Asia 100%natural plant honey powder, how does Perry lead new changes in the cosmetics market?

As we all know, the product on the market is endless, and the high -frequency new and low -customer unit price seems to be standard for beauty categories. However, this non -sexy category of makeup is different. Compared with the optional range of base makeup and color products, domestic cosmetics categories are relatively single. At first, consumers can only choose ore with strong oil control or delicate powder. Material loose powder. “2021 Trends Trends White Paper” data shows that the domestic makeup market is still the main force, but the growth rate of product filing in 2019-2021 has slowed down, which also shows that the innovation of loose powder categories is becoming more and more difficult.

It is reported that many loose powder products on the market are mainly mineral composition. Due to its high smoothness, good makeup effect and stable composition, mineral powder is widely used to various fields, and it is favored by beauty brands.

However, long -term use of mineral powder has potential harm to the skin. For example, it is easy to cause the skin to be impermeable, cause dry water and lack of water, and the pores becomes larger. Therefore Solve the problem of sensitive, stuffy, and prone acne by solving mineral powder?


Professional makeup brand Berry gave solutions,


The launch of Asia’s first 100%natural plant honey powder not only fundamentally solved the current problems of mineral loose powder, but also provided the industry with a new direction for the development of powder cosmetics.

It is understood that before Berry, Berry took the lead in breaking the makeup format restrictions, innovatively developed the first water -made makeup product -background moisturizing makeup spray, providing a decision -making choice other than the makeup product.

Asia’s first 100%natural plant honey powder, highlighting the hard power of technology

Ingredient: The game of the last 5%natural plant source

In fact, the brand encountered a big problem when looking for the right plant powder, because plant powder was generally dry, easy to make blocks and not waterproof. In addition, the anticorrosive system of plant raw materials was also very difficult to do.

Therefore, at the beginning, there was no ready -made plant powder raw material. The Berry R & D team could only start from scratch and explore the raw materials and formulas independently.

This plant loose powder finally chose corn starch, rice starch, and cellulose as the basic formula. The two plant flour of corn starch and rice starch have good oil absorption and skin -friendly, and they are widely used in the food field, so Compared with other plant powder, its safety is more convincing, and cellulose mainly plays the role of stable formula state to ensure the stability and uniformity of the powder.

However, although the raw materials have been determined, the results of many tests are the makeup effect and skin feel far less than conventional mineral powder. Even if the powder has reached a very fine level, it has dry skin, easy to knot, and waterproof problems. It can’t be resolved.

Not to mention achieving 100%natural plant sources, the natural plant sources that can achieve more than 95%at that time were already a big breakthrough. Of course, Berryi Lab has also tried to add silicon or pearl components based on 95%of the plant sources. The skin feel is instantly good. The powder changes from astringent to slippery. The effect of invisible pores is obvious. Obviously violated the original intention, so the R & D team still chose to persist in research and development.


The R & D cycle continued to extend. In the end, after 14 months, 58 repeated tests, 13 batches, the product won the last 5%game with the technical blessing of the amino acid wrap plant powder. The source, which takes care of anticorrosion and freshness, can be used with confidence.

Technology: original amino acid parcel plant powder technology

Pure natural plant sources have done it, but what about the rough problem of plant raw materials itself? There is no doubt that this is completely contrary to the makeup effect that needs to be achieved. In addition, the plant ingredients are active, easy to corruption and freshness, so there are great barriers to technically. After failing countless times,

The research and development of Berry products proposes to apply the exclusive development of amino acid derivatives in 2020 to plant loose powder?

In 2020, the clear silk and soft powder introduced by Berry is an opportunity to solve this problem. At the time, the product team died and wanted to make the powder of the powder smoother. Therefore The first layer of “membrane” makes the product makeup effect more convincing and lasting makeup power, so the Berry US laboratory has a bold idea: Is it possible to use the amino acid derivatives used in the development of powder to use On the plant powder? Of course, this was not tried by everyone.

After 58 repeated experiments, the surface layer of rice starch, corn starch, and plant cellulose was finally wrapped in the surface of the surface.

Through this technology, the adhesion and ductility of the powder on the skin are improved, making the pink and skin contact area greater, and it also perfectly solves the problem of easily corruption of plant powder. At this time, the particle size of the powder reached an average of about 8 microns. It achieved about 1/6 of the particle size of ordinary loose powder. The overall powder was light and moisturized, and it was smoother. At the same time

Makeup technology R & D drive brand growth

When it comes to makeup brands, in fact, everyone is no stranger to Berry. Before the launch of plant loose powder, its explosive product background moisturizing makeup spray has been sold for 3 consecutive years. The long -lasting and excellent makeup effect has always been well received by consumers.

From the perspective of outsiders, Berry is a traffic -driven brand, but it is actually a technology -driven brand.

At the beginning of the domestic makeup market, the cosmetic categories are mainly loose powder/powder. In the next few years, it has also been in the inner roll of “the powder of the fans to compete for more delicate”. It seems that the powder fixed makeup product does not solve all the makeup problems. So, except for the fixed makeup products of the powder, can there be a water -based product to achieve the makeup effect that the powder cannot reach? Therefore, the first water -making makeup product was launched through the original hydraulic luster film technology -backstage moisturizing makeup spray, creating a model for a fixed makeup product for the makeup market.

It is reported that in the 21st year, Berry American combined with beautiful practice launched the “2021 Trend Trends White Paper”, which also provided feasible ideas for the development of the makeup industry.

And this time, the clear plant setting makeup of Permi also broke through the bottleneck of the original technology again.

Innovation uses amino acid wrap plant powder technology, providing new product research and development direction for nearly saturated loose powder markets.

Nowadays, the coverage of the whole category seems to have become the main theme of the beauty brand, but Berry Mei obviously opened a new path, committed to the development of makeup technology, diverse resolving decisive makeup trouble, and giving customers more choices.

In the future, with the core technology of the brand and the leading technology, Berry will continue to adhere to the development and breakthrough of makeup technology, updating iterative makeup products from different dimensions such as water, powder, etc., and continuously solve the problem of unsolvable makeup fixed makeup problems. Unable to be imitated brand barriers.

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