Sudden! exclusive! Directly hit Guinea military coup, global events again

At 8 o’clock on September 5, local time, Guinea Capital Coacre’s gunshaped gunshable took about 1 hour. The army blocks the road, and the residents prohibit out, transit, and the situation is mutated!

At the beginning of the wind, all the people of the Taiwan will spread, and each platform is urgently linking, directly hits the Guinea!


CGTN English New Media Interprises Leading a Western Media, TV end from the monopos gain message to open a TV live connection with the same sound translation, only one and a half hours. The International Department of the News Center and the African Terminal are verified, “Oriental Time and Space” 20:07 first broadcast scroll news.

Heavy weight!

On the evening of the local time, CGTN French reporters took an exclusive interview with the leaders of Mamadi Dunbia, exclusive interview with the high-level representatives of Guinea multi-party power, and exclusive interviews, objective and real delivery.


on site!

The coordination of the news center, the International Exchange Bureau is guaranteed,

The front reporter, reporter, correspondent, breakthrough in the situation and epidemic, on the road to the next news site on the night. African Tote reporters become the only Chinese journalist entering Kathkry.

Time difference across more than 10,000 kilometers and eight hours, lay out in advance, buried thousands of miles,

The total station has a growing international report with the increasingly solid overseas report, and the international report of thousands of hammers will make the total audio, the Chinese voice is everywhere, and there is no time.

Today, and listen to the watch,

West African wind, big events look at the bus!

Video load …

Report time limit, disease, like lightning

Beijing time September 5, 18:03

Within two hours after the gunshots, the total station CGTN English New Media released the news “Guinea’s capital of the capital”,


Leading Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC and other Western media.



The CGTN French Department and Côte d’Ivoire reporter Nicaya Yan Le, Guinea correspondent, local Chinese enterprises got in contact, the first time verified the news.


CGTN English TV Nonemun saw news about the President of Guinea, the emergency response mechanism rapidly started. French “Guinea Council” Special Report Group was established, and the first audio and video from Guinea 21:40 came to Beijing.



After the CGTN French recommends contact guests, simultaneous interpretation and other resources, CGTN English TV is successfully opened, and the studio synonym is successfully opened.


This is only one and a half hours.

On the evening of September 5, Beijing time, CGTN French Beijing Headquarters Special Team and West Africa Dakar Production Room, Côte d’Ivoire reported the three-party tripartite, and spent a sleepless night.

Beijing Headquarters remote control command, while responsible for the topic planning, manuscript modification, video verification, and broadcasting. West Africa’s front team constantly returning text, video, pictures, telephone interviews, etc. After the Beijing-based team is processed, the fire is delivered to the Taiwan language platform.

In the programming, CGTN French urgently made adjustments:

A heavy interview, live report, live broadcast … September 6th, the CGTN French department opened up 20 points per night, “direct hit Guinea” sector, the front report team, broadcast the latest news.

CGTN Europe, Africa, North America Center relay live broadcast report,

At 0:00 on 6, the President Confucius was controlled and the armed rebels speech screen.


CGTN English Channel Broadcasting Guinea President Confucius Control Screen.

CGTN English Channel broadcasts Guinea Armed Rebel Speech.

Looking back on September 5th, one of the top news is an exclusive interview with the coup leader, Guinea Special Forces, Macamadi Dunbia –


Exclusive interview, more than 1,000

On the evening of the local time, the TCC Tid Diva reported that Nija Yulei mobilized its report resources in Guinea.

Only in 8 hours of coup, the exclusive interview with the coupon launcher, the Guinea Special Forces, Macadad Dunbia.

In the interview, Dunbia introduced the cause of the coup and the current situation of the President of the hole.

The first day of deploying the god speed, the exclusive interview with the total station gradually launched, authoritative reports, and there was a voice. CGTN English Broadcasting Reporter Su Yi’s topic such as the domestic situation, the new government, and cooperation in Guinea, China

Exclusive interview with the President of Guinea, Musa.

On the 8th of the local time, CGTN reported by Niya, exclusive interview

Guinea’s main opposition leader, the Guinea Democratic Power Alliance Presser Celeur Dalein Dilo and the Deputy Secretary-General of the Guinea People’s Alliance, That Sira.

On the 10th of the local time, the reporter Nicaya is interviewed.

Chairman of the Economic Community Committee of West Africa – Claude Bruce.

After nearly a year,

Premier Guinea Premier, Republican Union Chairman Sidia Dur


Returns Cohkry on the 10th of local time to participate in the national consultation of the courage to announce. The reporter Ni Ya Lei conducted an exclusive interview with Sidia Dur.

