You swipe your card every day to enter and exit the access control. You know how to buy the best access control and wiring methods!

The “access control system” is in the field of intelligent architecture, which means the Access Control System, referred to as ACS. Refers to the permissions of the “door” is alert to the “door”. The access control system, also known as the entrance and exit management system, is an intelligent control system that enters and exit people in and out of personnel in and out. It replaces the traditional and tedious door guard work, which can achieve high -efficiency and high -tech modern management. The entry and exit permissions of the cardholder and the time for allowing in and out can be conveniently unified management. The details of all personnel’s in -in -in -in -entry and exit information, alarm information and other information are reflected in the management center in real time, and can be queried by all historical information.



The entry -exit access control safety management system is a new modern safety management system. It integrates the microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security management measures. It involves many new technologies such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology, and other new technologies. It is an effective measure to solve the import and exit of important departments. Applicable to various machines and departments, such as banks, hotels, parking lots, machine rooms, weapons, machine rooms, office rooms, intelligent communities, factories, etc.

The access control system has already surpassed the simple doorway and key management, and it has gradually developed into a complete set of access management systems. It plays a greater role in administrative management of the work environment and personnel attendance management.


Common access control systems are:

Use password certification access control systems, using non -contact IC card recognition access control systems, fingerprints, iris, palms, finger veins and other biometric access control systems.


The components are:

Access controller, card reader (identification instrument), electrical control lock, card, outbound button, door magnetic, power supply, card reader. The access control controller is the core part of the access control system, which is equivalent to the CPU of the computer. It is responsible for the processing and storage of the entire system input, the processing and storage of the output information, control, etc. The card reader (identifier) ​​reads data (biological feature information) in the card.




Electric control lock:

It is the execution component of the door lock door in the access control system. Users should choose different locks according to the needs of the door and the requirements of the door. There are mainly the following types:

(1) Electromagnetic lock: The door is opened after the electromagnetic lock is performed, which meets the fire requirements. And equipped with a variety of installation racks for customers to use. This type of lock is suitable for one -way wooden doors, glass doors, fire doors, and opposite electric doors.

(2) anode lock: anode lock is a power -off door type, which meets the fire protection requirements. It is installed in the upper part of the door frame. Unlike the electromagnetic lock, the anode lock is suitable for two -way wooden doors, glass doors, and fire doors, and it has a door magnetic detector that can detect the safety state of the door at any time.


(3) Cathode lock: The general cathode lock is an open door type, which is suitable for one -way wooden doors. The UPS power supply must be equipped with a cathode lock, because the yin lock is locked during power outages.


Several common ways to lock in the access control system

Different manufacturers, different products, and different environments in the access control system are not the same, but nothing more than the following methods.


1. The electric lock is directly connected to the special power supply of the access control system.


Solocent 2. The electric lock is directly connected to the host version of the access control system or on the door prohibition card reader.


3. The electric lock is connected to the access control lock board. The lock is connected to L+, L-or magnetic lock+, magnetic lock-upper.


4. The electric lock is connected to the front -end control of the access control controller or the access control controller.




Frequent access control system electronic control lock selection guidelines

Waterproof magnetic lock



As well as



Electromagnetic lock


3. Embedded electromagnetic lock


Smart anode lock



Catalot lock



, Frameless

Glass door lock




Buy the best access control lock


The earliest automatic doors are mostly implemented with access control electric locks. There are two types of dedicated and unspecific in the market.

1. Dedicated access control electric locks are electric locks designed for automatic door characteristics. Such locks can be applied to automatic doors of each label. The working principle is to send a letter by a sensor or access controller (such as a self -service card swiping machine) to send a letter Give the electric lock, the electric lock receives the signal first and then send the signal to the automatic door to open the door. Because the control unit of the lock and then the control unit is sent to the door controller to implement the door, this avoids the lock phenomenon caused by the door opening and the lock is not jumped away. Moreover, the control unit of the lock has a delayed output of the door opening signal function, so it is called a dedicated electric lock. The advantage of dedicated electric plug -in locks is that the difficulty of destructive opening doors is strengthened, and the difficulty of being forced to open the door is even more complicated.


2. Ordinary door -to -be -electric locks are also general electrical control locks. Such locks cannot delay output and open door signals. Only the access controller (sensor) can be sent to the door and unlock signal at the same time. Therefore Quick, the patch hit the unprepared lock and cause an automatic door failure (such as the condition of the door machine self -detection, the door, the card door, etc.). We often see that many reports that self -help banks lock people in people. Essence The access control lock is a relatively intelligent lock that can ensure our property and life safety through unique multi -faceted certification. The access control lock is a necessary product for the development of modern society. It is believed that the prospects of affirmation in the near future are bright.



Is it purchasing domestic electric locks or imported electric locks?

