the same as that of ordinary magnetic mobile phone clips. The difference is that the optical magnetic suction mobile phone clip has a built-in battery power supply. The design is designed with a fill light and a USB-C interface for charging. There is a power button on the back of the mobile phone clip, which controls the adjustment of the open, off, and three -gear brightness.

DJIOM 5’s cold temperature mode

DJIOM 5’s warm -color temperature mode

DJIOM 5’s color temperature switch button of light magnetic suction mobile phone clip

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Real shot samples of cold temperature mode

Real shot samples of warm color temperature mode

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Click on the color temperature button on the side of the fifth magnetic mobile phone clip, which can also be changed to the color temperature, which is also three gear, warm, moderate, and cold color temperature. For selfies and live broadcasts in the dim environment, this light magnetic mobile phone clip can be called an artifact. The author believes that many Douyin players, Internet celebrities and live broadcast experts can consider this accessory.

4. Built -in extension rod design

DJIOM 5’s built -in extension rod design

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

The built -in extension pole can adjust the angle

Next is the key upgrade part, DJIOM 5 adds a built -in extension rod design. The damping of this extended rod is relatively tight, so even if the mobile phone that connects heavier performs a significant action, there is no need to worry about the problem of the extended rod to slip and recycling. In addition, this extension rod has a 90 -degree angle that can be adjusted, so when we take or shoot, we can have a large range to choose from.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

DJIOM 5’s built -in extension rod is very practical

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Do you use the perspective difference between the extension rod during selfies?

The role and advantage of the extension rod are obvious. This is why the Bluetooth extension rod is particularly popular in the past few years, especially in various scenic spots. There is also one point worthy of recognition. Even with this built -in extension rod design, DJIOM 5 is still three -axis increased stability, exceeding many similar products in the industry. In addition, DJIOM 5 adopts the upgraded three -axis stability system. With the new generation of control algorithms, Gongtai can make real -time compensation according to the current posture, and better control the screen jitter. This can ensure that walking and mirrors can be more stable. At the same time, the same effect is also effective when using the extension rod.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

The DJI OM series has always had excellent stability reputation. The ability and algorithm of the three -axis stability are very advanced, and they are also famous in the industry. We tested the stability of walking, running, and self -timer in the state of extension rods. Those who were not surprised, DJIOM 5 performed very well. Because it is a new algorithm and a more optimized structural design, such stability performance is also expected.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

5. Change of the key layout

Djiom 5’s front button layout

Djiom 5’s side button layout

DJIOM 5’s side interface and back trigger button

This time, the button layout of DJIOM 5 has changed, and DJI adjusts the position most commonly used by users. Compared with OM 4, DJIOM 5 changes the function button (also the power button) to the side of the fuselage, above the zoom lever; the button that switches before and after switching is added to the front of the fuselage (the original switch needs to be switched to the three trigger buttons) In this way, users are more convenient to use, and the use rate of this feature is very high. You can see that DJI understands users very intimately and changes in order to improve user experience.

This time the direction of the lever is better, and there is obvious inclined angle when adjusting, which can better perceive the direction. The size and shape of the zoom lever have also changed, but the feel used up is still excellent. Due to the success of the structure of the structure (the extension rod) and the DJIOM 5 itself, the battery capacity has also been compressed. Therefore, the product cancels the USB interface to power the mobile phone. This adjustment is also reasonable.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

6. Shooting guidance function

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Click the icon in the upper left corner to open the shooting guidance function

The main interface of the shooting guidance function

The shooting guidance function can guide you how to shoot in the shooting interface,

Choosing different teaching videos will automatically switch the shooting perspective and screen

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

The shooting guidance function is also the new feature of DJIOM 5 this time. This feature is very friendly for novices. The opening part of the shooting guidance is the icon similar to the upper left corner of the APP interface. After clicking to enter, the user can choose the shooting scene they need. Of course, OM 5 can also automatically identify the current scene and recommend the appropriate shooting guidance. The shooting guidance is mainly to provide users with shooting ideas and skills, teaching in the form of example videos, and can watch teaching examples while shooting. Novices can watch teaching videos and shoot while shooting, so that they can quickly advance and learn more mirror skills.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

7. Smart follow 4.0

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Along with DJIOM 5, there are also intelligent followed 4.0 technology. Intelligent following is a very important feature of DJI mobile phone Yun Taichung. Users can select the main body you need to shoot through the frame in the interface, and then the mobile phone gimbal can automatically follow the shooting. Especially when shooting children and pets, the advantages of intelligent follow will be more obvious. After being promoted to intelligent follow 4.0, the stability of the following is better, faster, and the mirror of the movement process is more smooth. Even after the subject is lost, when the subject returns to the picture, it can be quickly recovered. In a word, it is better to use it, and everyone can use it more assured.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

The gesture control part is the same as the previous products, and the gesture posture has not changed. This function is mainly for users who travel alone. With this feature, we do n’t need the help of others when we shoot videos and photos. If you can’t remember the gesture, there will be prompts in DjimimoApp, which can be viewed at any time. With the gesture control, the intelligent followed 4.0 system is controlled, so we can see that the effect of follow -up is better and improved significantly.

