Come to a knitted cardigan in autumn! Gentle and elegant, practical and versatile, which is like spring breeze

In the hot summer, it is about to end in a blink of an eye. As the temperature gradually decreases, the early autumn is inadvertently. The most troublesome time for girls in the season is to wear it. After all, climate change items and matching must follow the season. There are many styles in the early autumn, often dazzling beauty girls. If you are worrying about what you wear, you may wish to have a knitted cardigan in the autumn, gentle, elegant, and practical and versatile. Let’s take a look!

1. Covered cardigan style and color system


The cardigan with knitted materials is comfortable, the upper body effect is gentle, and it can be called a gentle item that combines the value and comfort. With the development of fashion, the knitted cardigan style and color systems have become more important. It is important to choose the right style and color system.

The haze blue rippling cardigan version is smooth, which is very suitable for women with slender upper body. They can outline the body curve. The color of the cardigan is elegant, the simple design is easy to improve the temperament. With white pants, the gentleness is further improved.


The rose cardigan is graceful, and the haze blue short shirt with hollow knitted material becomes playful and sweet. At the same time, the cardigan elements are enriched. The tube top is sweet and sexy in the early autumn.


Depending on the length, the knitted cardigan can be divided into short, medium and long models. Short single wearing or overlapping wear is very suitable, and the practicality is very powerful. Because the short version can easily raise the waistline and concave the long legs. It is very friendly to the little man, with retro jeans, which is beautiful and gentle.

The slightly loose Chinese knitted cardigan is a good helper for stacking. The combination of goose yellow basic shirts, gentle, waxy and playful and sweet, Korean college is full of style.

In terms of color selection, if you want to wear gentleness and texture, you can give priority to choosing low -saturation color systems, such as avocado green, light purple, smog blue. For older women, elegant and stable khaki, brown or brown or brown or Basic black is a good choice.


Gentle color system combines soft glutinous needle weaving materials in the age of age, and it is definitely the first choice for 30 -year -old women to improve their temperament.

Taro purple V -neck sweater with a floral slit skirt, with a clear layer and a clear layer. The same color Breda hat echoed the knitted cardigan, the shape is foreign and elegant.

Second, knitted cardigan wearing diverse


As a essential gentle item for early autumn, the knitted cardigan is very diverse, and the simplest foundation of wearing alone can improve or use it as an inner match to enhance the sense of hierarchy.


The first is to wear a single. When wearing a knitted cardigan, it is best to choose a more slim -fitting version when wearing it. It can better outline the body lines of women’s upper body. Elegant retro is thin. Both skirts or jeans are gentle and fashionable.

When wearing it, it is best to choose a loose version of the knitted cardigan. The shirt and T -shirt are playful and gentle, and the proper street fashion fairy!


In Korean wearing, medium or medium -long cardigan often uses stacked tips with T -shirts or shirts to easily improve the layered sense of overall shape. If you want to dress softly and glutinous, goose yellow, beige or white.

In addition to being used as an outer, weaving cardigan can also be used as a suit. The gentle cardigan can neutralize the wide and sharp sense of the suit, so that it can reach the balance state and make the early autumn shape comfortable.

Third, knitted cardigan is versatile and practical, trousers and skirts are casual

Knitwear is both practical and versatile, whether it is trousers or skirts casually.


The basic color knitted cardigan is stacked with white T, and the blue denim straight pants are concave up with long legs, gentle and temperament; diamond -shaped knitted cardigan single wear with black workpieces, diamond -shaped patterns break the dullness of black, fashionable and accumulated.

When wearing a knitted cardigan with jeans, it is best to choose a V -collar cardigan and high -waisted jeans to create a short and long -lasting long legs. The small men must not miss it.


In addition to pants, weaving cardigan can also combine various short skirts or high -waisted long skirts. The former is playful and agile, and the latter is elegant. If you do n’t know what to wear in the early autumn, you may wish to start a knitted cardigan. It is strong and practical, gentle and soft!


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