ICOM IC705 stainless steel black plating treatment antenna base MK-75V2 sale

Japan Kanagawa ham center, ICOM IC-705 stainless steel black plating treatment antenna base “MK-75V2” is available, can be installed simultaneously with the dedicated bracket “MBF-705”.

Kanagawa Ham Center Co., Ltd., Kanagawa Yokohama, Hong Kong South District, will ICOM HF / 50/44 / 44MHz frequency band full mode portable “IC-705” simple installed black plating stainless steel antenna base station “MK-75V2” as the store Original goods, the product will be scheduled to be scheduled on February 1 and started from April.

ICOM IC705不锈钢黑镀处理天线底座MK-75V2发售

This product is connected to both ends of the BNC connector on the RG-58 / U coaxial cable, and adjusts the angle of the base by the butterfly screw, the radio body can be tilted, priced at 5000 yen (including tax) (

RMB: 312 yuan

ICOM IC705不锈钢黑镀处理天线底座MK-75V2发售

), Free shipping for free in Japan.

In addition, “The ‘MBF-705′” “Coaxial Cable Cable by the owner is carefully welded by the owner”.

The original commodity of the Kanagawa Ham Center has affinity with the IC-705, implemented the IC-705 of the gold-plated treated treatment of black gloss with stainless steel antenna base “MK-75V2”

In the center of the Kanagawa Ham, the same institution’s antenna base platform “MK-75” has been sold, and huge response is caused by IC-705 users (reported on November 9, 2020).

This time, refer to the sound emitted by the user, develops and manufactures the thickness of 3mm stainless steel antenna base “MK-75V2”,

ICOM IC705不锈钢黑镀处理天线底座MK-75V2发售

Black extinction gold plating treatment.

The improvement points are as follows:

ICOM IC705不锈钢黑镀处理天线底座MK-75V2发售

1 is also suitable for “MBF-705” installed on the installation of IC-705 dedicated table lamps.

2 Apply black extinction gold plated to make it high-level and IC-705 affinity.

3 Avoid the rubber sleeve of the SD throttle.

4 Coaxial cable (RG-58 / U) and connector (BNC type and m-type) used in connection with Japanese manufacturing.

ICOM IC705不锈钢黑镀处理天线底座MK-75V2发售

Using butterfly screws can not only be easily adjusted, but it is easy to hand unloading, one of the best projects that are best for mobile applications.

ICM IC-705 special table light “MBF-705”. This is a structure that can be used even if the camera installed with the IC-705 bottom is used with tripod holes and AMPS Hall mode.

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