This is a spring dress suitable for 35 -year -old women. Simple matching creates a sense of high -level, and the ocean is reduced.

After a woman is 30 years old, she should be more mature in dressing, so as to show our own sense of charm. Therefore, in terms of wearing, the color of the bleach should not be selected as much as possible. Choose some simple color system, which is really full of high -level sense.


It’s coming soon, how to wear clothes has become a problem for our girls, and friends who are 35 years old will definitely have such troubles. In the next few matching, everyone may wish to try. Essence

1. The matching of long skirts


After all, it is still a bit cool after all. Wearing a long skirt is just right. Long skirts can not only protect our legs, but also elegant. I do n’t know what color to choose. The black long skirt must be the first choice.

Black is a classic color, so it can be matched with fat or thin, and the long skirt will also be very figure. It is really good with a sweater or something.


Speaking of the combination of long skirts and sweater, if you feel that spring is still a bit cold, the coat can also be worn. Of course, the long coat is the most suitable choice. It matches the skirt. Cold, after arriving at the company, take off the jacket, whether it is inside or the whole, who depends on who says it looks good.

Second, the matching of trousers

In addition to skirts, pants are also one of the necessary options for our lives. Now it is very popular with loose pants. The black style is also very thin, and the loose version helps us to modify the leg shape. With a white shirt, it is very It is a bit of a high -end white -collar fan, and the aura is still atmospheric.


There are many kinds of pants. In fact, black pants with light colors will look good. The white shirt is added with a suit jacket, and it is elegant in leisure, so those who like to take this style can also try it.

Third, coats to run

It is time to prepare a piece without a coat. The coat is really too much. What kind of matching can be put on the coat, the long coat can increase a lot of temperament.


The coat can also show different visual effects according to the matching inside, cool wind, casual style, full of fashion, and high -waisted leather shoes can try, which will bring you different surprises.


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