Solid wood dining table “Ten Buy Nine Pit”? Netizen: Regret to buy a wrong

In recent years, with your consumption concept and improvement of quality of life, more and more young people choose solid wood dining table, natural wood texture, warm touch makes the family quality instantly. But for some of the first renovated owners,

I don’t know how to choose a solid wood dining table.

Today, I will take everyone to learn how to choose the solid wood dining table ~


Solid wood dining table advantages and disadvantages?


The solid wood dining table is made of natural wood raw materials, and there is no other chemical substances, healthier and environmentally friendly.


. Compared with other dining tables, solid wood dining table material is durable, it is not easy to damage, and the service life is longer.

From the perspective, the natural natural texture and color of the solid wood dining table are very high.



The solid wood dining table is poor, and the high temperature is easy to burn, usually need

Regular maintenance

And avoid direct sunlight.

High prices


. At least 3000 budgets on the market, depending on the material different prices, some or even 10,000 pieces.

Judging whether your home is suitable for solid wood dining tables:


If you pay attention to environmental protection, you can choose a wooden dining table. If you have a budgetary problem, you can also choose a small cork with pine, rubber wood, pine, etc..

Because the solid wood dining table needs to be maintained, the living environment is too dry or humid family is not very suitable for choosing a solid wood dining table.



Solid wood dining table popular design

Foldable / telescopic table


For small apartment families, the table is too large, and it is too small to have a friend’s dinner is not enough. You can consider folding tables, can be round, hit is square, do not occupy a place, starting into a big round table, friends together with a dinner.


Wall-mounted folding table

Want to save more space, you can also choose to open the wall, convenient folding design, release the space and free to switch, the table and blackboard freely, there is a storage function, dining table, desk, bar, one thing!


Solid wood dining table

There is a need at home, but because the reason is unable to have a separate office area, you can choose to put a solid wood table in the living room, which is both a table, which can act as a work desk. It is especially suitable for the living room.


How is the solid wood table?

1 material


The most important solid wood dining table is the material choice, the material is good and bad, and the life and price of the table is used. Commonly used in the market

White wax, white oak, rubber wood, pine, teak, cherry wood, black walnut


Common hardwoods such as white wax, white oak, cherry wood, black walnut belong to light luxury, and rubber wood, pine is a low cost cork wood.

White wax


Price: 4000-6000 yuan / m3 left and right

Advantages: texture is natural and beautiful, good polished, strong load-bearing ability, good corrosion resistance, even if the white wax wood is placed in wet space, the life of white wax is also 30% higher than ordinary wood.

Disadvantages: The surface of the white wax wood table is easy to halt, and the production process technology is high. It is easy to cracking with nails, screws and glue, and is poor drying performance, which is prone to deformation or cracking.

Domestic white wax wood is produced from Europe and the United States, the transportation cost is high, but also because of the white wax, it takes 40-50 years of material, so

The market will have a domestic water will willow bleach brush to the imported white wax

It is difficult to distinguish it out, pay attention to it when purchasing!

White Oak

Price: 5000-75000 yuan / m3 left and right

Advantages: The white oak is more in the form of a straight grain, the color is pure, the texture is fine, it is not easy to absorb the water, even if it is not easy to deform, it can resist wear, making a dining table structure, long-term use.

Disadvantages: Oak dehydration, difficulty, unpowered table, easy to deform or contract crack, because material is rare, high quality oak has been imported from foreign imports, and the white oak dining table has higher prices.

Rubber wood and oak, although it is just the difference, but don’t be fooled,

Some merchants have attracted consumers than the price lower than the market price. Consumers think that they have earned a big cheap, but they are used in rubber wood instead of oak.

Cherry wood

Price: 6000-7500 yuan / m3 left and right


Advantages: delicate wood, clear texture, good polishing, good painting, good bending performance.

Disadvantages: The price is expensive, medium loadtactivity, to avoid stacking weights, otherwise it is prone to warpage.

The yellow cherry is yellow, and the surface lines have small black spots, easy to identify. The value is relatively high, just a shot of the mirror!

Black walnut

Price: 9000-13000 yuan / m3 left and right

Advantages: Soft hard, touch and warm, not easy to be symbiotic and dry deformation, and can also hold someone to protect the paint without long-term use and fading.

Disadvantages: high price, medium pressure resistance, poor toughness, especially where the corner is very easy to damage, need to carefully protect it.


If the purchased walnut table does not go to the corner, Xiao Qi suggests

Angle protective cover

I can extend the useful life, two to reduce the probability of damage caused by children at home.



1000-2000 yuan / m3 left and right


Advantages: Soft texture is soft, there is a good rose, natural and environmentally friendly, not easy to deform, and the price is low.

Disadvantages: Wood is soft and cracking, no tissue, you can’t bear too much weight.

Rubber wood

Price: 2000-3000 yuan / m3 left and right

Advantages: Good toughness, not easy to crack, easy maintenance, affordable. It is easy to color, and the paint is good.

Disadvantages: The sugar is large, easy to discolor, corroded, is not easy to dry, easy to bend deformation.

Spirood and cherry wood

The color is warm, but the price is relatively high.

Suitable for budgeted families

. Although the white wax and white oak have a little bit messing, the texture is hard, the texture is beautiful, and it is also a good material for the table.

Rubber wood, pine

Since the price economy,

Suitable for the budget.


