You have a little flower to be checked, 19 steps, make a pink crystal flower

I saw a picture sent by a predecessor before I like this simple style and quickly make one while I have time.

Main materials: wax line 50cm × 4


Required tools: lighter

Production steps:

step 1:

Step 2:

The axis is taken (what is said on the picture, but after the actual operation, I found that if you take it to the last line, you can leave the thread on the left)

Step 3:


Make an oblique roll head head with a long header

Step 4:


Add the line (the one who circles the second step can be said to stay long)


Step 5:

Put the lines in order to hang the line


Step 6:

Purple is a shaft green winding and compilation of an oblique roll

Step 7:

Step 8:


As shown in the figure, a row of rolls

Step 9:

As shown in the figure, continue to curl

Step 10:

I think about this place, it should be a sparrow head, first, then down

Step 11:


This shot split should be two two -to -head rolls of the axial downward curls with the winding of the previous step.

Step 12:

Continue to roll down three

Step 13:


Continue to roll four

Step 14:

This is the two petals. Repeat it next 8-13


Step 15:

After editing six petals, the final axis passes through the gap of the first petal


Step 16:

This is the back (finally you can see the color difference) forming four lines on both sides

Step 17:


Tingle two or two relatives of the counter -oblique curl fixing


Step 18:


Ugly real body

Step 19:


Add a pink crystal beauty

Author: ArticleManager