What perfume increases male charm?

Men’s charm perfume

1. Azzaro Pour Homme, a man (Kamen lover)


This is famous overseas, but it is very unpopular in China. The Carmen lover is the classic Fun Qixiang, which portrayed a deep virgin forest, where there are Chennian trees and thick moss, which exudes the unique bitterness of oak moss. The leather and soap feel are involved at the same time, and they have a deep manner instantly. This taste is not wild. On the contrary, the soap -like soap feeling of water will give people a strong sense of cleanliness, like a gentleman. Calm -free aura.

2. Bvlgari Pour Homme

The popularity of Dajiling Tea has always been high, and it has fascinated the nose of many girls. Dajiling tea has nothing to do with the real “Dajiling Tea”, and the proportion of tea in the perfume is not high. Its name is literally translated by Bulgari. One of the major features of this perfume is a strong front and rear differences. Its front and rear tone is very stunned and tough. It has the masculinity of the domineering president. The elements of the domineering side here are aldehydes. It is also very exciting in this male incense. However, gradually it will soften, leaving dry and sultry wood tones, but it is cold, hot and cold, this slightly conflict contradiction, interesting and charming.

3. Guerlain Vetiver

The classic perfume formula inherited in 1959 was a valuable heritage of the Qianglan family. The fresh lemon and green leaves seemed to be a brief drizzle in autumn and winter. It wet the deep mountain forest land covered with oak moss, and the soil instantly burst into bitter soil. It was the atmosphere of the grass, with the toughness and persistence of wood. But under the long -term immersion of oak moss, it looks a little cold and melancholy. The proportion of tobacco is not much, but it is the center of the soul, re -ignition the masculinity of men. It is dry and hot, baked wood and soil, burning a human nasal cavity. Refreshing, stable, at the same time, without losing the sense of strength, perfect and balanced male taste.

4. John Varvatos Artisan

The style is low -key and invisible, citrus, jasmine and orange blossoms create a strong sense of soap, clean and tough. However, this soap will slowly calm down with the passage of time, leaving the soft combination of the light red oranges and white flowers. This soft taste is gender -free and a simple sense of smell. Although it cannot save you in the nightclub, it can create an absolute affinity and give people a feeling of being close to.


5. Guerlain Heritage Eau de Parfum


Another treasure of inheritance from the Qiaolan family. The taste of depicting the heritage is a very difficult thing. It uses complicated spices, and eventually combines a harmonious and balanced whole. Amber, patchouli, and oak moss. The deep wood is spoil and hot, and the bitterness of the amber is transmitted in the bitterness of oak moss. Under the fine items, the details of the details can be found. It’s like a man’s deep and complicated mood. The mature aura cannot be just overnight, and it requires countless sharpening and precipitation.


6. Dior Men’s Classic Dior Homme

What an elegant male fragrance, the ultimate use of iris flowers, created a gentle sense of a man in the dimness, like a gentle gentleness of a gentleman. , Never let him be stuffy, the slightly sweet cocoa fruit in the middle, like reflecting the inner world of a woman. At this moment, the girls around them should be sweet. The combination of iris flowers and lavender is like a man’s tender side, and after the back, there are heavy woody fragrance and leather. This is a great shore that a man should have. The perfect man in his heart.

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