Falling windows are not wasteful, processed 2 meters long racks, can give more 3m2 storage

I went to a friend’s home a few days ago, I found a fun design of his family, which is clearly landing windows, and her home is different. On the side of the floor, there is another row of 2 meters long square grid, a hollow. Asked, I know that I learned from the Japanese owners, I can give my family 3m2 storage!


My friend tells me that the Japanese owners are more than high, and the space next to the family is not wasteful.

After all, for many owners, the longer the family, the more you have a problem, and this kind of landing floor is a 2-meter long standby design, you can solve this problem well, all space can be used to store, You can use both books or use for use. Especially like a table next to a friend, it is more inserted directly instead of the meals.


A: Does the bookbox next to the floor window not affect lighting ventilation?


This is related to a hollow a closed special rack style, although it is to play the upper rack next to it, but in order to play the effect of not lighting, give each frame behind the hollow and solid plate closed splicing style, light It can be propagated through the hollow surface, and it can protect the privacy of the home, although there is a certain blocking effect, but basic demand can still be satisfied.

B: Is it easy to fall?

Because it is a row of open shelf design, it is inevitable that there will be as gray troubles, and all closed closures will completely block light, so it is inevitable to pay more attention to cleaning.

After listening to everyone, it is very understanding, this bookshelf is installed next to the floor, in fact, in order to play a double role of storage and protect privacy, then there is no floor-to-ceiling window, can you install this similar to the top?


It can be completely, but the role is different. For example, in the living room, it is to play a partition. The solid wall completely blocks the light, and the use of the glass is not strong, and the shelf of this stitching glass is replaced, and additionally, the function of the storage is also alleviated.

Or next to the open kitchen, although it is an open space, if you add a rack next to it, you can play a certain protective effect, isolate the flue gas, block the interior of the kitchen, or block the messy space. To ensure the clean and tidy of the external space, the dishworks are also stored.


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