Tea pet will discolish, what is the principle?

Tea pet is discolored, because uses special materials, under normal temperature, tea pet color, smooth, and after contact with high temperature, the special thermal (resin) material of tea pet will be hot, resulting in color change And after cooling, it can restore the initial color, depending on the material, the change varies in color.

What is tea pet?

Tea pet refers to pets nourishing with tea, or the tea is playing, the tea pets can be divided into several categories: purple sand, china, metal, Shoushan stone, resin, etc.

Among them, it is common in purple sand tea.


Applying tea soup with tea with tea with tea, drinking tea soup, dripping directly, long-term teenage, tea pet will be warm, tea is overflowing.

For example: golden, 貔貅, elephant, wishful feet, gold pig, child boy, lychee, etc.

Why is tea pets discolored?


At the same time, there is a colorish tea pet. After using hot water, it will turn into different colors, and then the cooling can be restored to the initial color.

In fact, this is because of the materials that will change in the tea pet.


If this material is applied to other materials such as porcelain, metal, etc., it can also appear. Just because the material is dissipated, the time of color presence is different.


How to maintain tea pet

1, what tea can be raised, not a specific tea.


2, generally choose to shape in size, don’t be too big, because it is necessary to consider that most of the body is functioning with water storage.

3. During the process of raising, just use tea to pour it, don’t use white water. In this way, I will touch the warm and smooth feel.

4, after pouring tea soup, use a clean towel, a pot of the pot, etc., and then take the tea to apply the tea soup with the push pencil tea soup to carry out the slurry (the process of surface leather formation).

5, pay attention to “dry and wet separation” so that the surface of the tea pet can be uniformly and air to form a finely uniform oxidation protection layer, so that the slurry is successful.

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