Veaders + sweaters, shirts + sweaters, this year’s autumn and winter photos, high and fashionable

It may be a circle of friends from the first cup of milk tea before, or it is also possible to buy a bag of street fragrant sugar fried chestnuts, or reflected in the single product, wearing a sweater, sweater, suit …


These items are indeed in autumn and winter ~ But if you want to take a victory in this autumn and winter, leave people

Trendy small child image


It is not enough to rely on items. At this time, you need to combine the item –




The stack in autumn and winter played the role of “preaching”, which neither suffers from the majesty, and will not be too thick to lose the autumn charm. and

Small son blogger @ is fumble, is a super stacked master


Insid: @ is fumet


Height: 158cm Weight: 42kg

@ 是 虚儿 is a small child I like to wear bloggers, compared with the Domestic power of more than a strong network.


She looks clear and amazing

! There is a little doll face, and it is not old.

I really like a variety of diverse style: sometimes sweet, sometimes, sometimes retro, sometimes elegant … it is difficult to imagine

She actually has so many possibilities

@ 是 虚儿 儿 喜欢 用

Simple basic models create comfortable and highly personal style.

The single product repeated utilization is extremely high, and it will not pursue luxury big brands ~ Most of the clothes are from Excellent Clothing / ZARA these fast fashion brands.

▲ a piece of striped shirt,

Two different matching style ~


As mentioned earlier, she is a “superimposed master”. I know that many sisters will feel that they are tender, and they are afraid that there is a shortness of swelling.

But @ @ 虚 枝 穿 穿 穿 穿 穿,,,,, 大 大 大 大

, Highlighting the level of layers is not heavy, not more pressing

. The attributes that are superimposed in vests, sweaters, sweaters, and sweaters.


She specially knows which single items are stacked together, can reach 1 + 1> 3 effect

I feel casually giving an accessory, she can get stacked ~


(This small child is wearing a skill, you really have to accept it!)


Then I will no longer mess up. Tonight, we take the @ 是 虚 儿 to take the superimposed wear, do a hipster girl in autumn and winter ~



Hipster is wearing vest

I can’t make a difference in autumn and winter this year.

Speaking of overlay, the first in my mind is vest. And the vest has its figure from the summer to winter.

It can be tremendous retro, college aging, officially and soft, handsome

… but you can think of the style you can think of it!

The most common of the vest has two design, the round neck is more cute, V-neck can

Visually extend our neck lines

, High thin Double DOUBLE ~

Yes, in addition to solid color vest, like this

Fair Island Pattern


It is also recommended! Putting is full of British wind, there is a kind of hurry in Harry Potter College ~


Let’s take a look at this autumn vest, I hope to give you some inspiration.



Veader + Sweater + Skirt

The vest + semi-skirt is now the most autumn matching, all body is unified in the same color of the caramel color,


High and thin maple leaves are you ~


PS: Note, caramel color itself compares to eat skin color, easy to show black and dull. Not enough white sister paper, the upper part is like @ branches


White single product


Hat, sweater,


(You can also put a chalcoity)

Create yourself


Refreshing breathable breathing


Veader + shirt + short skirt

Linger vest + Navy lapel shirt, black and white red three collision, retro tuning.

Hundreds of pleats + Martin boots, is also a must-have item with a small child.

Like this

Linger vest

It is very suitable for sisters who have a thinner body. But pay attention

Don’t buy too fancy and arranged distribution too intensive

It is easy to wear, no texture.


▲ @ 是 虚 儿 really loves to use the same color to echo ~



Knit vest + grillat dress

This set is really autumn this autumn, big land vest + grillat dress, proper Japanese milk tea girl, very warm oil ~


▲ The whole body of the whole body is mixed,


Come to a white bag will be more bright ~

I know that I know the wind, I know,

Sakura sister likes to use it shorter to build a comfortable lazy sense

Therefore, it will not deliberately pursue proportions. I feel that the sisters who press the son can change the vest to a short.


As for the dress, the selection space is quite big. Like @ 是 虚

Change the plaid dress with a floral dress

The autumn wind blows up and romantically romantic, like the elegant heroine in the movie.



Autumn and winter people hand one sweater

How do you wear it?

After finishing the vest, let’s take a look at the explosions of autumn and winter –



. I must now I have entered a lot of sweaters. Sweater Single is a flatly unmoid passenger armor, but as long as

The stack of wearing the layers, there will be a lot of lottery

▲ sweater overlapping a piece of sweater shawl,

Local, there is a suggestion of yuggies ~

Although the sweater is meat, most people can control. here

The choice of shoulder width shoulder and the big collar will not tiger back bear waist

The big breast can be worn, avoid Oversize, or it will be pregnant.

▲ @ 是 虚 儿 has said

I am a wider shoulder ~

Let’s take a look at the sweaters and different styles ~

Hood sweater + striped shirt

Sweater + shirt, I will try to put the LOOK every autumn and winter. Low saturation green bean ash, low-key watching; with the cold blue, there is autumn and winter, but it is no cold.

(This set of walls recommended to take the sisters of the Cold Cold Yayui Wonderland)

▲ sweater soft, denim skirt hard,

Soft hard combined balance is just ~


Sweater like this Oversized, can’t work hard, but as long as you do a good job, you will not be short.

Shirt neck, cuff, put down to expose, increase the details of LOOK


Sweater + colored small high collar

In addition to the top most basic colors, it seems ordinary sweater + rose red high collar + orange knit hat, this

The small area of ​​collision is the difference between passers-by and bloggers.


Wine red strapless pants are very autumn and winter, with retro tastes in the 1990s


~ Color and small high collar have colors echo; @ 是 虚 虚 儿 儿 太 太 太 打 太 打 打 打 太 太 太 太 太 太 太 太! 造 了

Color sweater + vetyf pants

Summer bought a lot of sisters, don’t think it is. Put the rose red sweater into the strap pants, autumn and winter can also be a young energetic girl ~

PS: Like this easy-to-face rose (color), matching cards (neutral color) will not look naive ~



Cold nearsighted sweater

Trendy warmth is incorrect

When I went shopping in these days, I found that the new product area of ​​the fast fashion brand has gone to sweaters. Touch

Soft soft sweater

It seems to have a lot of expectations for the quiet winter.


Although the sweater is very warm, it is also very sensible to have a strong darkness like this, it is very dark, so don’t “draw the snake to add” plus other elements or design.


Let’s take a look at the different matchs of work and student party sisters sweaters ~

Openwork woven sweater + lace top

This set is very suitable for light cooked sisters, sweaters + lace shirts + boots, combined soft and women’s flavors, but there is an extraordinary temperament! Wearing this work sole, the most generous girl in the whole office is you ~

As such a knitted hollow sweater, the hollow density is small, the distribution balance will not appear cheap; the wooden ears and small elements of the lace top and the small elements.

Sweater cardigan + dress

The sweater is the best in the sweater is the dress, both ladies can also hide the lower body flesh, why not? This sweater cardigan + dress, autumn and winter can wear very fresh ~

It’s all the same color, it is not repeated, the mixed wire sweater of the coarse needle, the Japanese literary is full ~ The dress must wear waist, otherwise it is like a curtains.

Ok, I will be here about the autumn vest vest, sweater, sweater.










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