Liang Jing’s couple walked hands to the airport, and the couple coat easily became highlights.

Education and dressing are never too much.

Good clothing matching style is focusing on showing beauty, that is, to present beauty by perfectly presenting the beauty, so that the clothing matching is more refined. Each clothing is self -sublimation and experience. Matching is more charming.


In the matching of clothing,

The style of temperament style matching makes the clothing look different through the simple version and outstanding styles, and the charm of this match lies in the beauty and generosity. Through the basic style, the clothing makes the clothing more vibrant and shows the woman’s personality. Essence


Fashion should be liberation, not restraint.

“Couples of Guan Hu and Liang Jing couple”

Everyone knows that Guan Hu is one of the fifth -generation leaders in the director world. His works are sharp, vivid, and have a patriotic feelings and humanistic spirit. Whether it is “King Kong Sichuan” or “Eight Bai”, it has a good box office record, and His wife Liang Jing is also an actor. In the early days, she was a girlfriend with Ma Yizhen.

Liang Jing and Guan Hu appeared at the airport. The couple are now full of their children, and they are also the winners of life, and the big director is also increasingly famous.

The career is upwind, but the couple’s feelings have been stable for 16 years, which is rare.


In the matching of clothing, the most outstanding fashionable style and colorful matching method are adopted. The loose black coat is fashionable and fashionable.

Matching, tiger tiger tall, with slim

The style is even higher, but the flip shoes look unjustly. If it is leather shoes, it is better. And Liang Jing used to open the coat,

Highlight the style of dark blue inside, and it is even thinner.


“Liang Jing Coat Knowledge Point”

Knowledge point 1: Black coat versatile, but lack of highlights


The black coat is thin, but the aura is strong. For middle -aged men and women, black is a symbol of coolness, and it is also the mainstream of clothing matching. It will look monotonous. Fashion of matching.


The black in autumn and winter is the most afraid of no sense of layering.

In other words, the inside and outside are not coordinated, and the overall match does not have the charm of the deep sense and combination of combination, so generally do not deduct the button, unless it is a V -neck coat, and the beautiful appearance of the inside is matched. Overall a highlight.

Knowledge point 2: A short skirt inward to form a foreign minister inner short

The mixing of the foreign minister is used in the clothing more. Compared with the ordinary foreign minister, the general coat and the middle skirt are more matched, and through this method, it reflects the rate of person’s rate. And the dark blue inside is the middle skirt of the knee, which can highlight the advantages of the leg.

Key points: Proper exposure is a highlight of autumn and winter matching. It officially uses this highlight. Liang Jing let the matching will not be monotonous, which enhances the beauty and delicateness of the match. The inner skirt is high -end and beautiful, weakening the monotonous black.


“Liang Jing Overall Combat Appreciation”

First: suit with short BRA, proper Royal Sister Fan

The suit is the latest item for women’s looseness and accommodation, and it is also a full display of clothing.

Through this display, the clothing has an unlimited charm value, and also makes the matching different. The loose suit adopts a plaid style, has an elegant style, with a black suspender or a short BRA to make the clothing more charming. Essence

The inside is the best way for Yujie Fan, so the style of the inside,

The overall effect of the matching is determined. Through exquisite versatile style clothing, chain embellishment, exaggerated earrings and red lips, it is more attractive.

In fact, the most important thing of Royal Sister Fan is the prominent of long legs, so high boots and shorts are good matching styles, adding light to clothing, adding points to matching, and using the style of dew to achieve sexy purposes.

Second: short shirt with tube tops, more elegant hip skirts

Women’s skin is relatively dark, and black is the most white, so in the matching, Liang Jing prefers black clothing matching.

The inside is thin, the short shirt with the outside and the inner shape into the staggered beauty, add points to the clothing match.

Foreign Minister’s short -term is an elegant attitude, which is more suitable for girls with thinner calves, and the matching of the short -term internal length is suitable for girls with overall bones.

By formulating the most extreme beauty, add charm to clothing, highlighting the thinness and beauty of inside.

Third: badge -style coat with lace checkered skirt inside


In fact, the outer clothing and inside clothing materials can be different. Generally, the clothing inside uses a soft material.

The clothing coats are used to present exquisiteness. The clothing matching inside is used to create the strongest beauty.

Outside is a kind of temperament, and the inside is a soft presentation, weakened black jacket, refusing to bloated and wrapped. It is best to use the style of dew. Essence

Key points: badges and elements are actually a way to embellish and weaken black. This method of combination is actually the process of increasing visual highlights.


Summary: Every woman has a matching point, with clothing suitable for her skin and figure, so it is important to find their own style and find a single product that suits them. Always walk at the forefront.

Only when wearing black can I think. ——Leus Pu

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