What other practical functions are there in djiom 5

Then, let’s introduce some important functions inherited from DJIOM 5. These functions are excellent. At the same time, we will have a high probability that we will be used in daily shooting.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

1. Add new templates for the story mode

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

STORY mode function interface screenshots

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

The Story mode is the old face in the unique features of DJI mobile phones. As the product continues to iterate, the templates of the Story mode are becoming more and more abundant. You can see that many new templates are added to DJIOM 5. The Story mode is actually a short film mode in DJI. Generally, there will be several different mirror effects in a template. Users to shoot different subjects according to the prompts. Then the app will automatically synthesize a piece of soundtrack and theme. The film, make you a novice, become a video master. This model is very friendly to novices. You can learn from the shooting skills and mirror skills, as well as later color adjustment and soundtrack skills.

2. Three delay video functions

Late -time photography function interface screenshot screenshot

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Delay photography is also a very favorite subject of users. DJIOM 5 still provides motion delay and delayed photography (static and trajectory). The delay of exercise is to take a shot while walking, while taking the car, and so on. The shooting of a delayed video is completed during the movement. The video shot in this mode has a unique charm. The author will also apply this material to many commercial projects. middle.

In the delayed photography function, DJIOM 5 still provides two modes of static and trajectory. Static shooting is a fixed -time shooting delayed photography. This is very common. The shooting trajectory is delayed. DJIOM 5 has a built -in trajectory path for users to choose. The shooting is automatically completed by DJIOM 5. Users only need to choose according to their own needs, which is very easy and pleasant. If you need to take a delayed photography, remember to match the tripod in the accessory.

3. Three panoramic mode functions

The panoramic shooting has always been a very hot shooting method. The DJIOM 5 presets three panoramic shooting options, 3X3, 240 °, and avatar panorama. Among them, the avatar panoramic view is a very hot shooting method in recent years. I believe you must have seen it in social software, and the avatar panorama is a photo with yourself in a panoramic photo. With the assistance of DJIOM 5, you will feel particularly simple to shoot, because the precautions for shooting, the stations during the shooting are prompting in the app. You only need to do it according to the youth, you can have your own panoramic photo photo. It’s right.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

4. Dynamic zoom function

Dynamic zoom function interface screenshots

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

In the shooting of business video, there is a mirror -based mirror -based mirror effect named “Hitchcock” has been well received and has been used in major film and television works. Now using DJIOM 5, you can directly choose to shoot two different “Higong Kirkica” effects. It is automatically completed by the mobile phone gimbal. You only need to follow the operation and then harvest it. The video recorded by the dynamic zoom function is posted on the platforms such as Xiaohongshu, Douyin, and will definitely be well received.

5. Better beauty effect

Screenshot of beauty function interface

Open the actual shooting sample of beauty effect

DJIMIMOAPP with DJIOM 5 has the beauty effect that current female users are most concerned about. This function can be opened directly on the main interface. After opening, you can choose one -click beauty, or you can choose a common beauty, grinding skin, etc. Function. The preset beauty effect of the APP is very excellent. Female users can use this function extensively when shooting videos, taking pictures, or short video recording to make themselves more perfect.

DJIOM 5, the best choice of mobile phone gimbal

So far, our introduction and sharing come to an end. I have to say that the improvement of the DJIOM 5 mobile phone gimbal is very obvious, it is more comprehensive and more worry -free, and the experience is better. DJIOM 5 is smaller and lighter, and the folding method is better, which is in line with the current needs and use needs of users; the magnetic fast -disassembly design meets the fast switching method of shooting and using mobile phones.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Djiom 5’s tonic magnetic suction mobile phone clip

The newly added extension rod design is definitely the finishing touch, especially when taking selfies, it solves the pain point of the user without a wide -angle user in the front camera, so that there is no longer a big face when taking a selfie. Of course, some scenes that we can’t get can also shoot records by using extended rods. And in the state of the extension rod, the three -axis increase of OM 5 is still strong, and there is no difference in stability performance. This is not easy.

Djiom 5 mobile phone gimbal

This time DJIOM 5 provides two appearance color schemes, and both colors are very fashionable, so that users can choose a color scheme that suits them according to their preferences. The newly added light magnetic mobile phone clip accessories must also be said again alone. This accessory also solves the problem of insufficient lighting in the interior or dark environment. In the past, users needed to match the lights by themselves. It was inconvenient and cumbersome. Now it is very intimate to solve the pain points of the user directly.

The software part is also obvious this time. The newly increased shooting guidance can help novice users to get started quickly. Not only does it provide a recommendation explanation of shooting themes and split mirrors, they also introduce the skills of mirrors. In terms of improvement, this feature is more suitable. In addition, the foundation of the product has a lot of improvement. For example, intelligent followed 4.0 systems can make follow -up recognition more perfect and experience.

Generally speaking, DJIOM 5 is currently the author’s most experienced, functional, and portable mobile phone, even if its price is not cheap. It is very rich in users, such as live users, short video shooting users, VLOG users, travel users, family users who shoot pets, novice users who want to play mobile photography, and so on. With excellent functions and experience, DJIOM 5 must be the best choice for everyone.

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测


Djiom 5 mobile phone gimbal

内置延长杆 磁吸手机夹 DJI OM 5手机云台评测

Djiom 5 mobile phone gimbal

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