World of Warcraft: The T -shirt day is missed, and it doesn’t matter. Seven limited shirts are sold again

The day before yesterday was the free T -shirt day of the small holiday. I introduced seven shirts that can only be obtained by free T -shirt days. However, many friends may miss them because there is no time to go online. These shirts are illuminated.

This businessman is a red -haired fox man in Treasure Bay (42.74). It was just added to the game yesterday.

魔兽世界:T恤日错过了也没关系 七件限定衬衣又有商人出售了

In his store, you can buy seven free T -shirts on the price of free T -shirts at a price of 500 gold coins. Of course, these shirts of free T -shirt day can be collected for free:

魔兽世界:T恤日错过了也没关系 七件限定衬衣又有商人出售了

Although the Treasure Bay is full of large and small houses, this fox man is still very easy to find. First of all, find this hanging big fish, and then the second floor of the house next to the big fish is:

魔兽世界:T恤日错过了也没关系 七件限定衬衣又有商人出售了

Although I introduced the appearance the day before yesterday, I still post it again.

Selis’s silk shirt, this shirt man’s character is flat and unpretentious, female characters are amazing:

魔兽世界:T恤日错过了也没关系 七件限定衬衣又有商人出售了

Tirio’s shirt, high -definition heavy version of the silver Northern Expedition Army:

魔兽世界:T恤日错过了也没关系 七件限定衬衣又有商人出售了

Tia short -sleeved short -sleeved shirt, high -definition reconstructed Kenreto shirt:

魔兽世界:T恤日错过了也没关系 七件限定衬衣又有商人出售了

She Qian’s cloth shirt:

Gilder’s round neck shirt:

Sylt’s baby:

Jade’s cute shirt:

These seven are new shirts added to the T -shirt day. In addition, those shirts shot from the gunners can be bought in a businessman store that existed very early.

Old Dalaran’s destiny silk line (45.48) sells various colored military shirts, golden shirts, golden silk tights, and embroidered shirts.

First aid stores (36.37) sell wounded coats (below) and anticorrosive coats (with stains on the bandage below).

魔兽世界:T恤日错过了也没关系 七件限定衬衣又有商人出售了

Blizzard City (57.66) or Ogruima (60.60) Bojia merchants sell various beautiful shirts.

So even if the free T -shirt day the day before yesterday, it doesn’t matter. These beautiful shirts can be started, as long as a small amount of gold coins.

Author: ArticleManager