On the 13th of local time, the reporter Ni Ya Ji is interviewed.

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General and Saheler, Muhammad Saleh Annadiv.

The truth is the life of the media. Reliable news, authority information, reflects the responsibility and literacy of the media.

Exclusive interview with the Taija series, with Guinea parties, objective and fair, unbiased to reflect all parties, and common expectations of unity, peace.

In the international public opinion, a truthful authority is issued, and the Chinese voice of thousands of people.


In these exclusive interviews, we can always see the name of the report member Ninja Lei. Her story, TCP reporter, reporter, the story of the correspondent, let us continue to see –


Going to the scene, there is a strong sense


Trust, hand over the opportunity of exclusive interviews to the bus

On the 6th of local time, the Guinea’s coup leader issued an announcement, saying that land and air borders have been renewed.

You can go to Guinea!


Total Cook Dadi reported Ni Ya Li Lei received an instruction, the first time broke through the focus of the situation and the epidemic, with the CGTN microphone label to Kakarry.

Nicaya is a reporter of the main station. It is a half a nursery and a mother of a three-year-old child. Although there is an attachment, it is possible to return to his birthplace. Tracking West Africa may be one of the most important news events in 2021, she feels proud, full of strength.


When she came to Guinea, she saw the partner of the side of the side. The total Taiwan Dakar production room has found the local senior media in Guinea as a correspondent as a correspondent and at any time in Coachry.

A live broadcast connection every day, an exclusive interview, a graphic report.

At 2 o’clock in the morning, at 8 o’clock in the morning and the Beijing Headquarters Special Group team meeting, arranged for a day after the work content, this is the daily work rhythm of Nija Yu Lei and Baldra in Guinea.

At the beginning of the 6th, they came to six exclusive interviews.

Balded used local people’s resources to give Nicaya 邬 蕾 huge support. The objective and fair Chinese position in the international report, as well as the Dominant to the CGTN “See the Difference”, also makes local political people and the people feel good. The high-rise parties of Guinea are willing to give priority to CGTN interviews.


Pre-Kana Premier Sidia Dur Dürr is returned to Koon Kerry on the 10th, and the CGTN French Department learned the news and got contact with him.

Dur rejected the invitation of all other media (including five international TVs), and the opportunity of exclusive interviews gave the main station CGTN.

The most memorable interview scenario is the meeting site of the Western Community delegation and the coupon military. The President of the Western Community Commission lets – Claude Bruj refuses to interview all media,

After the continuous coordination of the header correspondent Baldra, Bruce finally agreed to get a summary of 40 seconds.

There are dozens of media in the field, nearly 100 media people swarmed, and the reporter reported that the reporter took the interview.

Now, Nija Yu Lei and Baldra are still going to a news site. There are more reporters, reporters, correspondents, and they are active on the same land.

The CGTN African Division was first sent to Senegal reporter Desti Coh, urgently to detect nucleic acid in advance, and rushed to Guinea on the first day after flight recovery, and immediately returned to the mirror.

Continue to directly hit the Guinea’s event, interview all parties, people and scholars. Places occurred in the news, there must be a header of the reporter!

Be sure to be accurate

Be sure to timely

Be sure to be safe


After the event occurs on September 5, the Guinea landing air border closed, and the flight was canceled.

The general Taiwan Taiwan immediately requested the summary room, CGTN, African Terminal, Asian and African Center, News Center, News New Media Center, International Exchange Bureau and other departments, quickly starting hot planning, maintaining the advantages of Afghan report, First grasp.


The total station African Terminal immediately launched the emergency response mechanism of major emergencies, breaking the normal division of the reporters, linkage with the depth of the domestic departments, and passed the Guinea scene with everything.

Accurate verification, broadcast in time.

The Kathkri guns have just sounded, and the International Department of the News Center monitors relevant information. The first time and the African station accurately verify the real situation in front.

20:07, “Oriental Time” rolling news premium news. Subsequently, “Evening News” broadcasts the video screen report. “24-hour” “Midnight News” has been broadcast on the Johannesburg station of Johannesburg, South Africa.


In the first time, it will return the manuscript.

The situation is mutated, and local Chinese citizens will affect people’s hearts. The International Department of African Terminals and the News Center communicate all night, and the first time I interviewed the Chinese Embassy in Guinea. The report on the front of the front is broadcast rapidly at 6 o’clock on the 6th of the “Chao Wen Tian”, which is an interview with the domestic media first Guinea Embassy.

