7 “net red decoration” that is used by practical circles, the effect is too high, it is recommended to collect reference

Although I have been attacking “Internet Red Decoration Design” during this time, I have to admit that some net red decoration has reference significance.


Especially those design that is strong and concept is very conforming to humanity


In terms of decoration,


Look at the experience and lessons of people who come over, but better than listening to the designer’s sales -based explanation

Essence Next, let me share with you 7 “net red decoration design” solutions worth imitation and like. Hope to be able to help your decoration.

1. Design the big bed as a “storage bed”

I will find it after check -in,

A clean and tidy home, the essence is “storage”

Essence Therefore, the more the storage space reserved during the decoration, the better the experience after check -in. The big bed is a kind of furniture worth transforming.

Maybe many people say, isn’t it enough to put it directly into a tatami?

In fact, the tatami experience experience is very inhuman


Essence Every time you take things, you have to take away the cushion and debris on it, and think about it.

So the two methods below are the most worthy reference:

① Drawing drawer in large beds

When the furniture enters the venue, let the woodworking master put the drawer under the bed. This transformation plan not only does not affect the overall aesthetics of the big bed, but also reasonably solves the storage problem. The key is to push the drawer, which is very in line with our habits. No longer need to move the mattress and mattress to deal with tatami.


② Select “Go to bed”


The design of going to bed is actually a practice for many years, so that many people have forgotten that they still have it. In fact, the design of “going to bed” is very humane. Regardless of whether it is stored or used, there is no disadvantage of tatami. And in terms of practicality, it is even more suitable than the drawer bed.


After all, the drawer is installed under the bed, and space is needed when pulling the drawer. For small apartment bedrooms, the drawer bed is far less practical than that of this upside down bed.


2. The kitchen sink is designed as a large single slot and a drape faucet

In the kitchen sink, the mainstream installation method is two types: large single slot and double sink. Of course, a few people choose three sinks. In fact, each one has advantages and disadvantages, but in contrast, it is obvious that the practicality of large single slots is stronger.


Installing the large single slot in the form of “under the stage”, one is to solve the problem of staining and dirt on the pots on the stage, and the other is that this installation method is very beautiful.


At the same time, in the choice of water faucet, it is recommended to use the faucet that can be pulled directly. Don’t underestimate this detail. It directly affects the mood of the chef at home.

In addition, the large single slot on the market is generally equipped with a variety of drain baskets, directly placing the drain basket on the edge of the large single slot, and it can also achieve the effect of double water basin.

Compared with this trendy sink design, the traditional double water basin is really not fragrant at all.

3. Sofa background wall brush white latex paint as curtain wall


During the decoration, many people like to design all kinds of background walls. For example, there is a rock grille on the TV background wall, an open bookcase on the background wall of the sofa, or hanging some hanging paintings. The bedroom background wall is directly engaged in a soft bag and hard bag.

In fact, it is better to brush a white latex paint directly for the curtain wall of the projector.

When determining the decoration plan, there are very few owners with such ideas. After all, everyone will take it for granted that the curtain of the projector should be placed on the TV wall. However, for those who want to have a TV set and have a projector, it is a suitable solution to treat the background wall of the sofa as a curtain wall.

4. The living room is paved with solid wood composite floor, and the balcony selects wood grain bricks

It is more important whether the indoor is clean and tidy is whether the integrity is unified. For example, many people choose to abandon the sliding door of the balcony, but to open the living room and balcony.

If you choose to pave the wooden floor, because the balcony needs to consider many effects such as moisture -proof, many people directly spread floor tiles on the balcony. In fact, the most wise decision is in the wooden floor of the living room, the balcony wood grain brick.


Many people think that it can be paved with wooden bricks in the whole house. People who come here know that wood grain tiles are also tiles. In terms of feet and experience, they are far less than wooden floors. Therefore, according to the specific needs of a specific space, you can formulate targeted ground solutions. You only need to consider the unity of the color system.

In other words, if the living room is paved with light gray tiles, the balcony should naturally be light gray. The unity of color directly affects the aesthetics of the interior.


5. Make the aisle into a French arches

In the interior aisle, because the door does not need to be installed, the shape can be changed. After I saw many cases, I found that the following French arch is the best.

The cost of the French arch will not cost too much in terms of cost. You only need gypsum boards and woodworking boards. If the carpenter master has experience, it will be done by the ceiling. However, you must be at the scene, otherwise it is easy to turn over.

The key to the design of the entire arch lies in the semi -round shape. In principle, the radius of the arch is equal to one -half of the door hole is the most beautiful. This must be remembered.

6. Design the kitchen into an open style


If you look closely, you will find that many people now design the kitchen into an open style. Open kitchen, the biggest advantage is to increase the sense of space in the living room, and decorate an island platform in the location of the kitchen and the living room, which is not only beautiful, but also very practical.

Because the gas companies in each region are different, some people are not allowed even if they want to install an open kitchen. After all, the condition for the gas company to install gas is that the kitchen must be a closed space.

In fact, for these people, they want to have the exquisite open kitchen and the needs of the gas company. In fact, there are also design solutions. That is when installing the sliding door in the kitchen, while installing the hidden linkage door, the island platform is installed normally, and a three -link window is installed above the island.

In this way, you can usually open the link doors and windows to achieve many effects of open kitchen. However, the cost of this plan is relatively high. For those with insufficient budgets, you can also directly choose a hidden three -link or four links.

7. Establishing vertical shutters in the balcony

As the product of the past era, many people think that it is out of date. In fact, it is still out of date today. Of course, after reading a lot of pictures of Internet celebrity bloggers, I found that vertical shutters can really be used in the home improvement environment, and the effect is very high!

In the design plan of balcony curtains, most people are the first choice for “screen curtains”. It is undeniable that the curtain is also beautiful, but it is a bit inferior in front of the vertical goal. Especially when the light is good, the sun is hit on the vertical shutters, and the light and shadow will form. This scene is not an exaggeration to describe it at all.

Said at the end:

I have been dealing with home decoration, and I have discovered more and more. In fact, there is a reason for everyone to imitate net red decoration. However, most people are attracted by the face value of net red decoration. In fact, those Internet celebrity decoration design with practicality is the most worthy of our “copying”. (Original text in this issue, some pictures are derived from the Internet, the infringement is deleted)

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