One-button start, three-in-one automatic water, three-story tea set launched new products

The ancients are boiled with tea, although elegant, but the use of various tea ceremony tools is very cumbersome. Modern us naturally need more modern drinking tea.

Today, I will recommend this three-in-one automatic water tea machine that has just been introduced shortly. It comes from the small domestic original tea set – three tea sets, not only very new Chinese charm, but also is simple enough and convenient. .

For the cognition of the three-story tea, it is the best in Xiaomi. It is true that each tea set of home products is really good, compared to traditional tea sets, the three-story tea set is more in line with the choice of the next generation.


They launched the three-in-one automatic water tea machine that launched the disinfection pot, purifier and electric kettle. This is for me, usually needs to place these three objects. Different places, quite occupied places, now only one three-in-one automatic water bubble tea machine can solve disinfection, pumping with tea, which saves a lot of place space.

We started from the disinfection pot. I believe everyone will drink tea as usual, there is a habit of disinfection of the tea cup. After all, it is inevitable that there will be some dust falling outside, so I need to use hot water every time I need.

This three-in-one automatic water bubble tea machine solves this problem, it has a disinfection pan, you can put the tea cup in it before use, and you can easily disinfect it. It is worth noting that this disinfection pan can also be used to store teacups to effectively avoid dust accumulation, and it is also cleaner.


Although the disinfection pan is not large, only about 6 small tea cups can be stored, but for everyday use, this is just just right.


Traditional three-in-one tea sets are more splicing, which is easy to loosen for a long time, and it is very no texture. To tell the truth, this is not very much in line with our small young choice.


The water head portion of this tea machine is a one-piece structure, and the base is seamlessly connected. The radiance is naturally smooth, not only more beautiful, but also eliminates the peasant performance when adding water.


The top of the upper water head is also treated with similar mirror plating, and it is also a touch of touch.

It is appropriate to use the simple design idea to apply on this tea machine. Its operation is simple, just press the water button to automatically rotate and add water. If the water is added, it will automatically rotate, and I am afraid of trouble, this is indeed a good experience.

The tea machine can achieve aesthetics and practical double effects both a pot mouth or a hand design.

Just take the pot, its long pot can be better to control the water flow during brewing tea, and there is a good performance when the water is turned off, and it will not drop it. The handle part uses the ergonomic design. In the actual use process, even if it is filled with a pot full of water, it will not make the user feel too heavy.


The inner wall of the kettle has adopted food grade 304 stainless steel, and there is no need to worry in terms of safety.


Its kettle has a small amount of kettle, only 850ml, especially suitable for two or three people drinking tea together, so that the capacity setting is also better, that is, the burning, it will not always let the extra water will be burnt repeatedly, which is more fresh and healthy.


Also because of small capacity, it is also very fast, it can burn a pot of water for about 4 minutes, and don’t wait too long when drinking tea.

In my opinion, the tea table culture is very important. If there is such a good-looking tea machine on the tea table, I believe this will be able to open a lot of topics.

In general, this kind of tea machine has a sense of design, and its three-in-one function has brought great convenience. It is indeed a good choice for people who love to drink tea. Everyone is What is this automatically on the blister tea machine, please tell me the message below.

Author: ArticleManager