Solid wood dining table selection materials:

● After selecting the type of timber, you should also look at the grade of the wood, do the best wood dining table or use FAS-level wood.

● Frame solid wood, board wooden combination, deck plate, splicing solid wood, composite solid wood, laid solid wood, this category is not pure solid wood, the biggest shortcoming is that the glue is large and the environmental protection is lower.

● The solid wood dining table is also a boss + pocket, solid wood + picked, and the skinned table main material is mostly a cheap artificial sheet. If there is 2 or more of the same ripples, it must be a skin table.

● Walnuts plus all kinds of attributes, such as gold silk walnut, is not a real black walnut.

● Ask when purchasing how much solid wood content, which are the main material auxiliary materials.

2 table structure



Solid wood table desktop, the highest level is

The whole wood,

But the cost is too high, it is generally

Numerous wooden board stitching


Composed. It is necessary to pay attention to the color and pattern difference between the platen on the splicing, should not be too large, whether there is a gap between stitching.




The solid wood exterior is painted to ensure that the solid wood is more durable. More useful


Wood wax oil and varnish

. Wood wax oil raw materials is generally some natural vegetable oils, environmental protection levels are better than varnish. And the wooden wax oil can penetrate the inside of the wood, deeply moisturize the wood, which has functions such as waterproof and anti-polluting and wear resistance.

Clear will form a layer of smooth, transparent but non-breathable resin film on the surface, can isolate air, moisture, and do not change the natural texture and color of the wood.


So I like the wooden unique touch, I choose a wooden wax oil, I want to make simple cleaning, choose the varnish.

Table leg design


Table legs generally have two design methods, one is



It is good to look smooth, but sacrificed the leg space. Another kind

Vertical on the desktop


The following space is relatively ample, but the style may have some dull. These two ways are favorable, and they can choose according to their needs and preferences.

It should be noted that the table legs should be within the desktop projection range, otherwise there will be gaps in the wall, not beautiful and wasting space.

Connection method between desktop and table legs

The connection between the desktop and the table legs is related to whether the table is stable, and it will be loose for a long time. There are general two ways: direct use

Screw fixation

The previous period is relatively strong, but the desktop puzzle and the five gold part are inconsistent, and the desktop is easy to crack.

榫 卯 structure

It is mainly used in advanced solid wood dining tables, and the dining table is tight, not easy to crack, no hardware, more beautiful, but the process is relatively complicated.

3 size

The standard height of the table is relatively suitable between 72-78 cm, in line with the principle of ergonomics, allowing elbows to be comfortable on the table. The height of the dining chair is more suitable, the dining chair is too high or too low, and it will feel uncomfortable when you eat.

Small apartment table Universal size 120 * 60 * h75cm, large apartment can be selected 160 * 65 * H75cm.

4 warranty and after-sales

Learn more about warranty and after-sales before buying, which are free of charge, the warranty period, which is within the warranty, in the presence of problems, can better protect their rights.


5 maintenance is very important

Avoid placing direct sunlight, stove, air conditioning mouth and humid place, can not drag hard.


The rag can be frequently replaced with anti-smear, clean the table oil to avoid using alcohol, and wipe it with a wet clean rag.


Non-real wood table optional material


In addition to solid wood dining table, the table is now on the market.


Stone, glass, artificial sheet

These three categories.


1 stone

Stone is different from the material, or it can be divided into many kinds, such as

Marble, fire stone, rock board


Wait stone.



It is a popular home material in the moment, and its material is hard to wear, the surface is delicate and smooth, very textured, and it is also very convenient to clean up. However, marble does not resist hit, under heavy hits, easy to break or create a gap, and it is also easy to penetrate with oil.


Marble is divided into two kinds of natural and artificial marble. Natural marble prices are expensive, and the budget is limited to the selection of artificial marble.


Fire stone


The table table is more personal, but the surface is embossed, and the relatively smooth marble is not so clean. Black fire stone countertops is more suitable for Nordichend.


Rock board

The thickness is generally relatively thin, usually 3-15mm thick, so the dining table of the rock plate is relatively light, and it is not penetrating, scratching, high temperature, and disadvantage is expensive. It can be considered domestic, the price is relatively cheap, there is more than 100 square meters, and there is no more than 700-1000 yuan for your point. It is recommended to choose a good quality, performance will be good.

At present, there is no industry standard in the rock board, and the fish dragon is mixed.

How to distinguish true and false rock boards,


Need to learn these tricks.


● Fire roast / knife scrape. The rock board is super high temperature. If the fire is baked or the knife is shaved, it is a true rock board.

● Discriminate from embryos. The surface of the rock plate and the intern are the same color and pattern, and the general fake rock board is only a surface layer.

● Side and bottom. If the side and bottom are integral, smooth, it is a true rock board, and it is a tile, which is generally a tile.


2 glass

The surface of the glass table is smooth and more cleaned, and the glass prices are more moderate. If you are worried that the glass is not strong, you can choose the tempered glass material.

3 artificial sheet

Common artificial sheets have


Plywood, fiberboard, particleboard

Wait, and the table of the artificial board will use the particleboard, the price is cheap, but it is not very durable, because the people can not water, so when we wipe the table, if you wipe the corner, the artificial board table is easy to swell.

The above is Xiao Qi summary

Solid wood dining table, how did you pick a table?

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