How many people have raised the Cat, I found that this cat is not the legendary thing.

Cats have always been a popular variety in pet cats


High quality, good character, large body, hair and soft, quiet, very stunned,

Every time I see the Cat, don’t I think this kitten meets your fantasy in your pet? If the wallet is not allowed, it is not allowed, I am afraid I like a small animal to want to raise a cockroach cat.

Let’s talk about how much “aura” on the bull’s cat.

Adult post can be reached so much


, The body is very soft, plus gorgeous hair, just like holding only cloth dolls.

The character is very good, they have a strong ability to reluctantly, as if the natural feelings do not feel pain, even if the owner accidentally stepped on it, it will not be 吭.

When you play with the owner, you will not stretch the flop, especially sticky people, typical “one touch”, the master will hit the hair.

Like quiet, the character is quiet, will not be a big noise call to affect people’s rest; very timid, no sense of security, need to be with the owner.

This is more cold in this point than a cold look, and it is true that the shovel is favored by the shovel. They also have clear eyes clear eyes, very high titles and very high IQ, can understand the master’s simple instructions.

How many people’s “dreams” is this!

Of course, if you want to raise a cockroach cat, many people will tell you where to raise the cat’s cat, including

The hair is very serious, the cockroaches are not good, often diarrhea, the cockroaches have congenital heart disease. Buying a cockroach cat is not the most expensive raised cat cat is the most expensive, and the energy paid in the Cat Cat is more than a few times more than the ordinary cat.

After understanding these, I prepared the above to raise a cockroach cat.

How many people find it that it is not that the money is not so much at all?

The first is the value of the value, most of the shovel is going to the color of the cockroach cat, “the long-term sweet and lovely, the fairy is fluttering” is a knowledge of the color of the Cat.

But I really raised the cockroaches to discover,



The photo on the photo can also account for one tenth, and the cockroaches have a embarrassment period, and it is true, ugly.

Moreover, the burst of the cockroach is in winter, the fantasy worship, unless you just bought it, you can buy one more than eight months, otherwise you can only wait a winter again.

Cabc cat does stick to people, some wickets are always around you, sometimes stumbling. But they are not good to implement,

If you have been going to go, it will struggle to give you a foot.

When the Cat is afraid, you don’t know what it will do what you can do. Let it stay in a room, it will make but not limited to:

I squatted at the door to keep the little ears waiting for the movie outside, and kept the door, screaming the door, worried that the shovel did not know that he had time to wait for it.

Some calm cats are toned to the priority of the ticky eggs.


Go to the kitchen to eat, squatting trash can, biting wire data line headphone cable, lying on your computer keyboard, don’t move, lying on the floor, I don’t understand what you said, I want to drag. “This sentence is especially good at hiding cats, can hide you unexpected place.

As for this personality in An An, if it wants something, you don’t give it, try to talk to it, it can give you a long story.

The final result is to shovel the official compromise, the kitten wants to go to the mandrel when you want the things you want.


Cabc cat does drop a lot of hair, but in general, it will not cause the cat’s full day. Because the Cat is a long-haired cat, when you come to the cat, you will find how much hair in your hand, but it is the place where it is often hidden, so it is hygienic on the cat. Still very good.

The stomach problem of the Cat cat doesn’t need to be too worried, and their stomach is weak than the other cats, but it is “glass stomach”,


From small to the big wrapper cat, usually pay attention to the diet, separated from three different five-use probiotics to regulate the stomach, choose the right cat food and pay attention to the selected food, usually do not catch cold, it will not be so easy to get sick.

Each cat has the characteristics of each cat, the Cat is actually a cat, it also has its joys and sorrows, not all the natural temperament, nor all the high-quality high quality.

Under the variety of gauges, we can’t have a “perfect pet” expectation to them. Because you have this expectation, when you find it, it is not as good as you think, it will inevitably produce an idea that you don’t want to raise.

Every cat is a little cute in his eyes, it is the best!

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