The African Terminal interviewed Chinese citizens in Guinea. After returning to the report, I quickly broadcast in the 8 o’clock in the “Chao Wen Tian” for more than an hour, and became a video interview with Chinese citizens in Guinea.


The personnel have not arrived, and the guarantee is the first.

The General Taiwan International Exchange Bureau and the African Standfets are not far from the mountain sea, and they will arrange the necessary matters such as epidemic protection, safety protection, emergency treatment, and staff equipment facilities, and protect the reporters.

Guinea burst messages are broadcast twice in “Oriental Time” in the “Oriental Time” method.


“24 hours” and the African Terminal under the jurisdiction of Johannesburg reporter station reporters in Johannesburg.

“The Chao Wen Tian” broadcasts the African Terminal to report in several Chinese citizens at 8:00 Beijing time.

The only Chinese reporter entered into Coachry

The Dakar reporter station, which is located in Senegal, Guinea, has become one of the most recent places in Guinea.

During the border closure, the Dakar station reporter Han Shuo reported the situation in Guinea with live connection, telephone interview, video Vlog, etc., assessed, and waved a chance to jump into the news scene.

Good news is finally here! Guinea re-opened border, recovering in Guinea, when the Senegal route, the African True Station sent Han Qi rushed to Koon Kry, and he used Vlog to record Dakar from the sun and flew to the flash thunder. See the whole process.

After arriving, he became the first place and the only Chinese reporter who reported in Kathkri.

On the 10th of local time, the Western Community delegation arrived in Coachri to negotiate with the Cancel of the military. Because the situation is unstable, the information is confusing, the entire Guinea reporter circle does not know which hotels in the delegation and the military will conduct talks.

Han Shi and his Senegal camera and local correspondent, did not dare to rest, horses the horses to confirm each possible location, and finally successfully succeeded at the best angle of the talks, photographed the important lens of the coup leader Dunbia.

When the Western Community delegation visited the Kong Dai, the scene was chaos, the total station small team broke the “encirclement circle”, seizes the best window window of the shooting angle, and got important members of the Western parties. The exclusive interview with the Minister of Foreign Diploma and Regional Ministers.

The header reporter pre-registration position, accurately photographed the Shot of the Tsabaya Hotel.

The total station reporter seizes the window window, exclusively interviewed Ghana Diplomatic and regional integration minister Boqi Wei.

Under the double shadow of the coup and epidemic, Caphi, Guinea Capri, implements a very stringent media control policy, shooting on the street whether it is using the camera or a mobile phone, will be blocked by the military police and ordinary people.


Guinea is the first sub-Saharan African country conducted by the Saharan Africa. In recent years, the comprehensive strategic partnership has developed rapidly. In Guinea’s Chinese companies and overseas Chinese people. As the only “Chinese face” in Guinea’s reporting coup, Han Shi took advantage of local resources, specifically arranged local Chinese businessmen, and invited a local police peer, revisited the political change, each Infantun, visit the lives of the local people.

The header reporter interviewed Guinea and Chinese vendors in the largest market in Cokeeri.

Although the shooting process is not hindered, the smooth and security reported is also guaranteed to a maximum extent. Everyone said that the current situation in Guinea has been calm, and most of the store has re-opened the door.

After the video taken by the reporter, many local overseas Chinese said,

The Chinese report from Guinea, which made a lot of relatives in the motherland.

International news reports like a Rally, the driver and the navigator are only the same, in order to win.

The total station has a shock trap in Guinea and even the entire West African region and around the world. The rear team controls the rhythm, combine, and strong command guarantee.

From September 5, the exclusive report sent back from the front reporters sent back in front of the total station in Ten days from September 15th.


British Sky News, France 24, French Public TV Station, Italy TGCOM24 TV Station, South African Broadcasting Company, Brazilian TV Station, Mexico Millennium TV Station, Angola National TV Station

The 54 TV channels of 39 countries and regions and 10 new media platforms such as the European News Exchange Alliance, the Australian Broadcasting Company YouTube account.

West African wind, big events look at the bus!




Chinese poet Du Fu imagines in the poem


“And Hemife is in the sky, the net washed armor is long”

I hope to stop dry, fight against


Guinea folk song “elephant”


Same the people’s yearning for peace

“The sun just rises, the earth is red


Earth becomes young and beautiful

Elephant has gone through the big wood

Today’s darkness is fast. “


Real record, objective report

Terminal lens

Dirty dust in dyeing

Peace and care sunlight

Come in

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