Exquisite Japanese girl must, super moisturizing stay incending shower gel

Today, I will give you Amway, I have recently opened COW cow milk alkali shower gel (new – milk flowers) This shower gel can be said to be a small fairy must have experience.

First, let’s tell the taste I use milk rose odor is a very good, light floral, mixed fresh milk, pure fresh, breaking my rich impression of rose.


Bodybell liquid is more thin as refreshing emulsion fluidity is very strong, when the texture is very slippery, the texture is very slippery. ! But! When cleaning, the experience of soap is very easy to be buffered and rinsed is very clean! As a preference of soap, it is impossible to take the shower gel, the mushroom, and the shower gel can be said to be loved!!

In addition, it must be mentioned is its moisturizing effect, it is really amazing! I usually don’t have the habit of painting the body. It is also a dry skin SO. Will it use the shower gel or soap to take a shower and throw the dry loofah mesh.

but! This smile is smoothed with a skin smoothed. This slip is not the kind of soft feeling that is not washing clean but the soft feeling of the skin. Male.

BTW ~ This is also very easy to foam me. I am used to using the bubble that is shower brush on the skin. It is very thin, but it is very much.

Then this shower gel is divided into three: two traditional moisturizes (1. Elegant flower fragrance 2. Rose) new whitening muscle (3. Milk rose) price is a small tens of price is high!

If you want to have fried chicken comfortable silk milk muscles, you must use it quickly! Absolutely let you (he) can’t let go!

Recommended index: 5 stars

Exquisite Japanese girl must, super moisturizing stay incending shower gel

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