Imported electric locks are too expensive, and the purchase price must be nearly a thousand yuan. It is not possible to sell it in the hands of the user. Although the real imported electric lock, the technology is relatively mature, the product repairs are low, but the service is low, but the service is service, but the service is service, but the service is service, but the service is service, but the service is service, but the service is service, but the service is service. It is still a problem. Once there is a problem, foreigners say that your Chinese power is unstable and many other reasons, which are very troublesome. I suggest that you buy domestic locks. The price is much affordable, and most of them are Taiwan’s manufacturing technology (Taiwan is the main OEM base for foreign electric locks) and quality standards, and the difference is not much worse.



Is the electromagnetic lock or an electric lock port?

What kind of locks to be equipped depends on what do you have? Double open (can be opened inward or outside) glass door is best to use electric locks. The single -opening (only inward or only open) in the company is best to use a magnetic lock. The magnetic lock is also called an electromagnetic lock. The magnetic lock body is installed on the upper part of the door frame. Some people feel that it is not hidden. It is not beautiful. In fact, it is used in foreign countries. The use of magnetic locks abroad is more than electric plug -in locks, and the stability of the magnetic lock is higher than that of the electric plug -in lock, but the safety of the electric plug lock is high. The electric lock port is used in cooperation with mechanical locks such as door side and spherical locks. The safety is much lower, and the wiring is not convenient, but the price is cheaper. It is not recommended to adopt it. It is best to buy magnetic locks and electrical control locks in the community. Electric control lock noise is relatively large. Generally, the building intercom is equipped with an electronic control lock. Now there is also a quiet electronic control lock, which can be considered. However, no matter what locks are used, pay attention to rain. It is made by the lock and is easy to rust. This should be paid attention to. There is a kind of electric plug -in lock on the market. This lock can meet the requirements of the client’s power outage back door, but it does not meet the fire protection requirements. Unexpected trouble, so I still recommend it to customers.


Do you buy from the lock factory or to buy from the equipment supplier?

The price may be low to purchase electric locks from the lock factory, but the number of you purchased may not be able to get good prices and services. There is also an access control system controller. You find a company to buy. If there is a problem, it is difficult to handle the responsibility of each other. It is better to buy it from the suppliers of the controller. The manufacturers and suppliers of the controller generally do not directly produce electric locks, because the electric lock manufacturing industry does not belong to the electronics industry, but is a machinery, but is a mechanical industry, but is a machinery, but is a machinery. In the processing industry, they generally evaluate the quality of the electric lock factories through testing and trials. If it is good, the controller manufacturer generally uses an OEM to sell. Responsible.

twenty one

Basic purchase common sense of electric plug -in lock


First of all, the lock surface must have a metal luster, and there must be no obvious scratches. The current is about 300mA, and the action current is less than 900mA. After long -term power, the surface is slightly hot, but it is not hot. The power of the electric plug -in lock must be sufficient. After pressing it, the lock can be automatically bounced and powerful. It is best to conduct 4,000 interruption tests. Get up, it is deemed to be unqualified. Some engineers ask: Is it to buy two lines or multi -line electric insert locks? That’s it. The multi -line electric plug -in lock is controlled with a single -chip microcomputer. It is too hot and has a delayed control function and door magnetic detection function; the delay control function can adapt to the use of the door with poor springs. The door magnetic monitoring function can provide the real -time monitoring function of the door opening and closing state for the controller. Although you may not use these features, the grade of the quality and stability controlled by a single -chip microcomputer and the power lock -free power -controlled electric lock is not at a level. Therefore, it is recommended that you do n’t have to save a little money. The two -line electric plug -in locks are very simple. It is just an institution with a current -driven electromagnetic coil. The working current is large and the fever is severely damaged to a certain time.

twenty two

Basic purchase common sense of electromagnetic locks

The appearance must be exquisite, and the surface cannot be obviously scratched or rust. The key to the magnetic lock is to look at its ride to resist; this requires professional equipment to measure it, so only after installation It is not as normal as pulling, but it is important to pay attention to installing the electromagnetic lock body. Do not install it too tightly, otherwise it will affect the La Lai. When selecting locks, we must first distinguish between 90 degrees open door (one -way door) and 180 degrees open door (two -way door opening). The 180 -degree door opens must use electric plug -in locks. Control locks, cathode locks, glass door clamps, electric insert locks, etc. The closed doors are determined according to the weight of the door. The weight of the door is determined by the volume and material of the door. The bracket is selected according to the aesthetics, safety and convenience.

twenty three

So how to identify locks from various technical indicators?


Magnetic lock identification


The standard qualified magnetic locks generally provide two input voltage of 12V and 24V (the difference between a single coil and double coil). They choose and switch through the jumper. Judging the advantages and disadvantages of a magnetic lock, there are several ways:

twenty four

1. Look at the circuit board

The inferior magnetic locks can be judged from the circuit board. The inferior magnetic lock circuit board is printed rough and the layout is extremely simple. There is no voltage resistance (that is, a jam, generally two), and only one set of voltage input.


2. Resistance

First unplug the 12V and 24V switching lines of the magnetic lock (note: no need to power). Generally, there are 4 eternal columns (jump lines). Tested its red and black lines. good.

3. After power -on, the current measuring current value

After the magnetic locking 12V voltage is measured, the current value is measured. The magnetic lock of 280kg (600 pounds) is generally 400-450 mAh. It is not enough to pull the force if it is less than 450 mAh; if the voltage of 24V is passed, the label or actual value should be 200 mAh.


