Three fishing rods that Luya people should have

How many fishing rods do you have? Many fishermen have their own opinions in the choice of buying fish rods. Some may be bought according to the brand, some are bought according to the fish species. The more you buy, the more you buy, the more you say. The three generations of Asia. ” However, according to the understanding of Xiaobian, each Asian people should have these three fish rods, and one less one is incomplete.


It is generally divided into about 1.68 and 1.8, the tone is UL or L, the gun handles and straight handles are the same. Generally, the rod weighs between 60-100 grams and is short and light.


It is generally used as a small Luya fish species in fishing, such as the pamagou, Luo Fei, and white bar. With fine lines and small bait, the fishing wheels generally choose a 500-1000 model spinning wheel. Of course Micro -water drops are also possible.



Passing is a concept. Simply put, it can be caught in everything, but it is a bit reluctant for microbes and thunderbolt fish species. The general specifications of pan-use rods are between 1.98 meters and 2.4 meters, and the tone is mostly ML, M, and MH.

The general weight of the pole is between 100-170 grams and is often used for large-scale fish species in fishing, such as lips, sea bass, catfish, catfish, etc. It can be paired with a 1000-2500 spinning wheel. If you choose a water drop wheel, most of them are applicable, as the name suggests, as the name suggests.



Strong and durable, strong and powerful stabs. This is its characteristics. The general length is 2.1 meters-2.4 meters. It is the general model. The fish species are black fish or seawater for fishing.

The above three fishing rods will definitely be used by each Luya. According to the fishing environment and fish species, the corresponding fishing rod will be selected. When choosing to buy, novices must first read the parameters of the fishing rod, and then choose according to their own needs, instead of people, otherwise it is embarrassing if it is not appropriate.

Author: ArticleManager