Cooling big fight! Strongly pushed these Bosideng down jackets, professional warm and fashionable, this winter is a warm beauty

Girl, good afternoon ~

A few days before Kaka Amway

Thick skirt + coat

At the time, many girls said that such a match had already caught the winter in the north.


Must have a down jacket!

This winter seems to be earlier than ever, it seems that only wrapped down jackets can bring winter safety to the girls ~


Open the big down jacket list, brush all the small red books and microcrates, Kaka found


Nowadays, the prostitutes are not a down jacket, non-Bosideen.

Let me say that how each series of Bosideng is sniper to the Athflow Wind this year ~

It seems like you can go hiking hiking at any time, go to the ski adventure, and there is a simple and fashionable urban feeling while comfortable.

Today, Kaka will come to the Amway, and the warmth of keep warm and fashion.




How much is worth it?


In fact, buy down jackets on the market deep, a little less accidental consumers can easily spend a big price to buy a down jacket that is not warm.

To this end, the people’s daily reports have also given intimate.

Down jacket selection guide



Like a geese, it was exposed to “false propaganda”.


It turns out that its home has been declaring


“Huntterite” down is the warmetable Canadian Down, there is no real basis, and even with a duck velvet.

You know this is “10,000 yuan down jacket”! It turned out to be so complete! !



“Chinese do not lie to the Chinese”

The principle, in the purchase of a down jacket,

Kaka still adheres to the choice of domestic brands.

Just like Bosideng, focusing on the field of down jackets in the field, selling global 72 countries, is a professional down jacket brand that is favored by 200 million people.

Not only Kaka’s heart grass, but also a lot of star big coffee in winter down jacket.

Xiao Wan, Yang Mi, Xu Jiaqi, Wang Shui …

Super star’s winter down jacket best Pick

They are from Bosideng.

After all, you can keep warm cold and don’t fall.

A few years ago, it was only “warm and hard and unloading” in the down jacket, it is difficult to link it and “fashion”.

But now, you see

Who is a fashion ICON who is not a Bosideng?

, Warm and comfortable, and taking into account the trendy, I don’t want to take off …

Bosideng launched this year


High-end outdoor

Extremely cold


Four series, not only dealing with commuting, skiing, can even respond to the extreme weather such as Everest, Antarctic.

Complete fashion, warm, self-cultivation, and protective force, Bosideng, redefined “down jacket”.

If you have a small partner who loves outdoor sports, then they wear down jacket in winter, I dare to guarantee that there are eight nine-nine is the Boside high-end outdoor series ~

High-end outdoor uses

90% high floss, 800+

European 5A-level big velvet


GORE-TEX fabric named “human second layer skin”

Let the down jacket to keep warm and windproof and striped more breathable.

What is even more, the Bosideng high-end outdoor series not only in the “appearance”, but even the inner miles have a full scale –

Warm silver heat storage

Let your cold winter outdoors without pressure.

The full range is equipped with


Reco life detector

Outdoor action is more secure, professional performance is full.

When you choose a down jacket, there is an important standard, just can’t be velvet.


Many down jackets are more through thin, and they are covered with gains.


High-end outdoor series




Bold seamless compact

Precision sewn up to 13 pins

Let the down seamless drill.

Lili minimalist version, super warm properties, high-end processes and raw materials, is definitely the first choice for merchant temperament!


Wearing it to work in a commuter or winter shopping, calmly respond to various occasions, is favored by a celebrity celebrity, well-known actor Duan Yao is its fan.

Jacket is more suitable for business people

, Small sisters can also rest assured Pick ~

It’s so good to be warm and fashionable, it’s too good!


Sisters with high enough sisters are recommended to buy a medium long section in this series.

Almost the length of the calf is not too pressing.

And there is also intimate

Waist design

The overall tall body is not completely bloated.

The extremely cold series is the classic series of Bosideng,


With triple thermal technology, it is filled with 90% pneese, and the high-profile velvet and high-end windproof fabrics are high-end windproof fabric.

Even if you face rain and snow weather, even

The low temperature of -30 ° C can easily deal with


When Kaka went to the north, the strongest feeling was that the cold is cold, it is a cold knife ~


The cold wind of whistling is like a southerner who laughed at me, on my face, wrist “whip”.

However, it is not afraid of the Boside-Evan Cold Series ~


It is super-hearted

Fluffy Far Pei big fur collar

, Plus


High elastic windproof glove cuff

Cotton flying velvet

Waiting for wind-resistant design, let the cold bones of the air don’t have a hand, and the whole is warm.


The extremely cold series of down jackets not only get a full range of warmth, it is also “excellent students” in fashionability.

H version, profile type should have

After the upper body, it will be very spiritual.

at the same time

On the classic solid color, add a colorful camouflage pattern

I put on you is the most embarrassing donkey in the winter, what is dull old.

I love this yourself.

Wanli with ice cracks




Workwind pocket

, Is there a Korean drama atmosphere?



