In Sichuan and Chongqing, nothing cannot be solved by hot pot! Including the Spring Festival Gala

“Red Flower Lang · 2022 Sichuan -Chongqing Spring Festival Gala”

The countdown has been officially entered ~

Sichuan, Chongqing,

As the world’s two well -known hotpot teams,

There is such a sentence:

“Nothing cannot be solved by a hot pot,

Two meals in one meal! “”


So how much do people like to eat hot pot?

Someone rumors,

Sichuan -Chong people breakfast, lunch, dinner, dinner,


Birthday banquet, group dinner, and even winter solstice solar terms,

They are all eating hot pot!

Here we must formally clarify,

This! Contest! Reality! Yes! real! of!

We are just none! Spicy (hot pot)! Do not! joyous!

What do you want to say about Sichuan -Chongqing hot pot? Come to Sichuan Satellite TV and Sichuan to observe the official Weibo comment area (@快 快@Sichuan observation), actively participate in interaction!

You ask us why?

Let’s set up today!

Eating hot pot, that is the “ancestor” hobby!

In March of this year, a cultural relic unearthed from Samsung Dou

“Tao Three -foot cookingware”,

Treating the attention of netizens.

The “Tao Three -foot Cooler” is divided into two floors in the inside and outside,


The outer layer can hold the water, and the fire can be raw under the feet.

It looks similar to hot pot.

After seeing this cultural relic, some netizens said:

Sichuan hot pot, “ancestor” hobby!

In addition to the “Tao Three -foot Cook”,

“Tao Gao Bing Bean” is also a common pottery for Sanxingdui.

Experts speculate that it may be related to the lifestyle of Sanxingdui people.

During the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties, there were no more tables at the table,

Most people are sitting on the ground,

The height of this high handle is just right to sit on the ground and take food.


Eat “hot pot”, drink small wine,

It seems that the small days of Sanxingdui people are very suitable!

China’s hot pot capital, two Guinness World Records twice


As officially named by the Chinese Culinary Association

“China Hot Pot Capital”,

The 13th Hotpot Food Culture has been held in a row.

As early as 2000,

Chongqing has a diameter of 10 meters,

Giant hot pot that can accommodate 20 tons of base,

Successfully set a Guinness World Record,

The name of “the first pot in the world” is amazing all over the world!

At the hot pot festival in 2007,

89 hot pot companies set up 1.6 kilometers long hot pot banquet,

13612 “biggest hot pot banquet” that people eat together,

And successfully set the Guinness World Record,

The hot scene is amazing!

Sichuan -Chongqing hot pot has developed to this day,

The status of the rivers and lakes in the food industry cannot be shaken,

If Chongqing hot pot is handsome




Sichuan hot pot is fashion



They are all handle in the hot pot industry!


Mao belly, duck intestine, large knife waist tablets, beef liver, county liver, peaked tongue …

It is turned into delicious at the bottom of the tossing butter pot,

Dip in the oil dish and eat it in your mouth,

The spicy taste is instantly ignited the taste buds, and it is not afraid of spicy.


Jiugongge, shabu -shabu,

Slightly spicy, medium spicy, perverted,

Simple and luxurious new concept hot pot,

The immersive hot pot of fun scene,

The roadside hot pot with unique city fireworks,

Sichuan -Chongqing hot pot has reached only you can’t think of it,


The 2.0 era that has not been eaten!

Come on, whole hot pot!

The hot and enthusiastic of hot pot is the best in the life of the people of Sichuan and Chongqing



Bring the Spring Festival Gala Stage

It seems that it is also an indispensable beautiful scenery of the Spring Festival Gala. What new tricks will you play this year’s Spring Festival Gala hotpot?

According to the director group,

The “hot pot” elements will be used more perfectly,

There will even be a stage shape of giant hot pot,

The actor is boiling in the way of dance!


There are also changing face, spitting fire, etc.

More than a hundred actors form a wonder of hot pot together,

Visual impact is bursting,

The exclusive Bayu Nian tastes directly!

I heard that the stage of hot pot shape will change?

I really look forward to it!

Sichuan -Chongfeng family,

Enter the countdown!

What form will more than a hundred actors present a fiery scene on the giant hot pot stage?

The essential elements of hot pot, duck intestines, waist tablets

Will there be salt and taste to move to the stage?

What kind of hot pot show do you want to see most?

Quickly leave a message in the comment area to tell us!

In Sichuan and Chongqing, nothing cannot be solved by hot pot! Including the Spring Festival Gala

“Red Flower Lang · 2022 Sichuan -Chongqing Spring Festival Gala”


“Red Flower Lang · 2022 Sichuan -Chongqing Spring Festival Gala”



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