There is a winter skirt, “Rose Purple” wool skirt, which is not vulgar and beautiful.

I believe everyone wants to have a winter skirt, so let’s see what winter skirts worth buying.


This dress uses a V -neck design to modify the neck lines. The neckline is decorated with a bow and lace, adding a bit of sweet atmosphere. The middle and long version of the cut can show the graceful posture of women. The simple and atmospheric round neck design is more elegant. With cashmere material, it is comfortable and warm.

V -neck casual wool skirt European and American women’s clothing 2019 new femininity versatile sheep dress L0444

This dress is made of wool, which feels soft and delicate. The mid -length version design, the upper body is thin and tall. The mid -length skirt body modifies the slender and slender legs. The waist drawing tie is decorated, which enriches the sense of layering. The collar design of the drawstring shows the charm of the elegant and intellectual temperament of women.


19 Winter fashionable elegance, comfortable skin -friendly wool POLO pumping rope in long dress

This dress uses a color -fighting design to break the dullness. The lantern sleeve modifies the arm lines, raising their hands to show elegant temperament. The pockets on both sides of the clothes are decorated, rich in overall shape, and have both beautiful and practicality. The knitting texture at the cuffs is highly feminine and more feminine.

19 autumn and winter new fashion blogger style! Morandi Blue Blue Soft Wool Lantern sleeve knitted dress

This dress is made of wool, which is comfortable and warm. V -neck design modifies the neck lines, setting off the face shape. The red bow is decorated with the body, adding a little playfulness. The middle and long model cut, the upper body is thin and tall. The fold treatment of the skirt is more elegant and romantic, and it is elegant.


Autumn and winter skirt 2019 new Korean version of fashion temperament red V -neck medium long wool dress source manufacturer

This dress uses a semi -high -necked design to modify the neck lines. The straight version is cut, and the upper body is thin and covered with tall. The design of the split on both sides of the body adds a bit of elegance. Wool knitted material, soft and comfortable feel, wearing skin -friendly warmth. The cutting of the hem is more elegant in walking.

Half -neck straight dress dress autumn and winter large size women’s clothing wool dress long sleeve bottom skirt knitted skirt split


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