Living room decorative sofa release art cushion cannot be a small sofa cushion cushion selection technique sharing

I want to choose a fabric cushion in the living room, but I don’t know what it looks like

Sofa agglomerate cushion

Well? The sofa in each family needs a cushion, but the material of the cushion is different. Different sofas need different cushions. The combination of sofas and cushions is also very important. When purchasing the sofa, you need to master it.

Fabric cushion selection skills

Well, what are the selection skills of the fabric sofa cushion?

Selection skills of sofa cushion cushion

客厅装饰沙发布艺坐垫不能少 沙发垫布艺坐垫挑选技巧分享

1. How to choose the length of each side of the fabric cushion of the sofa. Generally, about 70 sofas use about 90 fabric sofa pads, so there will be a vertical edge; if the sofa is single, it is generally used for 90 × 90 or 70 × 70 feet. Fabric sofa cushion.

2. Regarding the back and armrests of the fabric sofa, no matter which fabric sofa can be used as a pad, the back towels and handrail towels are common, and the general sofa is 90 × 90 or 70 × 70. How much look at the height of the back, the handrail is covered with 70 × 70.

客厅装饰沙发布艺坐垫不能少 沙发垫布艺坐垫挑选技巧分享

3. Look at the workmanship, but the current level of the sofa cushion market is different, there are great price differences, so the differences in workmanship and quality are also large. There is also a product with better quality, smooth surface. , Fine texture, printing, luster, uniform and smooth sewing.

4. When choosing a seat cushion, this depends on the quality of the fabric and the fabric lies in density, but whether it is cotton or cotton polyester, the higher the quality density of the fabric, the better the effect. There are also more comfortable fabrics and sponges, we choose not easy to deform spring. However, the quality of poor quality products is obviously thin, and it may occur in color difference, printing, and discoloration.

5. Press the size of the room. Small rooms should use smaller solid wood sofas or small fabric sofas to make the room larger space; the large living room is equipped with larger sofas and coffee tables, which is more convenient and comfortable; small rooms can choose the storage space under the sofa, which is convenient for convenience Take items and use it multi -purpose.

6. The fabric cushion can choose the mouth shape, that is, “Ningda is not small.” The cushion of the fabric sofa can only be large or small. If they are small, they cannot completely cover the fabric sofa. Therefore, they can only be correct or larger. If the size is large, you can insert them into the gap between the sofa to better fix the sofa. It has a non -slip effect.

Some people may not know much about

Fabric sofa cushion

客厅装饰沙发布艺坐垫不能少 沙发垫布艺坐垫挑选技巧分享

In short, the cloth cushion is simply a sofa cushion made of cloth. After art processing, it can achieve a certain artistic effect and meet people’s life needs. This type of sofa cushion has good breathability, strong non -slip, and easy to clean, which can play a good role in protecting the living room sofa. If you prefer the fabric cushion, it is recommended to decorate the living room sofa, pay attention to the above six o’clock

Sofa cushion cloth cushion selection skills

I believe it will be able to buy the right fabric cushion.

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