The “strongest” 5k file in the eyes of the burnt friends HIFI player brief commentary, who is NO.1?

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Author: blue storm

As a HIFI enthusiast, use the mobile phone to listen to songs? Oh, then it is definitely no. If you want to have good sound quality, the mobile phone should not reach the requirements. After all, the mobile phone’s thrust is limited, you can’t play the potential of the headphones, you can’t restore music details, so you can’t feel high analysis, high-protection Musical effect,

So a lossless player is absolutely less.

And when you have heard high quality sound quality, I believe that you will spree your ears. This is also the reason for music enthusiasts.

Before entering the topic, let’s see this form, there is a preliminary understanding of several players that you will say:

Haibei R6PRO-

Sell ​​Price: 4398 yuan


Haibei is famous or the Haibei music app, the player is also a matter of these years, but because of the basic, Haibei is listed, it is widely concerned. R6PRO has built-in depth custom Android 8.1 system, so the operation can be said to be smooth and smooth. The decoding chip is configured with double ESS 9028Q2M, dual TPA1612A ear, but it is not only the mobile version of the decoding chip, but the overall performance is still quite superior to the addition of the Haibei own algorithm.

The overall sound of Haibei R6PRO is very balanced. Although it is a voltage type output, it is very strong, and the dynamic performance is better. The high frequency performance is too straightforward. It is more suitable for popular, vocal, and rock metal music, because it Have warm sound, high density, large dynamic listening characteristics.

– Le Tia L4-

Price: 4499 yuan


When I said that Lebi, people who may play with headphones know that it has changed many people’s inherent impressions in the bricks, and the L5 launched in 2015 is called the most American brick. L4 is the latest high-end portable player, although it is not big in appearance, but the essence of the music player is listening. L4 uses double-piece Cirrus new flagship CS43198, FPGA bond high-precision clock and professional power supply design, and better guarantees the true restoration of the sound.

L4 has analog tuning tuning neutral heating, can adapt to most popular curved winds, the sound field is wide, and the musical instrument and vocal positioning are clear, the level is obvious, it is a front end of the sound personality, the super clean background Some “bottom noise detectors” earplugs can not hear any bottom noise.


Dry Dragon Qa361-


Price: 4899 yuan

“Straight man” design, single-chip microcomputer, the smaller, the smaller, the smoldering, the squad, is a label for everyone to give Dragon Sheng. The reason why it is, because as long as it is a bit history or playing MP3, I see the play interface of Dry Longsheng Qa361, there will be a sense of history throughout, after all, it is now the old age, and the QA361 is still use. Single chip microcomputer. The font-shaped physical buttons, the operation is still sensitive, but the feeling and beauty is lacking.


However, people say, I am doing the HIFI player, not a mobile phone, the sound is good, so the word of Qa361 is basically the affirmation of their sound. Power supply is quite important to HIFI products, and QA361 is independent, which does not affect each other, guarantees stable, pure electric energy output, resulting in higher quality and better music experience.

– Avery and SR15-

Price: 4988 yuan


As the first work of the product line A & NORMA, SR15, SR15, with its unique shape, and its unique shape. Although SR15 continues the appearance of the AK70 series, the SR15 is not the same, this time, the screen is smashed, the volume knob is no longer displayed in front of the fuselage.


Instead, it is restrained, such volume adjustment knob is not easily contacted, and the experience will naturally be better. Bluetooth is also upgraded from 4.0 to 4.1, anti-interference ability, transmission efficiency, and connection speed are improved. The style of SR15 is balanced, the voice is smooth, the sound field is more broad, the medium and low frequency and low frequency layers have better performance.

– Abso DX200-

Price: 4999 yuan

As the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Ipabas, the DX200 not only shapes, but the hardware specifications are superior, support Bluetooth 4.0 and 5GWIFI wireless transmission mode, which is more convenient. Then support Android and Linux’s core Mango dual system model to play music, Mango low frequency is solid, channel separation, detail performance is excellent, Android is more warm, low frequency is soft, large amount, the grain does not feel Mango Clear clear.

Plus the convertible module design, commonly known as “changed to the bar”, each module configured the terminals do not have the same, the user can use it according to their own music style DIY, give the fever players more play.

Written in the last

Each player mentioned above has its own characteristics, whether it is controlled, or in sound styles, there is a certain representation.

After all, I have the best player that can be found in the earphones, headphones, and the player who is suitable for themselves. After all, there are thousands of people, and it is best to find the right one.


Author: blue storm

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