4, insulation value

The qualified magnetic locks of the lock body should be infinite, and the specific value should be above 50 trillion ohm; the specific test location is the intercept steel and the lock output line (any).


5. The verticality of the cutting piece

In principle, the cutting steel sheet should be as much as possible to touch or stain with the hand. The more standard the vertical and parallelism of the qualified magnetic locking steel sheet, the better. There must be an oxidation marks on the cut -off steel sheet.

6. Incill

The colloid of the magnetic lock cannot appear bubbles. It should be flat and neat, without cracks, and the angle is square.

7. The distance between the steel cutting sheet

The thickness of the main concern should be the best in the thickness of 0.35mm. At present, more on the market uses 0.5mm cutting steel sheets; the more closely arranged the steel sheet on the lock body, the better. Do not have an osmotic phenomenon in the arrangement.


8. No residual magnetic

Generally, the locks of the magnetic lock are made of pure iron, but most of the locks are 99%of pure iron, so it must have the function of removing magnetic function, equipped with protruding rubber pads to play a buffer role, and there is a residual magnetic device. The lock will reduce the tensile force of about 35 kg; if 99.9%pure iron products are used, the residual magnetic production can be basically eliminated without the need to prevent the residual magnetic device, and the tensile force is sufficient.


9, 4007 diode

Special refers to the lock that does not indicate the light and signal output, which generally adds this diode crystal at the positive and negative pole of the lock. Extremely wrong or impact access control machines.


10. Process processing of locking shell

The lock shell is generally oxidized or oxide, especially oxidation sandblasting, and fine sand is the best. The brushes are neat and uniform, and the shell steel body cuts flat.

11. High and low pressure


When low pressure, the lock can still work, but the tensile force is reduced; the lock experience is hot during high pressure. At this time, the temperature rise should be paid attention to. Essence


12, acidity test


Oxidation occurs after 45 minutes of good locks, and generally oxidation is generally oxidized after 45 minutes of locks. In addition, the lock body can be soaked in the water, and it can be black within 24 hours.


13, smoothness


Drops small water on the lock body intercepting steel sheet to observe whether its flow is smooth and whether the water is dragged.

14, lock body electroplating

Note that the electroplating quality of the corner of the lock body is not available in the corner of the lock body.

15. Output line

The two cores are a signal -free output lock, and the five cores are detected for the door position.


Electric plug -in identification

There are two types of electric plug -in locks and magnetic induction, and the beads basically withdrawn from the market. Judging the quality of a magnetic induction electric plug -in, there are several aspects:

1. The diameter of inserting the tip

It is appropriate to take 15-16mm

2. High and low pressure

Electric insert locks can generally work between 10V-18V. Individual manufacturers also achieve 28V. Power supply to the lock body can be continuously pressed to test its high voltage value. Test its temperature rise at high voltage, not exceeding 20, not more than 20 Degree, generally can be measured in about 5 minutes. The lock consumes a lot when starting, and the power consumption is reduced by more than half.






As well as

3. Working in the opposite direction of the electric plug-in lock, when the tip is moved up, it is better to listen to the sound of its sound, and it is bad; it is required to withstand the lower pressure weight of 500-1000g.




4. Recovery power


Apply 200-300G to the middle position of the pop-up tip (the direction of the force is the vertical direction of the tip), the inserting tip must work normally; you can shoot the lock with the hand, test the pop-up flexibility and recovery of the plug tip, Essence


5. Guide

It plays a guiding role at the exit of the insertion; it has played a guiding role; and observe whether the insertion tip is inclined and biased.

6. Broken magnetic circuit


When the magnetic film of the main lock is removed, the locks must be kept motionless (the distance between the moving away must be greater than 5cm). This method is used to test the working situation of the lock of the magnetic time. As long as the inferior locks are separated by a thick paper in the magnetic circuit, the lock can be caused (retracting the insertion).


7. The feedback line of lock


2 Cores are locks that are divided into a wireless circuit board or no start -up current and standby current, only the positive and negative power line; the 3 core is to add a lock detection outside the positive and negative power line (generally NO, share the negative electrode ground line) ; 5 cores are added with a set of locks or door position detection outside the positive and negative power line (one set is three lines, NO, NC, COM); 6 cores are 5 cores Grounding end); add a set of door position detection (3 lines) and a set of lock position detection (3 lines) for the 8 cores; 10 cores add a set of groups on the basis of 8 cores to add a set of groups Switch.

8. Temperature fuse

The lock that does not have the temperature fuse When the temperature rises to a certain value, it will cause the lock to be burned or causes greater consequences, and the lock with the temperature fuse can interrupt the power supply of the lock electricity at a certain value; this kind of temperature There is a type of fuse, one is a normal fuse. This fuse must be replaced after dissolving, and the other is with reset function. After interruption, you can return to normal after waiting for a certain time.


9, switch signal

The switch signal is generally a passive signal, but the passive signal is easily disturbed, so there is a switch signal with light coupling function.

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