No matter how cold in winter can be concave, the S-type curve can be concave.

Outdoor sports enthusiasts can don’t miss this series, it chooses


Fluffy 800+ European 5A-level large grace velvet, with a velvette of up to 90%.

In the outdoor skiing and cross-country, these activities need to stay outdoors for a long time, and the ordinary coat has not been playing how long will I frozen the ice ice and ice, and I will not be happy at all.

The ski series down jacket insulation capacity is very lasting, there is no concern at all.

Professional windproof anti-ski dress design, high-efficiency windproof system


Let you have no fear of wind and snow, experience the shackles.

The fabric is selected.


Professional Outdoor Material Gore-TEX

In the face of wind and snow, don’t worry at all.

And the gas permeability is also very good, the underarm and other parts have a zipper and high breathable design.


Original “Down Air Circulating System”


, Gas permeability and cooling energy efficiency are both a bar droplet ~

Little cute all knows that the sweat in the sweat is more difficult, but the ski family is considering us, and it can be comfortable to exercise comfortably.


If you wear it to ski, you can feel the humanized design of this down jacket.

There is a snow mirror in the clothes, which is convenient to carry it with you.

At the same time, the clothes are also equipped with enough functional pockets, you can put some small items, detail touching!




Song Yu’s black and white


There are different styles, whether it is a sweet girl or cool, can become the most bright 崽 on the ski resort ~


Not only fashion, the ski series is also well received in professional skills ~


my country

Winter Olympics Men Freestyle Ski Air Skills Gold Medal Han Xiaopeng

Short-speed smooth world champion hole


Off-road Free Ski World Champion Man Dandan

These professionals love it to it.

Love the winter outdoor travel and skiing, you can close your eyes!

And the strongest professional performance of the professional performance is really worth mentioning alone.


In 2019, Dengfeng 1.0 has been widely recognized by praise and professionals. This year, Dengfeng 2.0 series is launched, and it is a list of recommendations of major media.


Even 36, lying down duck, cool playing laboratory

Professional assessment agencies, after the full-scale testing of Dengfeng 2.0, it is also praised.

Dengfeng 2.0, “China Original, Strong History”, has been upgraded in all-round iterations at version 1.0.

The version adjustment is made in the design of the actual human mountaineering experience, and the length of the clothing is 15%, the weight is reduced by 20%, enhances the flexibility and comfort of mountaineering, alleviating the burden of climbers in the climbing process.

more importantly,

The core top of the Dengfeng 2.0, 100% from China Original, Suddenly there is a “Chinese company to explore the escort to escort” “

This time is also innovative

Apply aviation technology materials in clothing fields

Let the down jacket to help the body maintain a body temperature of 31 ° C-33 ° C like thermos.

Global three major positioning systems –

China Beidou Positioning Technology was first applied to down jackets


Once an accident occurs, the fast personnel can be achieved through this function, timely, the rescue person, effectively protect the safety of the outdoor sports, and play the “life jacket” effect …


Image from cool play

Dengfeng 2.0 series has been polished in 730 days and night, it takes 960 minutes and 500 steps.

There are more 8 professionals to test, ensuring that Dengfeng 2.0 high performance is warm, and the technology experience of wind and rain.

At the same time as professional security is guaranteed, Dengfeng 2.0’s trendy is completely not lost to the next young people to love the street tide card ~

Don’t believe you, what is the Hybrid Equipment of Xiao Wan under a very cold storm?


of course

Bosideng Dengfeng 2.0


The simple version of the atmosphere made him more cold and precious temperament in the snowy, and the red black color is also the belief that he bravely climbed the peak.


Bosideng began in 1976,

Focus on the down jacket for 45 years

Can get


2 consecutive year sales first

Good grades, it’s its hard strength!

According to the world’s famous market research institution, Ou Rui International statistics:


The Bosideng down jacket has reached the world’s first.

However, Bosideng’s leadership is more than this, and it has always occupied the lead in 45 years of brand innovation, product upgrade, process quality control, channel optimization.

Now Bosideng has already

Bestselves 72 countries such as the United States, France, Italy


,not only


Opened global flagship store in London

,even more


In Italy, it has stationed in more than 350 buyers.

Bosideng London flagship store

Not only that, Bosideng also has a sense of social responsibility.

When the epidemic is the most serious, countless people face the trouble of falling cold.

After Boside, after the news, the fire is seriously affected.

Donate a value of 300 million yuan down jacket

In October this year, Shanxi Province encountered the strongest autumn, and after the disaster was affected, many affected people have endured cold invasion.

Boside is not going to slow,

Thousands of miles

, Once again use action to prove the brands’ responsibility and service!

Want to make China’s national brands stand for a long time in the world, but not only the company’s companies continue to innovate, but also the support and trust of the whole nation.

This winter may be very cold, but Bosideng’s warm guards make every Chinese heart is very warm.














Waist design


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