How much is the watch to change the battery? How often does the quartz watch battery change?

Before buying a watch, it is difficult to choose a watch, so entanglement; after buying the watch, it is difficult to repair the watch. What should I do if I don’t worry? It’s really sad to get through.

As we all know, the watch maintenance industry has always had problems such as “re -sale light repair” and “heavy business and light service”. In fact, these are caused by the lack of regulatory mechanisms such as service specifications, qualification certification, and quality control. There is only one sentence to say about this, don’t smash the pot because of a mouse shit.

Brand after -sales -wait for a thousand years


When choosing a maintenance watch, the first choice is definitely the brand after -sales. It is easy to understand this principle. The children they have given to themselves have the supply of some parts to repair some parts and some methods of oil washing and oil.


But there are three main problems after the brand after sales:

First, the construction period is too long. It may be too much to be repaired, or it may be that the cycle of ordering a certain part is too long. Normally one month or one and a half months can be obtained, sometimes the time is longer.

Second, the cost is high. Generally, the maintenance price of the brand is relatively expensive. Tissot watches that are priced at thousands of yuan are examples. The full service does not include polishing, that is, the cost of oil washing maintenance is 900 yuan, which is one -fifth of the value of a Tissot watch. Some high -level brands are also available for thousands of dollars at a time.

Third, it is not maintained everywhere in the country. We often listen to sales and say that this brand is global insurance. But in the country, Beijing, the two cities in Shanghai are the most, and there are several first -tier cities in other regions. Many customers need to entrust dealers to send back to urban maintenance, and the cycle will be longer. Some do not even have dealers, and they can only run the road to repair by their own way.


All three problems exist objectively. Therefore, in many cases, customers will choose some places to repair watch shops because of these troubles, but often they happen to hit the muzzle. Some profits are short -term watchmakers with a short and shallower, and they are half -pounded. They are cheated to make money by some small means.


Scene reconstruction

Here I can share an instance with you.

A cousin shop entered some inferior batteries. Customers brought a good watch, they asked for a high price. It should have been replaced with a original genuine battery, but their watches for customers have been put on inferior batteries, and they promise to go for 2 years. If you have any questions, you can come.


The inferior battery is definitely not enough to walk until 2 years, or even half a year. At this time, the customer will definitely find them, and they prepare another set of rhetoric, saying that there is a problem with your movement. It may be dirty, oil washing, or a certain circuit board is broken, you need to change it. Then he asked the customer for a sum of money. I heard whether there was any sigh of shaking my head here -hey!

Otherwise, this kind of shop can’t make money, so he can’t wait to pick you up for the first time.

There is also a method of strengthening and strong repair. It is obviously that the battery is not powerless. The “unscrupulous watter” will be old with parts or wheel teeth. It needs to be replaced to make customers hook up step by step. At this time, if consumers are unwilling to replace, then the watchmaker will break the watch. I still want to go on the “thief boat”, which is just a slaughter.

Editor’s message

It is not recommended to replace the battery by the watch.


Although the tutorial editor can also be given, but for the watch changing the battery, if you just want to use it to practice your hands, then you can find some cheap batteries and so -called tools in a certain treasure. Repeatedly jumped with failure, you will always find the one that suits you.


But what Xiaobian saw, more, the back cover was messy, and it could not be opened to repair; otherwise it was opened, but it could not be used to repair it. Ah comrades.

So limited to practice. More importantly, you cannot determine the true and false batteries purchased on a treasure. It is also a real battery, and it also has a guarantee period. If the battery is exceeded or the battery is close to the insured period, the dealer will be sold lower than cost.

Generally, the watch battery is a silver oxide battery. Some of the low prices are not the silver oxide battery but a lithium battery. It should not be replaced in the watch movement. The life span is short and the voltage is unstable, which is easy to damage the movement. With the battery that exceeds the guarantee period, the capacity is insufficient, and there will be a problem of battery drum leakage. The battery leakage is seriously unavailable in the lineplate of the entire movement.

The watch looks like a simple thing to replace the battery, but to achieve the wild goose, there are no traces as much as possible, or there are few traces. It also requires experience and technique. After the switching watch is covered, the waterproof watch must ensure waterproof, and the necessary vacuum waterproof test instruments must also be tested.

Wen Dao has a successive attack, and the surgery industry has special attacks. The watchmaking is a relatively strong type of work, so Xiaobian still suggested that all cousins ​​do not use their own love watch to do experiments to avoid saving a little cost to cause greater losses.

And now you will find that the watch shop is decreasing year by year, not only because of the exposure of the scandal, but the most worth mentioning is that consumers’ own self -identification and awareness of the awareness increase, which has caused some unscrupulous merchants to become more and more unable to survive. I had to “wash my hands in the golden basin” silently. It is a big action of the entire big waves. If everyone believes in the editor, Xiaobian will carefully study the reliable and trustworthy watch maintenance service center for everyone to explore the way for everyone.

Focus on maintenance, authoritative evaluation, understand watches, and talk more about funds. You just need it, I can just give it, I hope this article is still helpful to you today, I am a five princess!

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