Positive couple watches, wear it with you, and work hard to keep you in your heart

[Watch House Watch Recommendation] Once the New Year, February 14th Valentine’s Day follows. I believe that everyone is like me. Various holiday anniversary selection gifts are bald every year. It is really not a simple matter. If you are still hesitating to send it to Valentine’s Day, you might as well listen to me, and send TA a watch that means “want to have a second -second relationship with you” to witness your sweet and beautiful love. Today, the watch’s home will give you some models that are suitable for couple watches within 50,000 yuan. Let’s take a look.

Urban white -collar romantic and practical style

Langqin classic series famous series moon phase watch


Number: Male L2.919.4.78.6 Female L2.409.4.87.6

Langqin is a Swiss watch brand with a long history. The Langqin famous craftsman series is carried in 189 Swiss watchmaking traditions. It integrates ingenious craftsmanship and elegant style. Just like love, it has a long time. The two watches on the figure are made of stainless steel to create a watch case. The men’s watches are 42 mm in diameter and 34 mm diameter of women’s watches. The lady’s watch dial is paired with the white pearl mother shell dial, and the dial is also decorated with diamonds, which is very shiny. Compared with the shining dazzling of the lady’s watch, the men’s watch is slightly low -key and stable. The dial is decorated with silver wheat grains and a blue steel needle, which is simple and atmospheric. It is worth mentioning that the two watches have a moon -phase display window at 6 o’clock in the dial. Each of the moon in the moon represents the annual month of romantic love. Both watches are equipped with a L899 automatic chain mechanical movement, which can provide 72 hours of power storage.

Women’s watch price: 22,600 men’s watches Price: 19,700

Classic elegance, leadership style

Omega Butterfly Flying Elegant Series Watch


Number: Male 424. Female 424.

Omega butterfly flying classic watch is the same as its name, as its classic and elegant designs, and is popular with consumers. The gray dial with a stainless steel case and the blue pointer and the Roman numerals make the watch look low -key, calm and atmospheric, which is why I say it is the leadership style. What attracts me the most is that these two watches use the design of concentric circles. You have me and you have you, just like long love, grinding each other to one. Men’s watches are 39.5 mm diameter, and women’s watches are 27.4 mm. They are the golden size of the formal watch, which is comfortable to wear. The men’s watch has a date display window at 3 o’clock in the dial. The arc -shaped wear -resistant sapphire glass mirror provides reliable protection for the dial. The watch is equipped with a 2500 coaxial movement inside the watch. After certification by the Swiss official Observatory, the power is stored for 48 hours. The lady’s watch is equipped with a quartz movement certified by the Swiss Observatory, which is more convenient to take care of it.

Women’s watch price: 22,600 men’s watches Price: 28,500


Brave and confident, handsome

Wannan Bo Tao Fino series watch


Number: Male IW391405 Female IW357405

The popularity of green watches in 2021 I believe it is not necessary to say more. Major brands have launched a lot of watches one after another, but if you want to look at it, you still need deep skills. In my personal opinion, the classic look is enough to look at the white shirt or leather jacket, which is enough to show my personality and self -confidence. Both watches use a stainless steel case, the men’s watch diameter is 39 mm, and the women’s watch diameter is 34 mm. The green dial has a classic sunlight ornament, which blooms under the refraction of the sunlight. The top of the lady’s watch is inlaid with two bright diamonds, which combines the lady’s freeness and eternal elegance. The new men’s watch uses a classic twin dial design, while narrowing the diameter of the watch, the market looks more concise. Female watch price: 40,800 men’s watches Price: 47,800

The city is chic and fashionable

Cartier Shanshi series watch

Number: Male WSSA0032 Women WSSA0023

“After so long, you are still my favorite person.” This Cartier slogan is why many people choose Cartier. Compared with some gentle blue balloons, I personally prefer the corner -filled Cartier Shanxus series watch. Perhaps Shan Sushi may be a bit rough at first glance, but the more you look at it, the more he finds its exquisite beauty. Both watches are made of crystal steel, with silver dials and sword -shaped blue steel pointers, which are simple but not simple. Men’s watch is equipped with a Cal.430MC manual chain mechanical movement, and the lady’s watch is equipped with a Cartier quartz movement. Female watch price: 28,000 men’s watches Price: 45,200

Summary: A gift for the beloved TA has become a “custom” in the festival. It is not the valuables of the gift, but to express you in my heart. The watch marks the unwavering emotions of the lover’s “Zhong”, and it also marks the companionship of the lover at all times. On the coming Valentine’s Day, you may wish to send TA a watch you like and tell TA: “After so long, you are still my favorite person.”

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