Chongqing Rongchang launched the “Xiang Begonia” to build a public brand in agricultural products

On September 9th, the “Public Brand of Agricultural Products Regional Agricultural Products in Rongchang District” was held in Beijing. Chongqing Rongchang District will create a “fragrant begonia” agricultural product regional public brand with Rongchang Pork and Rongchang Braised Goose. In the future, Rongchang will take the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone and the first batch of agricultural quality and safety counties in the country as a platform to use brand strategy to accelerate the development of boutique agriculture. The person in charge of the Department of Market and Economic Information of the Ministry of Agriculture and the China Green Food Development Center attended the press conference and unveiled the “Xiang Beitang”.

“Begonia in the world has no fragrance, and the unique glory of Begonia is fragrant.” Rongchang, known as the “Begonia Fragrant Country”, is the core area of ​​the “Modern Animal Husbandry Demonstration Zone” determined by the State Council and is the city of Chinese animal husbandry technology. Rongchang has the eight major pigs in the world and the three major pigs in China -Rongchang pigs, which are internationally recognized as precious pig species resources. “Rongchang Braised Goose” has a century -old history, with 3 million Rongchang braised goose annual sales. Rongchang is the largest red tea export base in the country.

In recent years, Rongchang District has taken the National Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone and the first batch of agricultural product quality and safety counties in the country as a platform to implement brand strategies and accelerate the development of boutique agriculture. The “Xiang Beitang” agricultural product regional public brand has formed a “mother -child” brand model for regional public brands and corporate brands.

On September 9, Li Zhongwu District, the Government of Rongchang District, Chongqing City, made a special trip to Beijing to sell the “Xiang Begonia”. Li Zhongwu said at the press conference that in the future, Rongchang District will take the opportunity to implement the “Agricultural Brand Promotion Year” as an opportunity to enlarge the “Xiang Beitang” brand.


—— First of all, for Rongchang’s pigs, tea, stewed goose and other items, small size, many brands, and small influences, each is a phenomenon, and began in 2016. Since 2016, the district has vigorously promoted “Rongchang pigs” and “Rongchang braised goose”. , “Rongchang Black Tea”, the “Zi” public brands of single varieties of similar products, concentrated on marketing and promotion, and promoted the development of industrial clusters. It has achieved significant results. Among them, the brand value of the “Rongchang Pig” is ranked first in the national pig brand list of 2.509 billion yuan. It is also rated as the most popular Chinese agricultural product regional public brand in 2017.


—— Secondly, in order to ensure the quality of agricultural products, Rongchang will comprehensively create a national agricultural product quality and safety supervision demonstration zone. The total number of “three products and one standard” certification in the region will reach 183, of which 67 are identified by non -risk -free origin, and the number of non -public product certifications reaches 80 In this case, there are 36 green agricultural products certification, and 16 famous agricultural products in Chongqing have been fired, and well -known brands such as “Rongmu Rongchang Pork” and “Little Ronaldo Salon Goose” were cultivated.


——An third, Rongchang will continue to adhere to the concept of “ecological priority and green development”, combined with the characteristics of Rongchang industrial development, effectively integrate the two leading industries of pigs and Mazhu to form a “pig -marsh -bamboo (fruit, vegetable)” species. The combination of nourishment, the recycling economy under the hemps, and the comprehensive use of the three major circular economic models of bamboo shoots to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural product raw materials, and lay the foundation for the certification of agricultural products.


According to the relevant person in charge of the Chongqing Municipal Agricultural Committee, the “Xiang Begonia” agricultural product selection standards are very strict and must meet the following seven conditions: product quality meets the leading level of similar products in the city; products must have registered trademarks; enterprises must enter the quality and safety traceability system; Products must obtain “three products and one standard”, or through relevant certifications such as “old names”, Chongqing brand -name agricultural products identification, or obtain titles of famous trademarks, well -known trademarks; enterprises should protect the interests of farmers. In addition, if you have obtained the authorization of “Xiang Begonia”, if you have the right to transfer the title, sign or expand the title, and the scope of the use of the logo; if you defraud the right to use data such as falsely reporting data, the “Xiang Begonia” authorization will be revoked.

At present, Rongchang has authorized 10 companies including Chongqing Rongmu Food Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Baozi Food Co., Ltd. to use the “Xiang Haitang” brand.

On the same day, Rongchang District also held an agricultural brand and agricultural supply -side reform Rongchang Practice Forum. On the way, how to ensure safety, the purpose and significance of the brand, how to build regional public brands, how to combine the reform of regional public brands and agricultural supply side, Rongchang Changchang In -depth discussions on the future outlook of regional public brands.

Picture | Wang Yunfei

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