Do you have been planted by the “warm and cold combination” that the tide man loves?

Color cotton clothing+denim shirt+corduroy casual pants


Shoes: wild sports shoes


We always say that we have no highlights when we wear. In fact, you can use some matching skills in the dressing, and the final effect will be very different!For example, the “warm and warm combination” that people love this tide: the upper body chooses a blue -gray stitching cotton jacket.; Inner choice to wear a light blue denim shirt that belongs to the cold color, it will not look too exaggerated, but also echo the blue part of the cotton jacket; choose a neutral black cord chlorophytic pants, the lower body,Both are versatile and dirty; the shoes can choose a gray sneakers; and the “warm and cold combination” of this set of wear is to choose an orange -yellow knitted hat, which is embellished with a knitted hat, as if to this coldThe winter brings a little warmth.

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