Summer versatile vests bring you cool and sexy

NO.1: sleeveless chiffon vest bottom shirt

夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

Recommended reason: a very delicate small vest, a chiffon vest, the texture is very soft and refreshing, the sleeveless design, relax your arms, easily bloom elegant gestures, and show different you!

夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

NO.2: Slim sexy V -neck bottom shirt

Recommended reason: a very exquisite classic small vest, using a sexy V -neck design, more feminine charm, sleeveless off -the -shoulder design, it will be more comfortable and more versatile in spring and summer. , Exquisite!

夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

NO.3: Loose and thin floral bottoming shirt

Recommended reason: a very tone small vest, a stylish design of exclusive collar, modifying the neck, and using cross -shoulder straps, showing charming and fashionable, double -layered design, making youth and elegance!

夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

NO.4: Korean version loose vest

Recommended reason: a very simple round neck vest, showing a beautiful neck curve, a fashionable trend, making your temperament more elegant, loose, and covering the belly design, let you say goodbye to the small belly!

NO.5: Y -shaped strap vest

Recommended reason: a small vest of Fashion Fan. Of course, it may be a bit cold to wear this season. It is suitable for a cardigan, skin -friendly and breathable, simple and natural. It will be great with a pair of shorts!

夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

NO.2: Modal suspender vest

Recommended reason: a very tone vest. I especially like pure black design. I have added the stylish design of the classic round neck. Fan!

NO.7: Slim -fitting versatile cotton vest

夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

Recommended reason: a very tone vest, simple but not so simple, comfortable and personal -free experience, the most important point is that it will look thinner, show elegant body curve, full of dynamic!

NO.8: Lace vest bottom shirt

Recommended reason: a small vest with a sense of design, using lace fashion design, versatile slim body, simple but not simple, it will become very casual when wearing, but you can wear a fashion fan very well. Cardig sweater, wearing exquisite models!

夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

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夏季百搭背心 带给你清凉与性感

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