The “bear hat” in winter is getting hot! Keep warm and cute, fast street


Frozen overnight

It’s really an endless. The wind in the morning makes my brain cold. It is a bit unable to carry it. It seems that the hat and scarf are time to arrange it.


Big data is probably the metaphysics. Every time I think about what I recommend, I am shocked when I brush all kinds of apps!

Excuse me


How does a bear scarf hat be unified nationwide?

Why do so many people wear it recently?

Wait, it seems a bit familiar … this is not last year




Is the little bear hat that has been searched!


Good guy, fashionable is really a closed loop, go around


Turn a fire again


U1S1, this kind

Cute love has no head

I liked me the most! If it wasn’t for the winter in Guangdong last year, it is estimated that I would take it home long ago

So this issue will give you Amway

3 must -have hats in winter

, Keep warm coefficient five stars! Come and look at it

The bear hat is also a scarf hat,

The wrapping is super strong, convenient and warm,

It is a well -deserved popular king ~

Bear Hat

Student Party and office workers

It’s really practical, some upgrades even attached gloves, which is very intimate!

Wear it on the road to commute,

Cold -blocked wind

Power -level great

Wearing photos is also particularly available


, It’s easy to play!

Buying ordinary money is too flat, there is no strangeness,


The one with a little shape is more eye -catching.

See, Jin Zhenni almost replaced the scarf on Taobao with almost all the covers the cover of the same model.

This bear’s head fire!

If you want to have a personality, you can pick other things

Special point

The modeling model, reduce the possibility of collision money

The house is watching the drama wearing it,

Never lose warmth to baked stoves

, Sisters can give it at Christmas

Big pork hoof


Also send one, the beautiful winter together ~


Although the bear hat seems to be a bit a bit of a stem on the street, it still cannot stop the lazy people love it.

Warm up


What else do you want?

The lamb hat is




It’s also a hot model this year. Last time I went to Chongqing to play with it,



The most recommended style to start with you

Pot hat/fisherman hat model

A comparison

Don’t pick your face if you are good at control


The wide hat is also particularly small!

The versatile index is also super high, how to match it with its own styling, how to look good,


Sweet and salt

If you don’t want to be too dull, you can try it

Bright colors, tie -dye, animal pattern, splicing elements


The model adds a little activity to the entire look

If the head and small face are small, the skull top distance is OK, choose


Duck tongue hat


It can be more prominent, and the sweetness and coolness are also very sufficient ~

As a seasonal limited item,

To keep warm, of course, no need to say,


Lambskin jacket

, Don’t mention the poultry!

The last thing I want to say is the grandma hat, you should have guessed yes

Knitted hat



To tell IU, this one is really a bit like my grandma. It seems that the fashionable and keen is, or the elderly win!

This kind of popularity in the past two years

Round hat


The style, Han Lihan’s spirit, is very street feeling! However, people with round faces and big heads are not very friendly

I feel like Dongmei

The slightly pointed model of the hat is better controlled

, Not only can it be visually raised to the skull top distance, but also the effect of modifying the face shape


As long as the head circumference is right,

Round face baby and bangs star

Can also be stable to live


Want to be thinner? Then choose to be more exaggerated

Pointed cone


Let’s also increase your mind by the way

The big head star does not have to always be tangled with conventional cold hats, this


It’s also very beautiful, it is more comfortable to wear,

The concave shape is not lost

If you are tired of the solid color, you can also learn the sisters of Zheng’s sister sauce.


However, the hat is fancy, the clothes should be more appropriate and simple, after all, simple matching, beautiful beauty


After reading this article, is your desire to buy again? Anyway … I am!


The hat is still very good in winter


Yes, not only can warm the small brain, but also add points to the shape


The most straightforward reason: this way I can

Lazy do not wash your hair



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